Difference between Indian Army and CAPF

There are various categories in the defence army of India. Paramilitary, CAPF, Indian Army, Border Security Forces, Central Reserve Police Force, etc., are some of the main forces that protect us from possible risks like natural calamities, terrorist attacks, and other severe political or non-political violence. However, there is a difference between the Indian Army and CAPF.

Difference between Indian Army and CAPF 1

What is the Difference between Indian Army and CAPF

Indian Army is a part of the largest element of the Indian armed forces and works on land. Indian initially emerged from the British East India Company and has a long history of participating in multiple battles and campaigns worldwide. The four-star general becomes the professional head of the Army and is known as Chief of Army Staff.

The Central Armed Police Forces are the country’s security forces authorized by the Ministry of Home Affairs. Central armed forces work for internal affairs and to protect the national interest. It is one of our society’s critical sectors that protects us from the unknown dangers of terrorism.

Here are some of the differences between the Indian Army and CAPF

  • The ministry of defence authorizes the Indian Army. In contrast, the Central Armed Police Forces and other forces are approved by the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Indian Government.
  • The Indian Army and the Indian Navy, and Indian Airforce fall under the Armed Forces of India. Indian Army is one of the largest elements of the armed forces of India. It is the greatest standing Army globally World divided into seven commands as per geography and operation. On the contrary, the Central Armed Police Forces have seven different Central Reserve Police Force forces, National Security Guard, Central Industrial Security Force, Sashastra Seema Bal, Border Security Force, and Indo-Tibetan Border Police. They also serve in vital organizations like RAW, Intelligence Bureau, NIA, NDRF, etc.
  • On April 1st, 1895, the Indian Army was founded. The central armed police forces have different wings, which were based in 1939, CRPF was found; on March 10th, 1969, CISF was found, On October 24th, 1962, ITBP was found, in 1963, SSB was found, and in 1986, NSG was found.
  • There are eight different regiments in the Indian Army with different roles and expertise: Artillery Regiment, Army Aviation Corps, Armoured Corps, Mechanized Infantry, Infantry Regiment, Corps of Army Air Defense Corps Engineer. On the other hand, the Central Reserve Police Force is the largest of the CAPF. It has Commando Battalion For Resolute Action(COBRA) and Rapid Action Force(RAF).
  • The Indian Army’s role is to keep the Indian Borders safe from threats like terrorism or attacks from other countries. The Indian Army contributes to the United Nations Peacemaking Force around the World Indian Army conducts regular friendly military exercises with friendly nations like France, the UK, the USA, and Russia. On the contrary, the role of CAPF is to protect our country from internal threats like religious violence, Riots, left-wing extremism, and North East Insurgency. The Indo-China border is the responsibility of the ITBP; the CISF protects critical infrastructures like airports, nuclear power plants, public sector undertakings. BSF is responsible for Indo-Pakistan and Indo-Bangladesh Border. COBRA actively participates in anti-Naxal projects. Indo Nepal and Indo Bhutan borders are protected by SSB, while the NSG participates in India’s anti-terrorism projects.
  • The combined defence services examination is conducted to selected candidates for the Indian Army. The Central Armed Police Force examination recruits CAPF officers.
  • The four-star officer is the head of the Indian Army, equal to the Army General position. On the contrary, the head of CAPF is a three-star officer and is equal to the Director General’s position in Police.

These are some of the basic differences between CAPF and Indian Army.

Difference between Indian Army and CAPF 2

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