Difference between Sociology and Economics & Their Similarities


Social science is the science that is concerned with the study of human society and the relationship between individuals of society. Sociology and Economics are two branches of social science.

Economics deals with humans as economic beings and is therefore very concrete. On the other hand, sociology deals with the social aspect of man.

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What is the Difference Between Sociology and Economics?

About Sociology 

Social studies human beings as social beings. In sociology, all the concepts and principles concerning human beings as societies are covered. Sociology studies all the rules and regulations connecting and dividing people all over the globe.

All human activities fall under this branch; hence, sociology is drastically growing and expanding for creating and learning infinite knowledge. Socially deals with the diverse patterns of relationships and interactions between people all around the globe. It is considered to be the newest of all social sciences.

About Economics 

Economics can be defined as the branch of knowledge that deals with a human’s life’s economic aspects. It deals with how goods and services are provided, produced and manufactured. Economics deals with economic relations concerning individuals.

Factors like supply, demand, price, goods and services, and the elasticity of various products and these factors contributing to the fluctuation of products and services of the market are basic knowledge needed for Economics.

Difference between Sociology and Economics 1

Difference Between Sociology and Economics

Area Of Difference



Definition Sociology is the study of social activities and social relationships of man. Economics is the study of the economic activities of man.
Scope Sociology has a much wider scope in comparison to Economics. Economics does not have a scope as wide as Sociology.
Nature Sociology is abstract and does not have a particular area that it deals with. Economics is much more concrete in nature.
Social science Sociology is a general part of social science. Economics is the special branch of social science.
Target of study In Sociology, man is studied as a social animal. In Economics, man is studied as an economic being.

Difference between Sociology and Economics 2

Similarities Of Sociology and Economics

  • Both Sociology and Economics are branches of social science that deals with the study of overall human development.
  • Sociology and Economics both use scientific methods for studying their respective areas of interest.
  • Economics and Sociology are dependent on each other for their study. Economics, as it is mainly concerned with man’s economic aspects, is also directly correlated to society’s social activities. Similarly, sociology is concerned with the study of social beings; economic factors highly impact it.
  • Economics is considered a branch of social science, and as a discipline, it is considered a branch of sociology.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Difference between Sociology and Economics

How is the study of Sociology done?

The study of Sociology is done by quantitative and qualitative measures, and the means employed for gathering data are different.

How old are the subjects Sociology and Economics?

Sociology is the youngest branch of social science, whereas Economics is older than Sociology.

What makes Sociology stand out?

Sociology differs from the other social sciences in the way that it is more general, covering human interactions from a broader dimension whereas other social sciences are more specific. Sociology deals with the scientific study of human relations, their institutions and interactions.

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