Acknowledgement Letter Samples, Format | Tips to Draft a Letter of Acknowledgment | How to Write an Acknowledgment Letter?

An Acknowledgement Letter is a formal notice of recognition. It is a formal document to acknowledge the receipt of something. Usually, Acknowledgement Letters can be of different types such as sending or receiving documents, for projects, for business, for a resignation letter, etc. In general, these are short and mainly serve the legal purpose to confirm receipt of certain documents.

Refer to the further sections to know what a standard document should contain and Tips for Writing Letter of Acknowledgement. Do Check out Acknowledgement Letter Examples, Format for your reference, and be aware of what to and what not to include.

Avail Letter Writing Topics for various kinds such as Formal, Informal and know how to write various letters as per requirement.

Acknowledgement Letter Format

Go through the below-mentioned template which you may find useful while writing a Letter of Acknowledgement. You can avail the format below and create one on your own. By referring to the Letter of Acknowledgement template you will understand about the details to be included in it. They are as such

Acknowledgement Letter Format

How to Write an Acknowledgement Letter?

An Acknowledgement Letter or Receipt of a Letter has the following elements. Before writing a Letter of Acknowledgment you need to keep certain important points in mind. They are as follows

Letterhead: If you are writing a letter on behalf of the company do include company letterhead. If at all you are writing an acknowledgment letter on a personal note this isn’t needed. Include both Company and Recipient’s Name and Address and Date of Writing.

Subject: In the Subject Line you should talk about what was acknowledged. You can replace this with reference to an invoice number or a previous case.

Body: In the body of the letter you need to start with a “Dear…”. Some of the Commonly Used Phrases include

  • I am writing to confirm the receipt of:
  • I am writing about our … conversation to confirm the…
  • The company is acknowledging the receipt of the following…:
  • We wish to thank you for sending us (good, quotation, documents, etc.)
  • We received your return shipment of:

Closing: In your closing line, State How to Contact further in case of any necessity. You can also include a thank you statement followed by your signature on behalf of your company.

Tips for Acknowledgement Letter Writing

Go through the guidelines and tips on how to write an Acknowledgement Letter. Letter of Acknowledgment is a Letter written to maintain Professional Courtesy and to maintain business relationships. They are as follows

  • Identify your reader and your acknowledgment letter should be addressed to a person who needs a receipt for an item sent. If you aren’t aware of the name of the sender, you may find it in the complimentary close of an original inquiry or an order letter, for instance.
  • Establish your Objective to let the reader know about the expected items.
  • The tone of the Letter should be polite and truthful.
  • Determine your scope and it can brief, one line or two.
  • Organize your Letter and present the information in a logical manner.
  • Work from an outline and simply draft an acknowledgment letter.
  • Close the Letter in a Professional Manner.
  • Review and Revise your Acknowledgement Letter.

Sample Acknowledgement Letters

If you are worried about how to draft an Acknowledgement Letter do check out the Samples attached below. Use the below samples to get an idea of what to include and what not to include. They are along the lines

Sample Business Document Acknowledgement Letter

Business Document Acknowledgement Letter

Acknowledgement Letter for Receipt of Funds                             

Letter of Acknowledgment for Receipt of Funds

FAQs on Acknowledgment Letter

1. How to write an Acknowledgment Letter?

While beginning an Acknowledgment Letter one needs to include the following details. They are along the lines

  • Name and details of the person who is sending the letter.
  • Name and details of the recipient to whom the letter is been sent
  • Date of sending the acknowledgment letter
  • Subject stating the reason for writing it
  • Statement of confirmation of receipt of the item
  • Any other information required to be sent regarding the transaction.

2. What is an Acknowledgment Letter?

An Acknowledgment Letter is a type of letter written to recognize someone’s efforts towards your objective.

3. Where do I get Acknowledgment Letter Samples, Template for free?

You can get Acknowledgment Letter Samples, Template for free on our site

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