Bank Statement Request Letter Format & Samples | How to Write & What to Include in the Letter?

Bank Statement Request Letter: In some cases, people require to track their bank transactions by requesting the bank statements. Requesting the bank statements can be possible by writing a letter or email to the bank branch manager where you opened your savings or current account. Basically, it is a formal document where you will request the bank statement for particular dates & make them utilize for many reasons like submitting the salary bank statement before joining the new job, for visa processing, for applying the government or bank exams, etc.

So, take a look at the below modules and learn how to write a request letter for Bank Statement and what should be included in it? Along with that, we have curated the Bank statement request letter formats, samples for your reference & draft a perfect letter on your own. Also, Learn Tips for Writing Requesting Letters for Bank Statement. Avail Letter Writing Topics for both formal and informal topics all in one place to have an idea of what and what not to include in your letter writings.

Writing Tips for a Bank Statement Request Letter

The type of request for a bank statement letter is formal letter writing. It should be written using a business format and a professional tone. The following tips are some advice to assist you to write an appropriate bank statement request letter.

  • Express gratitude towards the bank’s customer services
  • Explain the reason for requesting the bank statement
  • Highlight important information such as bank account number and account name
  • Keep it simple and direct to the point
  • Add your signature at the end of the letter
  • State if your issue is to be dealt with urgency and why
  • If you require an original copy, enter your postal address or email
  • Utilize polite and professional language and tone

Format of Request Letter for Bank Statement | Bank Statement Request Letter Structure

The following format text & image will help you to understand how the bank statement request letter should be written in a formal & professional tone. So, check out this Bank Statement Request Letter Format before you draft.


{Recipient’s Name}

{Recipient’s Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Subject: Request for Bank Statement for {Period}

Dear {Last Name},

My name is {name} of account number {number} listed under {account name}. This is a formal request for my bank statements from {date} to {date}. I would like them sent to {mailing address}.

Please {accept the enclosed check for the service charge amount/deduct the service charge amount from my checking account}.

If you have any questions concerning this matter or require more details, please contact me at {phone number} or {email address}.


{Your Name}

format of bank statement request letter

Bank Statement Request Letter Email Format Example

request letter email format for bank statement

Request Letter for Bank Statement Samples

People who want to keep track of their bank transactions should request a bank statement letter & submit it to their branch manager. To help you with this situation, we have furnished useful bank statement request letter samples which are free of cost.

Letter for Requesting Bank Statement Sample

sample requesting bank statement letter

Sample Letter to Issue the Bank Statement

issue of bank statement request letter samples

FAQs on Requesting a Bank Statement Letter Writing

1. What to Include in Bank Statement Request Letter Format?

Several ways to write a request letter for a bank statement. But the standard format of the basic bank statement request letter includes the following heads:

  • Recipient Address
  • Date
  • Sender Address
  • Subject
  • Salutation
  • The body
  • The ending

2. Can I request a bank statement by mail?

You can request a bank statement by addressing an email to the bank manager. The subject line must be clearly mentioned the intent of your letter. Also, define the duration for which you require the bank statement.

3. May I request old bank statements?

Yes, you may request old bank statements from the bank. But based on the situation, you have to consult bank officials about the issue.

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