Difference Between Nayanars and Alvars With their Detailed Comparisons

Difference Between Alvars And Nayanars: Who Were Alvars And Nayanars? The Nayanars and Alvars were some Tamil poet-saints who played an essential role in the propagation of a Bhakti Movement in the South part of India during the 5th – 10th centuries.

The Nayanars were considered to be a group of 63 saints who were devoted and believed in Lord Shiva who lived during the  6th to 8th centuries CE. Difference Between Alwar And Nayanar has been described simply. Nayanars Were Devoted To Lord Vishnu.

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What is the Difference Between Nayanars and Alvars?

In What Ways Were The Alvars Different From The Nayanars? The Alvars were considered to be Tamil poet-saints. They were from the southern part of India. They bestowed their belief and devotion to Lord Vishnu or his avatar Lord Krishna. They praised the lords through songs of longing and service.

The Nayanars

The Nayanars who were also known as the Hounds of Shiva and later were called the Teachers of Siva are a group of 63 saints whose main objective was to worship Lord Shiva. They used to devote all of their time in that. They are also responsible for influencing the Bhakti movement which started in early medieval times in South India. The names of the Nayanars are considered to be first compiled by Sundarar. There were present during the 6th and 8th century CE.

The Alvars

The Alvars who were also known as alvarkal are Tamil poet-saints who lived in the southern part of India. They used to worship Lord Vishnu or his avatar Lord Krishna. They used to devote all of their time in worshipping these gods. They showed their devotion towards the gods through songs of longing, ecstasy and service. They were present during the 5th to 10th century CE. The devotional outpourings by the Alvars during the medieval period helped in reviving the Bhakti Movement. They revived the bhakti movement through their hymns of worship for Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna.

Differentiate Between Alvars And Nayanars

Nayanars Alvars
Nayanars worshipped and were devoted to Lord Shiva and avatars. Alvars worshipped and were devoted to Lord Vishnu and his avatars such as Lord Krishna.
Nayanars lived during the 6th – 8th century AD. Modern scholars believe that Alvars lived during the 5th and 10th century AD, but they according to other research, it is believed that they lived between 4200 BCE – 2700 BCE.
The high priest of Raja Raja Chola I, Nambiyandar Nambi, converted the hymns into a series of volumes that were known as the Tirumurai. The hymns of the Alvars were converted into a consolidated volume which is known as Divya Prabandha.
The Nayanars came from various backgrounds including Brahmin, Harijan and Nobles. Along with the Alvars they were also considered as one of the important Hindu saints with an origin from South India. The Bhakti literature which got introduced by the Alvars had contributed to the development and sustenance of a particular culture that broke away from the Vedic religion who was ritual-oriented. They rooted themselves in devotion and considered it as the only path of salvation.
  • Tiru Neelakanta
  • Viralminda
  • Meiporul
  • Amaraneedi
  • Yenathinathar
  • Eripatha
  • Sri Andal
  • Thirumazhisai Alvar
  • Thiruppan Alvar
  • Nammalwar
  • Kulasekara Alwar

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