Difference Between Search Engine and Web Browser

Web Browser and Search Engine are two very common terms addressed when it comes to the internet. For modern lives, the internet is a necessity, and web browser and search engines are two very crucial aspects of it. Even though we consider them together, both of them are entirely different things.

A web browser is a software-based application allowing the users to access the details and information using www (World Wide Web). On the other hand, a Search Engine is a program that search and identify the items present in the database corresponding to the characters or the keywords that the users identify.

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What Is The Main Difference Between Search Engine and Web Browser

Difference Between Search Engine and Web Browser 1

Search Engine

A search engine refers to a website with the help of which the users can easily search the available online contents. To perform any search engine operation, the users must enter the required headings or keywords for the topic into the search field. Further, the search engine iterates through all the present and relevant web pages and then displays the entire data in the form of a list.

The internet refers to a wider information and resource area and access through the internet; several special and informative search engines are available. Some of the popular search engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. The main components of a search engine are as follows:

  1. Crawler – These are the software programs, also referred to as bots. This scans the websites for the links, keywords, and URLs to discover the newer updates. It can also follow the links present on any other webpage.
  2. Index – As the crawler completes its work, it develops the indexes for the links, URLs, and keywords more, making the search results effective.
  3. Search Algorithm – It is the complete mechanism that runs the entire process of searching. It works by searching for the indexes and tracking the more suitable webpages with the matching keywords.

Web Browser

It is the example of application software developed for retrieving and viewing the information from HTML files or webpages present over the web servers. In 1990, Sir Tim Berners-Lee founded the first web browser. Later, in 1993, the first graphical web browser, mosaic, came into existence.

Several other web browsers were then developed, and some of them included the navigators developed by Netscape Communication. The most popular web browsers are internet explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and safari.

Web browsers contain graphical UI and search box where the users can type the required URL or the address. The page style of a browser can be dynamic or static, depending upon the formatting and interactivity. Most of the web browsers make use of HTTP and TCP/IP protocols.

Difference Between Search Engine and Web Browser 2

Difference between Search Engine and Web Browser

Search Engine helps in searching the details and information about a specific topic in the World Wide Web and then displays all the searched details at a single place. In contrast, web browsers use search engines to retrieve the information set and then view it from the available web pages on the web servers.

Search Engines aim at gathering details about some specific URLs and then maintaining it. Whereas, Web browsers aim at displaying the web pages of the entered URL available at the webserver. Also, a database is present in the search engine but is not necessary for a web browser. A web browser only contains the cache memories for storing cookies.

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