Invitation Letter Format, Template, Samples | Writing Tips for Invitation Letter

Invitation Letter: It is a formal and informal document where a person requests any individual or group of people or guest to attend the event. Such letters can be written or emailed on the events like marriage, business meetings, graduation ceremonies, engagements, college fests, etc. A letter of invitation can be drafted in both languages formal and informal.

Remember the purpose of the event and write an invitation letter to a specific guest or known people. Also, with the help of an invitation letter, hosts can estimate the count of people who attends the event so that arrangements can be done accordingly.

However, for your comfort, we listed the standard formal and informal format of the invitation letter in the below modules. So, learn the styles of Invitation Letter Writing with Samples, then write one on your own. Check out the Writing Guidelines and Tips to Draft effective and attractive Invitation letters.

Pick from Letter Writing Topics belonging to formal and informal writing styles and learn how to draft different letters as per your necessity.

How to Write a Letter to Invite? Invitation Letter Writing Tips

By referring to the general format of the invitation letter both formal and informal, you will get an idea of how to start and end the invitation letter. One of the best ways to make your invitation letter more effective is following the writing tips and guidelines which are mentioned here. These tips will assist you throughout your life whenever you write an invitation letter.

  • Ensure that you write the letter in a concise and grammatically correct.
  • You can use both formal and informal language in the letter according to the event.
  • Should include the address, date, and time of the event on the left side of the letter.
  • Mention the suitable salutation at the beginning and your signature at the ending of the letter.
  • Be brief and straight to the point.
  • Explain the purpose of the occasion.
  • The host must express his or her warm welcome to the guests.
  • Also, you can request a confirmation of presence.
  • Mention your personal details where the recipient can reach you easily.

Format for Invitation Letter Writing

Following box styles & images will help you out to learn about the formal and informal invitation letter formats. Make use of these formats and include all important content while drafting an invitation letter on your own:

Formal Invitation Letter Format

The below format of the invitation letter include the following details-

  • Name of the host
  • Standard expression
  • Purpose of the invitation
  • Name of the honouree
  • Day, date, and time of the event
  • Name of the place, location with complete address
  • RSVP (Respond if it pleases you)- Include an RSVP – means “Please respond”, so that you can have an idea to organize things accordingly on the basis of their convenience.
  • Telephone or mobile number or address of the host
  • Any other relevant details

invitation letter format

Format of an informal invitation

  • DATE (In expanded)
  • BODY

Invitation Letter Samples | Download Free

Make use of these below-attached invitation letters and invite your known people for an event occurring at your house. Here are the samples for writing an invitation letter:

Sample Invitation Letter for Funeral

invitation letter sample

Invitation Letter Sample in Email Format

invitation letter sample in email format

FAQs on Invitation Letter Writing

1. What is the definition of an invitation letter?

An Invitation Letter is a document that gives an official request for the presence of an individual, a group of people, or an organization at an event. An invitation letter may be formal or informal.

2. How to write an invitation letter for business events?

Here are some writing tips that assist you while drafting an invitation letter to a business event:

  • Approach the guests professionally.
  • Write the invitation letters in Formal language and a professional tone.
  • Specify precisely the details of the event including date, time, venue, and purpose.
  • Mention the purpose of the event and what the guests will benefit from.

3. What is the purpose of writing an invitation letter?

There are two major purposes of writing an invitation letter. One is to invite the person to the event and the other one is to make sure that the person holding the letter wants to attend.

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