Difference between Precis and Summary & Their Similarities


In many parts of the play, we have to extract the main idea just by reading a piece of information, and that is exactly what Precis refers to. On the other hand, in summary, the reader or listener decides the main points that need to be expressed. So let us get a brief idea about what is Precis or Summary.

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What is the Difference between Precis and Summary?

About Precis

A small miniature of any piece of writing which provides the absolute main point of that writing or article can be defined as precise. It must consist of an appropriate heading and also maintains the order of the original piece written. The essential points are usually mentioned here in precis. The tone of the speech used is the same throughout the read. In precis, the conclusion is a must at the end, which will justify the other main points described.

About Summary

The summary can be described as a brief of all the recorded points in any article. Any passage or article with a shortened variation depicts a summary, where the headline is necessarily not so important. Not only the headline but also the order needs not to be maintained, covering all the important points. The tone used in summary varies and necessarily is not needed to be in order. The summary can also skip the conclusion, and mean the same.

Difference between Precis and Summary 1

Difference between Precis and Summary

It must have a heading. A heading is not that required.
It is just a small replica of the article. It is a brief description of the article.
The order should always be maintained here. No need for maintaining the order
It contains the main or essential points. It covers all the important points.
The same tone is used throughout. It is expressed in terms of readers own words.
The main idea has to be extracted. The idea is already extracted in the shortest form possible.
It contains a conclusion as well. Not every time ends with a conclusion.

Difference between Precis and Summary 2

Similarities between Precis and Summary

  • Both the precis and the summary provide the gest of the original work in a shortened form. One may not contain the headings or the conclusions, but the point remains the same.
  • No addition of idea occurs. The facts remain the same all without changing. No factual ideas slide into the article.
  • If we see in a structured way, we can mark that one-third of both the original texts, in precis and summary, maintain the order and complete the sentences’ meaning.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Difference between Precis and Summary

What is the difference between abstract Precis and summary?

Where in one hand a summary can use paraphrasing or original words or both abstract precis focuses on summing up the academic or official document.

How do you write a precis summary?

Focus on reading the original piece and the appeals the author used. Try to get into the core points. Always remember to follow up the standard format.

What are the types of Precis?

They are of four types, which are basically precis of speech, precis of continuous matter, precis of correspondence and telegraphese

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