Difference Between Left-Wing and Right-Wing & Their Similarities


The left-right political spectrum classifies political ideologies, positions and parties from social equality. The term left-wing and right-wing are used for liberals and conservatives, but the politicians originally coined them during the French Revolution. Left-wing and Right-wing differ from each other based on individual liberty and the power of government.

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What is the Difference Between Left-Wing and Right-Wing?

About Left-Wing

Left refers to the people who sat on the Left in the French Estates-General and opposed Ancient Regime, Bourbon Monarchy and supported the French Revolution and democratic republic and secularization of society.

Left-wing politics encourages social equality and egalitarianism, in opposition to social hierarchy. The Left-wing politics typically involves concern for those in society whom its supporters perceive as disadvantaged relative to others. They also believed that some unjustified policies and inequalities need to be abolished.

About Right-Wing

In French Estates General, the people who sat on the right supported the Old Regime’s traditional institutions.

The Right-wing today refers to the conservative or reactionary section of a political party or system. Right-wing are people who believe in the centralization of power, want a strong government but at a small scale so that there is more individual responsibility in the society. In political terms, Right-wing are parties and people that stand for the status quo.

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Difference Between Left-Wing And Right-Wing

Area Of Differentiation Left-Wing Right-Wing
Nature Liberal and stands up for equality at all levels. Conservative and stands in favour of things as they are
Healthcare policy Supports universal healthcare, the Affordable Care Act and expansion of Medicare and Medicaid They oppose the Affordable Care Act and Medicare expansion.
Abortion In favour of abortion Opposes abortion
Immigration policies Gives pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants No “amnesty” for undocumented immigrants should be there.
Economic policy They believe in income equality. They support lower taxes and a more balanced budget.
LGBTQ rights Supports gay marriage and anti-discrimination laws to protect the LGBTQ community. Opposes gay marriage and does not support LGBTQ
Environmental policy Generally conservative Generally more permissive
Associated political parties Democratic party, socialist The Republican Party, Constitutional Party

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Similarities of Left-Wing And Right-Wing

  • The Left-Wing and Right-Wing both believe in the expansion of education and do not oppose public education.
  • Right-Wing and Left-Wing resemble each other in the way they pursue their political goals and the affirmative path they take.
  • They are disposed to censor their opponents, deal harshly with enemies, and sacrifice innocent people’s wellbeing to serve a higher purpose.
  • Both tend to promote or defend civil liberties in a partisan and self-serving fashion, supporting freedom for themselves and their group.
  • Both view political life as a conflict between “us” and “them”, and their own goal is total victory and nothing other than that.

Frequently Asked Questions on Difference Between Left-Wing And Right-Wing

From where do the terms Left-Wing and Right-Wing arise?

During the French Revolution, the people who sat on the French Estates-General’s left side were referred to as “Left” while those who sat on the right were called the “right.”

What is the basic difference between Left-Wing and Right-Wing?

The Left-Wing is liberal and supportive of changes in society, whereas the Right-Wing is more conservative and tends to stick more with ancient traditional beliefs.

What are some of the examples of Left-Wing and Right-Wing?

Democratic and socialist parties are Left-Wing while Constitutional parties fall under the Right-Wing.

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