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Letter Writing: Writing a Letter is an olden form of communication done among two people or a group of people. Still, this traditional communication is running at some places like army borders, etc. but a new version of Letter writing has come in front of us. That’s nothing but Email Letter Writing. Nowadays, people communicating with known persons via letter writing through emails or messages on various social media sites.

Letter Writing is a very important topic for students, employees, business people, and many more. Letter writing is an intricate task as it demands meticulous attention. Each letter that is written can have different objectives, depending on its type. First, let us know the types of letter writing.

For assisting students who want to score full marks in the descriptive papers of a particular examination should refer to this article. It will explore the types of letter writing, letter format writing, and a few tips to write quality letters in the examination. So, Let’s tackle how to write a letter in the proper format, from top to bottom by referring to the below sections.

How to Write a Letter?

Everyone must familiar with how to write a letter—from what type of letter you should write to the letter-writing format you need to select. We all require skill to write a letter, whether business or personal letter. To enhance that skill, we have curated some information about Letter Writing. How to Write a Letter in a formal and informal way can be revealed on this page with neat examples. So, go ahead and completely get a grip on the letter-writing types, topics, and tips. First, start your learnings with Types of Letter Writing and then go with some given sample topics.

Letter Writing Types & Styles

Firstly, you guys should have some knowledge about the types of letter writing. There are broadly three main types of letters like Formal Letters, Informal Letters, and Semi-formal letters. Not only these three letters but also the type of letter can be changed based on the contents, formalities, the purpose of letter writing, etc. So, now check out a few types of letters from the below modules & be aware of all letter writing types & styles.

Informal Letter: In the name of the letter only you can guess what kind of style will be involved. All personal matters can be written in these informal letters. Also, this type of letter can be called as personal letters. It doesn’t follow any set of patterns. It exactly seems like a written conversation between two known persons in friendly words. Informal letters are generally written to friends, acquaintances, relatives, etc.

Formal Letter: Formal letters will also be seen in a certain pattern and formality. They are rigorously kept professional in nature, and directly address the concerns involved. All kinds of business letters or professional letters or letters to authorities come under the Formal letter category. A variety of letters that happen within the category of formal letters are-

  • Employment Letters: You will need to create this type of letter when you’re working as an employee in any company or organization. You use this employee letter for requesting for joining letter, promotion letter, application letter, permission letter, etc.
  • Business Letter: A business letter contains commercial communication data like quotations, orders, complaints, claims, letters for collections, etc. This kind of letter writing also come under formal letters. So, following the structure and pattern of formalities is strictly maintained while writing the business letter..
  • Social Letter: Congratulatory letters, condolence letters, invitation letters, etc are all social letters. If anyone writes a letter on the occasion of a special event is known as a social letter.

Topics of Letter Writing | Letter Writing Samples

Based on the person’s situation and demand the topic of letter writing varies. So, refer to this list of letter writing topics & samples and follow the pattern that suits the letter-writing topic. A few commonly used types of Letter & letter writing samples are prevailing here in quick links. Make use of these links and learn how to write a letter formally or informally:

Sample Letter Format

Contact Information (Include your contact information unless you are writing on letterhead that already includes it.)
Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address


Contact Information (The person or company you are writing to)
City, State Zip Code

Greeting (Salutation Examples)

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:
Use a formal salutation, not a first name, unless you know the person well. If you do not know the person’s gender, you can write out their full name. For instance, “Dear Pat Crody” instead of “Dear Mr. Crody” or “Dear Ms. Crody.” If you do not know the recipient’s name, it’s still common and acceptable to use the old-fashioned “To Whom It May Concern.”

Body of Letter

The first paragraph of your letter should provide an introduction as to why you are writing so that your reason for contacting the person is obvious from the beginning.

Then, in the following paragraphs, provide specific details about your request or the information you are providing.
The last paragraph of your letter should reiterate the reason you are writing and thank the reader for reviewing your request. If appropriate, it should also politely ask for a written response or for the opportunity to arrange a meeting to further discuss your request.

Best regards, (Closing Examples)


Handwritten Signature (For a hard copy letter, use black or blue ink to sign the letter.)

Typed Signature

Good Letter Writing Peaks/Tips

Up to now, we come across learning all basics of communicating via letters and also the types of letters. So, Let’s move your eyes towards the below points and remember some tips for writing a letter. Peaks for Letter Writing are prevailing under:

  • First of all, you guys should Identify the type of letter & letter writing style
  • Be particular about open and close the letter correctly
  • Learn how to present the main intent of the letter
  • Make sure you use perfect language while letter writing whether it may be a formal, informal, or semi-formal letter.
  • Proofread & check the Length of the letter before you send it to the recipient.

FAQs on Letter Writing Tips & Tricks

1. How do I write a formal letter?

There are a few key points to be followed while writing an official letter on any situation to your higher authority. They are as follows:

  • Start your formal letter with the perfect heading.
  • Choose your font and margins.
  • Write your salutation.
  • State your exact reasons as a body paragraph writing.
  • Add your closing body paragraph and signature.
  • Mention and add your enclosures.
  • Proofread the letter one or two times before you send or email.
  • Finally, you’re done with writing a formal letter in a perfect manner.

2. How many types of letters are there in Letter Writing?

Basically, In letter writing there are three types of letters ie., Formal, Informal and Semi-Formal Letters. You may also find four common elements in formal and informal letter type. They are Salutation, an Introduction, a Body Text, and Conclusion with Signature.

3. How do you recognize a formal and informal letter?

When a letter of the context is written in a friendly manner then you can call it an Informal Letter. This kind of letter is used for casual or personal communication. Formal letters are written for professional communication. Also, you can find the prescribed structure for writing formal letters.

4. What are the four styles of Letter Writing?

You will discover four main styles of letter writing, they are expository, descriptive, persuasive, and narrative. All of these writing styles are used for a particular purpose. Even a single text may cover more than one writing style.

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