Appealing Permission Letter Formats & Samples for Different Situations | Template for A Letter of Permission

Permission Letter Format & Template: A letter of Permission is a formal letter where one asks for leave or confirmation in different situations. People usually utilize this permission letter writing for asking for leave from the office, going on vacation or school trips from parents, attending a funeral, or any other activity. The letter of permission should be written in a polite manner always by using “may I, could I, shall I words”.

For helping you all, we have provided the best ideas on how to write the permission letter along with the format Permission letter, template, and samples on this page. Let’s dive into the article and check once before you write any permission letter.

How to write a Permission Letter?

To write a perfect permission letter, you need to follow some set of rules which are given here. After drafting the letter of permission by following the guidelines then it becomes easy to grant your permission by the higher authority. They are as such:

  • Get the addresses you need
  • State the purpose of the letter
  • Stay on the subject
  • Line up all these aspects perfectly and proofread the permission letter before you send it to the concerned person for correcting the Content Accuracy, Grammar, and Spelling Mistakes.

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Permission Letter Standard Format

This is the standard format of a permission letter where people can use in any situation.

Addresses: Write down the required addresses. If you are using both sender and receiver addresses, start with the receiver address and add your address inside.
Salutation: Add some form of polite & respectful greeting.
Title: It should be centered, brief and informative.
Body: This should be a maximum of 4 paragraphs. All well-formatted, with no spelling or grammatical mistakes for easy readability.
Sign out: Here you mention your name and offer your signature for authentication. You can also provide some contact information if necessary.

Check out the tabulated permission letter general format and make use of it without any hassle.


[Name of the Receiver]





Salutation [Sir/Mam]


[Paragraph 1]

[Paragraph 2]

[Paragraph 3]

Thank you


[Sender’s Signature]

[Sender’s Name]


[Contact Details]

Permission Letter Template

A permission letter template is a format that intends to write a letter to ask for permission for some purpose or event that you may need to attend. Permission Letter Template will be provided in Formal form to seek permission from a higher authority. It makes your things simple and clear as it’s a known and honest format of asking for permission. Check out the image form of the permission letter template below.

Permission Letter Template

Different Types of Samples for Permission Letter Writing

As, we have previously read how to write the permission letter, what should be the format, and what to include in the letter, we can go for some of the sample letters below for asking permission from the higher authority on various cases. It helps you all to get a good idea of writing the Permission letter in the future.

Sample Letter for Leave Permission

Sample permission letter for leave

Permission Letter for Travel Sample

sample permission letter for travel

Permission Letter for Event 

permission letter for hosting event

Tips to write an engaging Permission Letter

  • In the letter, make sure you address the person to whom you are writing the letter.
  • Write a letter in a formal way and make sure to use formal language and straight to the point.
  • Address the reason for the letter carefully and evade missing out on the most relevant points.
  • Keep it keen and cross-check the letter once again to avoid any spelling and grammatical mistakes.
  • Ensure you give the information like the address and contacts precisely and accurately.

FAQs on Permission Letter Writing

1. What to Include in a Permission Letter to Principal?

  • Proper Heading.
  • The Date.
  • Address the Intended Recipient.
  • Recipient’s Address.
  • Salutation.
  • Subject.
  • Body of The Letter.
  • Closing.

2. How to write a permission letter for a school trip?

In the letter of permission for a school trip, the details required to be included in the letter are the child’s name, date of birth, travel dates, the name of the adult companion, the allowed travel destinations, and the reason for the trip. Contact phone numbers for both parents/guardians, their full names, and their signatures.

3. How do you write a Letter of Permission?

Permission Letters should be genuine and honest to the best of your knowledge. Be particular regarding the reasons & facts then write a letter in an appealing form. Make sure to add perfect subject lines and closures while Permission Letter Writing.

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