Call Letter Samples, Format | How to Email a Call Letter? | Few Writing Tips & Guidelines

Call Letter: Wondering about how to write a Call Letter for the shortlisted candidates to invite for an interview. This article is the perfect one to answer all your queries regarding Call Letter. It is a formal letter received by the candidates from the employer. Know What is Call Letter and How to Write it is explained in the below modules.

A Call Letter in general is a document that notifies the candidates that you have shortlisted for the interview and attends at the scheduled date & time at the given address. Check out the available Call Letter Format, Samples from here and save them for future reference.

Make use of various Formal and Informal Letter Writing Topics and get familiar with many writing styles.

How to Write a Call Letter? Writing Tips for Drafting the Letter

The following are a few writing tips that you should follow while writing a Call Letter for an exam and interview:

  • In the letter, you should write the time, date, and location of the job interview.
  • It specifies information regarding the interview process like how many rounds, technical or written tests, which documents to bring, who will conduct the interview, etc.
  • The interview letter must include the job description of the position for which the interview is being held.
  • It should be written in a concise and grammatically correct manner.
  • Contact information & email address of the concerned person must be given so that the candidates can contact easily for any difficulties/queries.
  • It holds data regarding what all required documents are needed during the Job interview process.
  • It must close with a request for confirmation of the availability of the candidate and acknowledgment of the receipt of the call letter.

Call Letter Format | Template of Call Letter Writing

As Call Letter is a formal letter everyone should draft it by using polite language. The Format you need to follow for the Call Letter is given here in the form of an image. Download Call Letter Format Image & save it for further reference:

call letter format

Email Format of Call Letter

Subject: Invitation for Interview

Dear (Receiver’s Name),

By looking over to your job application for the position of “Marketing Executive” I would like to invite you to be there for an interview on (Date) at (Time) at our office in New Delhi.

You will have an interview scheduled with the department manager (Name). The discussion will last about 45 minutes. Please bring the references as well as a copy of your resume and cover letter along with you.

If the date & time of the interview is not convenient, please contact me by phone (Contact Number) or email (Email ID) to assemble another appointment. We look ahead to seeing you.

Best Regards,

(HR Name)
Human Resource Department Head
102/A block Square Building
Third Floor,
New Delhi
(Contact Number)
(Email Address)

Call Letter for an Interview – Sample 1

call letter sample for interview

IBPS Exam and Interview Call Letter – Sample 2

govt exam and interview call letter sample

FAQs on Call Letter Writing

1. What is the Call Letter?

A call letter is a formal letter where the company recruitment employees invite the shortlisted candidates for the interview at the scheduled date and time in the provided location.

2. Where do I get Call Letter Format and Samples for free?

You can find Call Letter Format and Samples for free of cost on our page.

3. What should include in Call Letter?

While writing a Call Letter the following list of details is mandatory. They are along the lines

  • Date of sending the letter
  • Name of the Applicant
  • Address of the applicant
  • Salutation (Dear, Mr./Ms./Mrs.)
  • Body of the letter
  • Conclusion
  • Closure

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