Difference between Rain, Reign and Rein & Their Similarities


Reign, Rein and Rain are homonyms or homophones words that sound identical, but their spelling and meanings are different, and so is their usage in English grammar.

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What is the Difference between Rain, Reign and Rein?

About Rain

Water that condenses from vapour within the atmosphere and falls to Earth as separate drops from clouds. Rain forms primarily in 3 ways: at weather fronts, once the vapour within the hotter mass of air cools and condenses; on mountain ranges, once a heat mass of air is forced to rise over a mountain, and its vapour cools and condenses; and by convection in hot climates, once the vapour is suddenly rising lots of heat air cools and condenses.

About Reign

The amount throughout that a sovereign occupies the throne Royal rule or authority; sovereignty. Dominating power or influence: the reign of law. To possess or exercise sovereign power or authority; rule. To carry the position and name of the sovereign while not effort the ruling power. To own management or influence. To be prevalent; prevail.

About Rein

One of a try of long straps, typically connected along and manufactured from animal skin, won’t manage a horse, running from the aspect of the bit or the headpiece to the hand of the rider, driver, or trainer.

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Difference between Rain, Rein and Reign

Area Of Differentiation  Rain  Rein  Reign
Source of origin Old English regn; associated with Old Frisian rein, recent West Germanic Regan, Gothic rign 1300–50; (noun) Middle English Rene, Reine, rainespinoff of Latin retinēre to carry back, retain; (v.) Middle English rainen, reinen, spinoff of the noun C13: from French reign, from Latin rēgnum kingdom, from rēx king
Types Can be a noun and verb are often a noun and verb This can also be a noun and verb
As a noun rain is condensed atmospherical vapour/water droplets falling from clouds. A protracted slender strap fixed to a horse to regulate and guide it’s an amount throughout that sovereign rules.
As a verb return down or flow in lots of abundance, fall like rain on something/someone suggests that of management, to carry or guide it suggests that holding royal workplace, be king, queen or monarch

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Frequently Asked Questions on the Difference between Rain, Reign and Rein

What are some examples of Reign?


  • throughout the reign of Queen Elizabeth within the GB, India was troubled for freedom.
  • The Mughals reigned in India before Britishers.

A reign of terror follows–The revolution in technology.

  • The Roman Empire was reigned by Julius Caesar.
  • Chaos reigns supremely within the house once there are little youngsters.

What are some examples of Rein?


  • She tried to rein her emotions when being attentive to such mournful news.
  • The rider fixed the rein to the horse rigorously.
  • Given play, he would have worked for college students welfare.
  • Observe yoga to rein your scattered thoughts.
  • He’s the eldest and has full rein on his family.

What are some examples of sentences using Rain?


  • Peacock likes to dance in the rain.
  • it’s getting to rain heavily nowadays
  • Tears rained down his cheeks whereas chopping onions.
  • If it were descending noodles, I’d withdraw with the fork.
  • The streets are wet thanks to hefty rains.

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