Difference Between Ethics and Values & Their Similarities


Ethics and values are two fundamental aspects of the life of humans. The choices one makes are entirely dependent on these two words. The determination of what is important is done by values, while ethics determine the fine line between right and wrong. Together, ethics and values make one’s life sustainable.

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What is the Difference Between Ethics and Values?

About Ethics

The set of rules which govern a person’s behaviour is known as ethics. Ethics are set by a person’s social and cultural groups. It is a branch of philosophy establishing moral principles. Ethics can be adopted by people openly.

It is a necessary code of behaviour in a person’s professional field. For example, in the case of medical ethics, disclosing the confidential information of the patient is a breach of ethics. These are unwritten laws that demand to be followed.

About Values

Values can be defined as standards of behaviour. They determine what is essential in a person’s life, while what isn’t. the likes, dislikes, judgements or perspectives of a person are some of the factors that comprise values.

Values help in developing the personality, perception and attitude of a person. Values are unique to each person and can be significantly influenced by culture, society or religion. Giving respect to the elderly, providing help in need are examples of it.

Difference Between Ethics and Values 1

Difference Between Ethics and Values

Ground Of Difference Ethics Values
Meaning It is the set of rules or guidelines that
helps to form the behaviour of a person.
These principles help form the
judgement or likes and dislikes of a person.
Where to apply Mostly Professional Personal
Consistency Does not vary in most cases Varies from one person to another
Influenced By  Profession, Institution, Organization Religion, Culture, Community, Family, Society etc
Types or branches Mainly 3: Meta-Ethics, Applied Ethics, Normative Ethics Various types: Moral Values, Religious Values,
Social Values, Aesthetic Values, etc
Need for following Helps constrain the negative behaviours of a person Motivates a person in the necessary areas

Difference Between Ethics and Values 2

Similarities Between Ethics and Values

  • Value is something that is included within the domain of ethics, which is the critical examination of human outlook.
  • Values are something which one uses for ethical behaviours. It determines our moral knowledge of what is right or wrong.
  • The source of both of these words is our intuitions of being good and how to apply those intuitions in our day-to-day lives.
  • Both of these concepts teach us to be a better person.
  • Ethics means to have respect for others, and value is the portrayal of this ethical behaviour.
  • Both values and ethics are unsaid laws that are expected to be followed by every individual.

Frequently Asked Questions on Difference Between Ethics and Values

What are some types of ethics?

There are mainly three types of ethics. The philosophers of ethics identify these as meta-ethics, applied ethics and normative ethics. All these branches are a part of moral philosophy.

What is the need for good values and ethics?

Both values and ethics help us to be a better person. They shape the expected behaviour of a person and makes him a responsible citizen of the society.

What are some excellent values to follow in a work environment?

Having a positive attitude, adaptability, and having strong work ethics are good values to adapt to a work environment.

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