Difference Between Globalization and Liberalization & Their Similarities


The economy is the most important factor that runs organizations and the world. The design of a successful economy is dependent on certain socio-economic entities. The government of a country decides these essential properties of building the economy.

Trades, business and labour, all are the building blocks of an economy. They contribute to the economy utilizing either global exposure or local competitive growth.

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What is the Difference Between Globalization and Liberalization?

About Globalization 

Globalization is a term that can be associated with society, culture and economy. To be precise, globalization is a multifaceted process that directly contributes to the economy with the help of society and their culture.

Globalization marks the exposure of trades and business on a high level of society. The exposure in a globalized economy or trade is identified as international or global. Globalization is an interconnected phenomenon that supplies to an unregulated global market.

About Liberalisation

Liberalization is defined as the ease of government rules and restrictions of local trades and business. Liberalization allows local businesses to grow freely and earn as much profit as they want. Liberalization can also be specified as the privatization of trades and businesses.

Liberalization, in turn, contributes to forming a greater economy of a free market. A liberal economy creates tremendous competition for organizations that influence passion and a higher level of economic success. A great example of the Liberal economy is India.

Difference Between Globalization and Liberalization 1

Difference Between Globalisation and Liberalisation

Area Of Differentiation Globalization Liberalization
Definition Globalization is the expansion of interconnected trades in the largely unregulated international market. Liberalization is the state of easing rules of government on trades and businesses to ensure capitalist expansion.
Level of operation. It is the multifaceted phenomenon that involves economic trajectory at an international level. This phenomenon declares growth of economic graph at the national level.
Exposure Global Exposure National exposure towards higher returns.
Product value Quality and cost of the product are low. Quality and cost of the product are ideal.
Competition Limited competition Unlimited growing competition
Government regulations Government regulations are imposed. Government regulations are eased.

Difference Between Globalization and Liberalization 2

Similarities of Globalisation and Liberalisation

  • Globalization and Liberalization, both are an important economic phenomenon.
  • Globalization and liberalization depend on the socio-cultural and economic situation of the place of the target. Globalization targets a global audience and liberalization targets the local audience, but their analyzation of product modification remains the same.
  • Both the economic reforms are mostly free of governing regulations and deliver high profits.
  • A liberal trade in its period of growth might become a global trade.
  • Both the economic processes are capitalistic. They offer high-end economic results that are very important for a country and the globe as a family.
  • Both the processes face competition in the respective market.

Frequently Asked Questions on Difference Between Globalization and Liberalization

Where did the Globalisation and Liberalisationwere originally practised?

Globalization is noted to have originated back in the Indus valley civilization. Liberalization was practised in trade and merchant regions like Europe and America in ancient days.

What is more profitable, Globalization or liberalization?

Both globalization and liberalization are highly profit ensuring phenomenon. Globalization is a global phenomenon, gives higher return over investments as compared to liberalization.

What are some examples of globalized trade?

Big companies like Tesla, Mahindra, Apple, Samsung, etc., are good examples of Globalization.

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