Difference Between Ethics and Morality & Their Similarities


Although many times the words morality and ethics are used interchangeably, these two terms have completely different meanings. We often encounter both of these terms in our daily life. While ethics is a set of rules shaping our personality and attitude, Morality means customs set by a group of individuals.

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What is the Difference Between Ethics and Morality?

About Ethics

Descended from the Greek word “Ethikos” indicating character, ethics helps shape our behaviour. This is a moral philosophy that encounters conducting principles of a person or a group of persons.

These standards are predetermined and are not flexible. Some of the ethics expected to be followed by any individual in his or her life are loyalty, integrity, honesty, truthfulness, respect, etc. Treating a person with partiality or making a decision with a biased opinion is considered to be an ethical breach.

 About Morality

The origin of the word morality is in the Greek works of literature. It is adapted from the word “Mos” meaning custom. Morals are beliefs in the social or cultural or religious sphere which determines the fine gap between right and wrong.

These are set and unsaid rules of society that every person is expected to follow while deciding. These beliefs are not objectively right but should be right in every situation. Generosity and patience are its examples.

Difference Between Ethics and Morality 1

Difference Between Ethics and Morality

Ground Of Difference Ethics Morality
Definition Principles are helping any group or individual to decide on the good or bad. A belief as to what can be right or what should be wrong
Root word Ethics which means the character Mos which means custom
Influenced By Individual factors, or factors that are legal and professional Social and cultural factors
Dependent On Other’s perspective Own perspective
Can be applied in business? Yes, it should be Not in major cases
Consistency These are generally uniform all across the world They differ from one society to the other and also across cultures.
Religious Connotation No Yes

Difference Between Ethics and Morality 2

Similarity Between Ethics and Morality

  • When ethics represents the judgement of right and wrong, Morality helps support it by refinements.
  • Ethics studies the behaviour, and Morality provides the practical guidance of that behaviour.
  • Both the terms are used to indicate a fine line between what activities should be considered good and what should be considered bad.
  • Both ethics and morality work side by side to make the learning of good activities faster.
  • Both concepts help any individual to be a better person.
  • Both these qualities are desirable for a person.
  • Both the terms are interconnected in the way that Morality helps keep alive the essence of ethics and its value.

Frequently Asked Questions on Difference Between Ethics and Morality

What do you mean by moral ethics?

Ethics, which encompasses the moral code, guiding an individual’s behaviour towards his surroundings, is defined as moral ethics.

Why do we need ethics or morals?

these two qualities are nothing less than building blocks in our life. Without any morals at all, a person can never be a good human being. Absence of ethics and morals lead to disharmony.

How to identify people with Morality?

People who are kind to everyone, who are committed to their work and can be relied upon, or who have patience are those with Morality.

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