Difference Between NSE and BSE & Their Similarities


The stock exchange is a marketplace where they can trade securities between investors or traders with the broker’s help.

The NSE and the BSE are the leading stock exchanges of the Indian market. The abbreviation for NSE is National Stock Exchange and for BSE is Bombay Stock Exchange.   

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What is the Difference Between NSE and BSE?

About NSE (National Stock Exchange)

NSE or the National Stock Exchange of India Limited is the leading stock exchange of India. It is the largest financial market in India. It is located in Mumbai.

NSE functions to establish a trading facility for debt, equity, and other asset classes accessible to investors or trader across the nation. It acts as a communication network providing investors with an equal opportunity to participate in the trading system. It aims to meet the global standards set for financial exchange markets.

About BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange)

BSE or the Bombay Stock Exchange of India Limited is the world’s 10th largest and is the first and largest securities market in India with an overall market capitalization. It is located at Dalal Street, Mumbai.

The BSE functions to enable investors to trade in equities, currencies and mutual funds. It provides other trading services such as risk management, clearing, settlement, and investor education. It helps in the constant valuation of the companies and securities.

Difference Between NSE and BSE

Area Of Differences NSE (National Stock Exchange) BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange)
Definition National Stock Exchange is the oldest stock exchange marketplace of the world. Bombay Stock Exchange is the largest stock exchange marketplace of India and the world’s 10th largest securities and stock exchange market.
Establishment The NSE was established in 1992. The BSE was established in 1875.
Promotion of stocks and securities NSE promotes trading in equity, equity derivatives, and debt and currency derivatives segments. NSE promotes trading in equity, debt instruments, mutual funds, currencies, derivatives.
The vision NSE aims to continue to be a leader, establish a global presence, and facilitate people’s financial well-being. BSE aims to develop as the chief Indian Stock Exchange with the best global practised technology, products innovation and customer service.

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Similarities Between NSE and BSE

  • Both the NSE and the BSE are the major national exchanges in India.
  • Both the NSE and BSE provides a seamless experience for the traders or investors based on transparency and high technology.
  • Both the NSE and the BSE get greater visibility after its listing on the exchange and accessed from any part of the world.
  • Both the NSE and BSE provides a high transactions speed that prevents from huge delay in trade executions.
  • Both the NSE and BSE act as a barometer for the country’s economic condition.
  • Both the NSE and BSE enables the investor or trader to invest according to their financial goals.

Frequently Asked Questions on Difference Between NSE and BSE

Which is convenient between NSE and BSE?

NSE is much higher compared to BSE since it traded volumes most in NSE.

How does NSE make money?

NSE enables the traders or investors to make money by providing them with a marketplace for trading securities.

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