Difference Between Sociology and History & Their Similarities


History and sociology are subjects that are closely related to each other. History is studying past events including surveying of conditions, economic and social development in the past.

Sociology is the study of the pattern of human interactions, culture and social relationships surrounding everyday life. Although interrelated, they have many differences as well.

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What is the Difference Between Sociology and History?


About Sociology

Sociology is defined as the study of the development, structure and function of human society. It is a science of society, social institutions and social relationships. Sociology examines the dynamics of the constituent parts of the society like community, population, gender, race, age group etc.

Social stratification, social movements, social changes and disorders like crime, deviance and revolution are also studied under sociology.  Historical sociology, medical sociology and comparative sociology are some subdivisions of sociology.

About History

The study of a series of events in the past, particularly focusing on human affairs is called history. History is studied from written records and focuses on the society and social affairs of the past. History is something that helps us make sense of the current society by relating to the past.

History has originated from the Greek term “Historia” meaning “knowledge acquired by investigation.” The events that occurred before writing was invented are “pre-historic.”

Difference Between Sociology and History

Difference Between Sociology and History

Area Of Differentiation Sociology History
Definition The General science of human society using various methods of empirical investigations is sociology. History is analyzing the sequence of events in the past; their pattern, cause and effect.
Period Sociology is the study of the present social phenomenon with all its complexities. History deals with past people and their social life.
Type of science Analytical science Descriptive science
Technique Sampling, statistics and other scientific methods are used in sociology. Collection of facts and evidence and consequent studying of the material is done in history.
Credibility Abstract Concrete
Basis Here the studies are done from a social point of view. Here the studies based on time and order.
Focus Sociology has a generalized focus. History follows a more particularizing or individualizing discipline.
Career Guidance counsellors, Human Resource representatives, lawyers etc. Archaeologist, Historian, Teacher etc.

Difference Between Sociology and History2

Similarities Of Sociology and History

  • The study of society is common in the case of both history and sociology.
  • Sociology and history are both concerned about human activities and events.
  • Historians considerably depend on sociological concepts and narrations.
  • Both sociologists and historians are interested in contemporary events of the recent past.
  • History is a branch of social science, while historical sociology concerns studying the past’s social phenomenon. The study of history would be insignificant without the appreciation of sociological significance. Thus, history and sociology are interdependent and interrelated with each other.
  • Both sociology and history seek information to study humans and their world and interpret it correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions on Difference Between Sociology And History

What is the significance of sociology?

The significance of sociology is that it studies society and social institutions scientifically. Sociology is being recognized as a science of human relationships that has vital practical applications.

How is history as sociology related?

History and sociology are interrelated, where the study of the society of the past is social history and sociology uses historical accounts for study.

Why is history important?

History is important as it gives us an idea about the humans who lived in the past and their society, culture and art, which helps us realize human development.

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