Difference Between Articles for IAS, UPSC, Government, Bank Exams

Do you have an Inquisitive Mind and are always curious to know about the Difference between concepts? Keeping your curiosity in mind we have compiled an extensive collection of different categories. We have covered articles from History, Geography, General English, Economics, Art and Culture, Ethics, Government Positions.

Apart from the regular ones we even listed the most common miscellaneous topics. These Articles can be quite handy for those preparing for Civil Services, Bank, and Government Exams. If you are prepared with these topics you can always score well in your exams and stand out from the crowd. Familiarize with the conceptual and relevant topics and stand out from the crowd.

History Difference Between Articles

The table below highlights the difference between Common History Topics. Just tap on the relevant topic you want to prepare and learn the topics easily.

1. Difference Between Bhakti and Sufi Movements 10. Difference Between Axis and Central Powers
2. Difference Between Early and Late Vedic Period 11. Difference and Similarities Between Hinduism and Jainism
3. Difference Between Governor-General and Viceroy 12. Difference Between Battle of Plassey and Battle of Buxar
4. Difference Between Nayanars and Alvars 13.  Difference and Similarities Between Hinduism and Buddhism
5. Difference Between Janapadas and Mahajanapadas 14.  Difference Between Fascism and Nazism
6. Difference Between Ancient, Medieval and Modern History 15. Difference Between Axis and Allied Powers
7. Difference Between Vedas and Upanishads 16. Difference Between Gandhi and Tagore on Nationalism
8. Difference Between Vedas and Puranas 17. Difference Between the Non-Cooperation Movement and Civil Disobedience Movement
9. Difference Between Moderates and Extremists

Polity Difference Between Articles

Having Knowledge about Constitution, Law, Fundamental Rights is necessary for being a citizen of the country. Check out the Basic Topics on Polity along with their differences from below.

1. Difference Between Constitution and Law 14. Difference Between Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties
2.  Difference Between Written and Unwritten Constitution 15. Difference Between Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles of State Policy
3. Difference Between Democracy and Republic 16. Difference Between Left-Wing and Right-Wing
4. Difference Between Democracy and Monarchy 17.  Difference Between Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha
5. Difference Between Democracy and Dictatorship 18. Difference Between Prime Minister and President
6. Difference Between Democrat and Republican 19. Difference Between Cabinet and Council of Ministers
7. Difference Between Law And Act 20. Difference Between Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council
8. Difference Between Civil Law and Criminal Law 21. Difference Between High Court and Supreme Court
9. Difference Between Censure and No-Confidence Motion 22. Difference Between Interim Budget and Union Budget
10. Difference Between Money Bill and Ordinary Bill 23. Difference Between Interim Budget and Vote on Account
11. Difference Between Money Bill and Finance Bill 24. Difference Between Procedure Established by Law and Due Process of Law
12. Difference Between De Facto and De Jure 25. Difference Between Gram Sabha and Gram Panchayat
13. Difference Between Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes 26. Difference Between Lawyer and Advocate

Economics Difference Between Articles

Economics is the basic skill to learn by all of us to know about country money matters and all. We have covered topics on Economy, Schemes, Globalization, etc.

1. Difference Between Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Sectors 7. Difference Between NSE and BSE
2. Difference Between Communism, Capitalism, and Socialism 8. Difference Between NEFT and RTGS
3. Difference Between Microeconomics and Macroeconomics 9. Difference Between Niti Aayog and Planning Commission
4. Difference Between Economics, Economy, Economic and Economical 10. Difference Between Marxism and Communism
5. Difference Between Economic Survey and the Union Budget 11. Difference Between Globalization and Liberalization
6. Difference Between Relative Poverty and Absolute Poverty

Art and Culture Difference Between Articles

It is quite necessary to know about Art and Culture to clear the questions on them in Competitive or Government based exams. Refer to the Difference Between Articles for Art and Culture below and clear your concerns.

1. Difference Between Art and Culture 5. Difference Between Gandhara and Mathura School of Art
2. Difference between Nagara and Dravidian Style 6. Difference Between Classical and Folk Dance
3. Difference Between Dravida and Nagara Style of Temple Architecture 7. Difference Between Hindustani and Carnatic Music
4. Difference Between Indian and Islamic Style of Architecture 8. Difference Between Uttarayan and Dakshinayan

Geography Difference Between Articles

Major topics of Geography and their differences are explained in the following Difference Between Articles. Check out them and be aware of the basic differences between similar kinds of topics.

1. Difference Between Advancing and Retreating Monsoon 5. Difference Between Eastern and Western Coastal Plains of India
2. Difference Between Western and Eastern Ghats 6. Difference Between Wildlife Sanctuary, Biosphere Reserve and National Parks
3. Difference Between Physical and Human Geography 7. Difference between Tropical Evergreen and Tropical Deciduous Forest
4. Difference Between Himalayan and Peninsular Plateau 8. Difference Between Sea and Ocean

Government Positions Difference Between Articles

We have listed the Difference Between Articles for various government cadres. Be aware of them and clear your competitive exams with flying colors.

1. Difference Between IAS and IPS 5. Difference Between Magistrate and Judge
2. Difference Between Commissioner of Police and DGP 6. IAS vs Indian Revenue Service
3. Difference Between Ambassador and High Commissioner 7. Difference Between Secretary and Joint Secretary
4. Difference Between District Collector and Deputy Commissioner 8.  Difference Between District Collector and District Magistrate

Various Subjects Difference Between Articles

Basic differences between the few subjects are listed below. Get to know about all the Subjects better by going through the following Articles.

1. Difference Between Sociology and History 5. Difference Between History and Mythology
2. Difference Between Sociology and Psychology 6. Difference Between History and Prehistory
3. Difference Between Sociology and Economics 7. Difference Between Philosophy and Psychology
4. Difference Between History and Civics 8. Difference between History and Archaeology

Ethics Difference Between Articles

Have a glance at the Difference Between Articles that come in Ethics. You can score better grades in your competitive exams if you are aware of these differences.

1. Difference Between Ethics and Values
2. Difference Between Ethics and Ethos
3. Difference Between Ethics and Morality

General English Difference Between Articles

Here we have presented the most common topics that we see in English. Get acquainted with the differences by referring to them and use them in the right context.

1. Difference Between Subject and Predicate 7. Difference Between Affect and Effect
2. Difference Between Phrase and Clause 8. Difference between Rain, Reign, and Rein
3. Difference Between Principal and Principle 9. Difference Between Besides and Beside
4. Difference Between Fair and Fare 10. Difference Between Program and Programme
5. Difference Between Precis and Summary 11. Difference Between Award and Reward
6. Difference Between Center and Centre 12. Difference Between Yolk and Yoke

General Topics Difference Between Articles

You can find differences between articles on various topics that you need to know. Just tap on the quick links available and get to know the basic differences between them.

  1. Difference Between Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Technology
  2. Difference Between XML and HTML
  3. Difference Between Metropolitan Cities and Urban Agglomeration
  4. Difference Between TCP/IP and OSI Model
  5. Difference Between Communalism, Regionalism, and Secularism
  6. Difference between Western Secularism and Indian Secularism
  7. Difference Between Virus and Malware
  8. Difference Between IPV4 and IPV 6
  9. Difference Between RAM and ROM
  10. Difference Between MS Word and MS Excel
  11. Difference between Firewall and Antivirus
  12. Difference Between PMNRF and PM Cares Fund
  13. Difference Between WWW and Internet
  14. Difference Between Notepad and WordPad
  15. Difference Between Indian and US Government
  16. Difference between Urban and Rural
  17. Difference between Football and Soccer
  18. Difference Between Hardware and Software
  19. Difference Between Computer Virus and Worm
  20. Difference Between NGOs and SHGs
  21. Difference Between PMJJBY and PMSBY
  22. Difference between Paramilitary, Military, and Central Armed Police Force
  23. Difference between Indian Army and CAPF
  24. Difference Between Delhi and New Delhi
  25. Difference Between Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
  26. Difference Between City and Village
  27. Difference Between Search Engine and Web Browser
  28. Difference Between Montessori and Traditional Schools
  29. Difference Between Planet and Satellite
  30. Difference Between Bilateral and Multilateral Groupings

Hope the information shared above has helped you to a possible extent. If you have any suggestions or want us to add a few more topics you can leave us your feedback via the comment box and we will look into them. Stay connected to our site for more updates instantly.

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