NCERT Solutions for Class 5

Every student has been trained to know that the first biggest examination of their life is the class 10 board examinations. CBSE begs to differ. The first biggest examination which also acts as a stepping stone to a student’s life has to be Class 5. That is when you’ve fallen into the category of secondary life. School life has been divided into three parts- primary (class 1 to class 4), secondary (class 5 to class 10) and higher secondary (class 11 and class 12).

While the primary classes are a breeze to go through it starts getting difficult when you step into the secondary classes. Class 5, or the first secondary class that you go through is a very important class. Every student needs to study meticulously for this class because their ulterior aim is to win the class 10 examinations.

CBSE has this unique system of studies where, currently, the first time every student reaches class 5 and the first examination they take is the board pattern tests. This ensures that the students are practiced and well rehearsed for the marking pattern of the boards along with being able to finish the question paper on time.

NCERT Solutions for class 5

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