Difference between Sociology and Psychology & Their Similarities


Psychology and Sociology is two different yet closely related field. It is confusing for a beginner to look at their differences because of their similarities. In short, sociology is targeting a large group of people. Where psychology is targeting a single individual, in this discussion, we will measure them side by side.

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What is the Difference Between Sociology and Psychology?


Psychology is the science for understanding human behaviour. It uses an analytical approach to a person’s behaviour. It has a broad field of application. A skilled psychologist can treat a person’s mental or behavioural abnormality.

A human brain is a critical place to crack into. A skilled psychologist can get his access into one’s brain. They use various techniques and communicate effectively with their client. This is a deep field of study, and people are taking an interest in it too.


Sociology is a close field to psychology. It is all about the study of social causes or behaviour of a large group of people. This field of study can help one understand the trigger points behind some social event or ongoing ritual.

A sociologist examines various group of people. Different races, different class, different religion are some of their main topic of study. A skilled sociologist can find an underlying cause behind a social situation or religious stigma.

Difference between Sociology and Psychology 1

Difference between Sociology and Psychology

Psychology Sociology
It is about decoding a person’s brain. Sociology is targeted towards a social perspective.
Job in this field needs emotional stability and interpersonal skill. Job in this field needs one with analytical and critical skill and communication skill.
Helps us to see the world in respect of community, race and religion Helps us to see the world through an individual’s mind
This examines a group’s social behaviour. Examines a person’s individual behaviour
. It includes finding a reason behind emotional stress, depression, frustration, anxiety attack, panic attack and curing. It includes finding causes behind a social ritual, social stigma, religious insecurity, unethical practices and even family problems in some case.

Difference between Sociology and Psychology 2

Similarities between Psychology and Sociology

  1. Both of these fields include finding a reason behind a problem and finding a way to solve or cure it.
  2. Both of these fields are interconnected, such as someone may find the reason behind one’s action is based on his or her social belief. The person will go to a psychologist, and he may find that the problem is hiding behind a social issue.

Here the two fields become interconnected.

  1. These two fields always examine something judging the overall behaviour.
  2. Both of these are scientific practices. Both include logical thinking, logical and critical analysis and supervised decision taking.

Questions and Answer on Difference between Sociology and Psychology

What is the major difference between these two fields?

The major difference is dependent on society, and the other is dependent on a person’s individuality. This makes these two different from each other.

Where can a sociologist work?

Sociologist mainly works in public service. This includes probation service, criminal justice, rehabilitation service. What they do there is they find social causes and try to judge them according to the causes.

Where can a psychologist work?

A psychologist’s work field is more well known. We all have heard of a psychologist. They treat people with mental problems.

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