Difference Between Sea and Ocean & Their Similarities


In geography, we studied that the saltwater’s expanse covering most of the Earth’s surface and its landmasses is known as the sea. On the other hand, the saltwater bodies are an expanse of sea, particularly each of the main regions where the sea is divided geographically.

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What is the Difference Between Sea and Ocean?

About Sea

Seas are usually located where the land and the ocean meet. Seas are smaller than the oceans. Seas are found on the rims of the ocean and are partially enclosed by lands.

Seawater consists of about 35 grams of salt per liter. The oceans and seas are not evenly salty; generally, the closer we get to the poles, the less saline the water becomes, as freshwater is released from the frozen poles’ ice decreases the salt concentration.

About Ocean

The ocean is the largest saltwater body that covers 71 percent of the Earth’s surface. Ocean composes a large area of Earth’s hydrosphere, and its origin is unknown. Earth has one global ocean, and it is divided into distinct geographic regions: the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic oceans.

It is an integral part of life, forms a part of the carbon cycle, and influences climate and weather patterns. Nearly 230,000 known species are found surviving in the World Ocean.

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Difference Between Sea and Ocean

Area Of Differences Sea Ocean
Area of expansion Sea is a relatively smaller water body that is either partially landlocked and has a water quantity lesser than the ocean. The ocean is a large, continuous water body that contains almost 70 percent of Earth’s water and frequently does not have any borders.
Life surviving There are many marine creatures that are dependent on sunlight for living. There are also such marine creatures that can live in both land and water, like lobsters, crabs, etc. Marine life in the ocean is different from the sea; usually, those creatures need less sunlight like phytoplankton, whales, etc.

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Similarities Between Sea and Ocean

  • Most people use the two words: sea and ocean to convey the same meaning as both water bodies are salty and have tides.
  • A sea is seen connected to an ocean like an arm as both are large saline water bodies.
  • Both a sea and an ocean look the same and are often called by either name.
  • Both the sea and the ocean allow living beings to survive and are part of the carbon cycle.
  • A sea or seas are connected with another sea as well as an ocean. Both the sea and ocean are deep by their standards and respect.

Frequently Asked Questions on Difference Between Sea and Ocean

Are all seas part of an ocean?

a sea is a part of an ocean always and is typically partially contained by an area of land.

When does a sea become an ocean?

a sea becomes an ocean when we see a sea reaching an opening where it not surrounded by land on most of its sides anymore and merges with the larger body.

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