Difference Between Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Technology

There are so many courses around that it can get confusing trying to figure out which course undertakes what. Similarly, Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Technology are two separate courses, but it happens often that we may get confused about what all entails which of these courses. Since these are the two courses which are the most sought after in India according to research conducted, everyone wants to know what is the key difference between these two courses.

While the course subject matter for both subjects is slightly similar, they both vary in their methods of teaching, in a manner of speaking. For those students interested in the physical sciences, there comes a time when a decision needs to be made, about whether to select a Bachelor of Engineering or to take a Bachelor of Technology. Let’s take a look at the differences between the two to get a clearer understanding of the same.

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What is the Difference Between B.E. and B.Tech?


Bachelor of Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering or B.E. is a course which is offered by university colleges. These are very research-oriented and knowledge-oriented courses where your theoretical learning will matter the most. A Bachelor of Engineering course is a 4 year course and is offered by prestigious institutions such as Anna University Chennai, Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani and Netaji Subhas University of Technology (NSIT or NSUT). The theoretical knowledge acquired in a B.E. course is meant to help students to come up with new technology and engineer new, innovative machines and gadgetry that will be of efficient use in the future.

Bachelor of Technology

Bachelor of Technology or B.Tech. is a course offered by institutions which are not necessarily university colleges. A Bachelor of Technology is much more focused on the practical learning aspect of the concepts surrounding computer science and technology. Bachelor of Technology courses are offered by prestigious institutions like Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), National Institute of Technology (NIT), Delhi Technological University (DTU) and Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU). The practical knowledge and skill based learning that a student acquires from a B.Tech. course is helpful for students to innovate and make modifications on devices and gadgets that have already been created.

Difference Between Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Technology 2

Difference Between B.E. and B.Tech.

There are more similarities than differences between Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Technology courses. Both courses consist of 4 years and 8 semesters, and both the courses begin only after the student has completed his or her 10+2 (class 12 boards). Even the course curricula for both B.E. and B.Tech. are fairly similar, but while keeping a few key differences in mind.

The primary difference between a Bachelor of Engineering and a Bachelor of Technology is the applicability of the 2 courses. This means that the B.Tech. course is much more a practical and skill-based course, while the B.E. course looks at technological advancement more using a theoretical lens.

So, yes, the only difference between B.E. and B.Tech. is that B.E. is more theoretical and B.Tech has a lot more practical work. Besides this, most of the two courses, including eligibility, course duration, curricula, future prospects, legitimacy, etc. are similar. Only the institutions for the same are different, but it is best that one works to get into one of the highest ranked institutions for great job perspectives later on, whether in B.E. or B.Tech.

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