Difference Between MS Word and MS Excel

Microsoft is a vast company with many softwares under it that are helpful for our everyday use. When we think of typing up a document on our computers, our mind automatically flutters to MS Word, and when we think of creating a spreadsheet to keep track of anything in particular, we think of MS Excel. However, for those who have never used either of the two, or have used one but not the other, it can be a bit confusing to figure out which one performs what function. Let’s take a look at what both MS Word and MS Excel do, and then we will take a look at the difference between MS Word and MS Excel.

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What is the difference between MS Word and MS Excel?

What is the difference between MS Word and MS Excel

MS Word

Microsoft Word or MS Word is the most helpful tool for people in every profession, be it students, teachers, working professionals in big companies, freelancers in smaller companies, etc. Most people have heard of MS Word, and have also MS Word, and that gives us a clear idea of how important an application it is for the world.

On MS Word, one can type out a document of however many words they need to, and all the colours and designs of the document can be changed and customised according to the user’s liking. The design of the document can be changed manually, or the user may even make use of one of the hundreds of templates offered by Word. From letters, cards, personal writing, charts, reports, etc. to worksheets, lesson plans and assignments, anything can be typed up on MS Word using whichever fonts and colours one likes.

MS Excel

Microsoft Excel or MS Excel is helpful for making lists for all purposes. Not just lists, most workplaces use MS Excel for purposes of allocating work to their employees, marking attendance, creating invoices and just generally keeping a track of the goings on at the office or workplace.

MS Excel consists of a tabular sheet in which you can add the colours of your preference to demarcate what is what. There are several features on MS Excel that make working and keeping track of things in a very easy manner. This includes things like colour coding, filtering and sorting the content, row count, column count, mathematical operations and formulas, character counting, VLOOKUP, etc. One can also create multiple sheets in the same document so as to create a booklet of Excel sheets.

Difference Between MS Word and MS Excel

The difference between MS Word and MS Excel is starkly clear and it lies in the usage and purposes of both the applications. Where MS Word is used almost primarily for drafting all sorts of documents, MS Excel is used for creating tables and Excel sheets to keep a proper track of lists and other similar purposes. This is not to say that MS Word doesn’t have the provision of creating tables – one can also create tables on MS Word. However, the difference between creating tables on MS Word and MS Excel lies in that Excel has a lot of other functions that can be carried out to sort out your table in the way one would need. Thus, MS Word is for creating written documents, while Excel is for creating only tables.

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