Difference Between Center and Centre & Their Similarities

Center and centre are expressions used correspondently for the same meaning to define something kept in the middle of two or more objects. “Center” is the spelling used in America, while “centre” is the same word’s British variant. Countries that adopt British English use the British variant. However, the meaning of the words is similar.

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What is the Difference Between Center and Centre?

About Center

Center is an English word used in American English to describe an object kept in the middle of two or more things or the mid-point. This word is a noun that has an objective of referring to something in the middle.

Frequently, the word center is also used to denote big organizations like the World Trade Center. Here it refers to a place for a group of buildings where people conduct specified activities.

About Centre

Britain accepts the word centre and uses it in the British language, which refers to the middle of something. In Britain and other countries that use the British language also use it to define large buildings and structures.

Various sports in Britain use the word centre to refer to the group’s players’ positions. The word is used in the most favorite sport, as the centre-forward position in rugby. Some countries which use the British spelling of the term are India and Canada.

Difference Between Center and Centre 2

Difference Between Center and Centre

Area of differentiation



Definition Center is a word used in the American language to explain that something is present in other things. “Centre” is a word in the British language where it defines or refers to objects  present in between other items at an equal distance.
Usage It is a word that America uses. Media of any country, irrespective of them being American or British, also uses this expression. This word is generally used in England and some other countries like India, whose people are fond of using the British language.
History The word center is older than centre and originated from the Latin word ‘centrum.’ The word centre came to the picture after the origin of the word center.

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Similarities Between The Words Center and Centre

  • The word center and centre have no contrast in their meanings, and both are accepted officially.
  • Both the respective original countries use center and centre a noun as well as a verb.
  • Individuals can also use the words center and centre to refer to a building, an organization, facility, etc.
  • As a verb, the term center and centre signify placing something in the core, revolve around the main topic, or obtain the midpoint of something.
  • The original countries of both words accept them for formal as well as informal use. Center is universally accepted in America, while Britain widely takes to the word centre.

Frequently Asked Questions on Difference Between Center and Centre

Why do Canada and India use the centre and not center?

Countries like Canada and India use “centre” instead of “center.” They also used the British variant of other words instead of the American variant. It is because of the country’s education system that uses British English for teaching.

What is center time?

The central time refers to the point of time with the students attend the classroom or eat any institute or center. It also indicates the opening or closing time of any organization.

What are some synonyms of the word ‘center’?

The meaning of the terms center and center are interchangeable and referred to the middle part of something. Various synonyms of the word are eye, core, focus, hub, capital, and middle.

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