Difference Between Indian and US Government

India and the United States of America are both federal countries, which means it has one central government that acts for the country and several state governments looking after the country’s side areas and states. Both the countries government-run and exercise their power following the already made constitution. The countries do not impede the functions of their government. They have management distributed among the central and state government. They have a written constitution with different power at central and state levels.

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What are the Similarities Between India and the US Government

India and the United States of America are known for their largest democracy and is run by the central and state governments. In 1789, the United States was considered a federal Republic, while India was declared Sovereign, Secular, Socialist, and Democratic Republic in 1950. The two countries were ruled by several small states with one single power of the central government and known as Federal Republics.

Although both India and the United States of America are federal countries, the work of government for both countries has differences. The United States federal constitution is harsh and rigid. It is a lot more federal in character than unitary. India is a quasi-federal country that is unitary.

The USA has a rigid constitution than the Indian Constitution– the United States of America has a concise and precise few constitution pages. In contrast, India has a considerable constitution consisting of three hundred and ninety-five articles and ten schedules. It has around twenty parts and is informal and unitary. Even though the American Constitution was made in 1789, it has only been amended twenty-seven times. In contrast, the Indian constitution came into action in 1950 and has been amended ninety-four times. Hence, proving that the Indian body is easy to amend.
India follows the Parliamentary Government, whereas the US follows Presidential Government– India has a parliamentary government with Prime Minister and cabinet ministers consisting of real powers. At the same time, the President is just a nominal head. However, in the United States, the President is the supreme head of the state. His ministers are known as the presidential form of government. The President of the United States can only enjoy power for four years, while the Indian Prime minister can enjoy power for five years, and as far as the party wins in the majority in Lok Sabha. India has a complex multi-party election while the United States has bi-party elections.
Judicial System Is Different In Both Countries Of India And United States– The United States of America is a developed country and has a modern judicial system. On the contrary, the judicial system of India is growing. In the US, the judge holds his duty as long as he can perform his duties. However, in the case of the Indian government, the district judge can perform his duties only until the age of fifty-eight, while the judge of a high court can hold his post until the age of sixty-two. The Supreme Court judge, however, has to retire at sixty-five.
Citizenship: Indian constitution offers and accepts only single citizenship for everyone. However, the United States of America issues double citizenship which means that a person can be a citizen of two countries: the USA.

Therefore, we can say that although the two federal countries are quite similar, yet they have a fair share of differences.

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