Difference Between WWW and Internet

In the era of digitalization, we are all aware of the terms, Internet, and WWW (World Wide Web). Often we use the terms web and Internet in a similar context, and it is acceptable to use it as a common word. However, there are quite significant differences between the two terms.

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What are the Differences Between WWW and Internet

World Wide Web is a mutual platform for exchanging information promoted by networking computers globally. We access the web by connecting to the Internet. However, the Internet is the connection between various servers, devices, and computers. The medium we use to access, discover, edit, share info is through HTML, a standard language.

Today, the entire world works on the Internet, and without it, nothing much can be done. We can establish that there is not much difference between WWW and the Internet in terms of semantics. However, in terms of Search Engine Optimization, we can significantly distinguish between the two and its importance in how the search engine functions. People looking forward to Google ranking their pages must have an understanding of the differences.

However, to have an in-depth knowledge of the differences, it is essential to understand the terms’ definition.

What are the Differences Between WWW and Internet

Internet: Definition and its Function

We often use the Internet and web as a similar term for their functional ability to provide a massive network of networks for the public, innumerable wireless and hardware connections among various devices and drives. In simple words, it acts like a global computer in which each server or computer becomes a connected branch in a single substantial scattered system. Here, individual computers can be logged in or logged out, but the network remains indefinite. Similarly, you can share the information from one computer to another without physically interacting and just by staying connected to the computer. This is what the Internet is and does to your computer.

There is no internet present, anytime you connect several computers, it can connect and share information among themselves with the help of the Internet. Today, huge businesses and office buildings have intranet connections which have similar functions as the Internet; only the reach is less and privatized to limited access. The companies enable this to control their share of company information among the public.

Word Wide Web: Definition and Functions

The system that helps navigate and access the Internet is called the web or the World Wide Web. The Hypertext Transfer Protocol helps to differentiate the World Wide Web from other systems.  It helps to standardize the use of Hypertext Markup Language. The HTML is the language used in the web while HTTP sets the grammar rules that you need while using HTML. Hypertext Markup Language is considered as the language of the web.

In the real world, a common language helps us share ideas and information case of computers. HTML is the common language among computers, allowing them to understand commands and share information among themselves. With the World Wide Web’s help, we can freely connect to people around the world, access, and communicate virtually. When you are using the web, you will need a web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc., which helps the HTML to understand and share the pages with you.

Although there is not much difference between the Internet and the World Wide web, yet when you ask questions on web pages, the web provides you with links, directing you to SEO. Now that SEO and WWW are inseparable, it creates a massive difference between the Internet and the world wide web.

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