Apology Letter Format & Samples | How To Write an Apology Letter?

Format for Writing an Apology Letter: Did you screwed things at work? Have you troubled anyone in your life? If you have realized your mistake then ask for forgiveness is very important. Apologies can be difficult at all places especially at the workplace but you need to deal with it in the right way. So, writing an Apology letter sincerely makes others feel good.

However, apologies are almost always appreciated when they are well thought out and sincere. Some people trust on apologies, particularly in the workplace, are a symbol of weakness, they can prove that you are capable and in control, as they learn that you recognize an error and how to fix it.

If needed, do explain and make the person realize what exactly happened, but do not try to deflect the blame. Finally, proofread the Letter of Apologize once again before sending it.

Get Other Types of Letter Writing like Formal, Informal, and Different Types of Letter Writing Samples.

How to Apologize and Apology Letter Format?

Every apology will differ in method and content, based on the issue for which you are apologizing, and those to whom you are apologizing. Though, we have curated some of the tips that can make your apology more effective.

  • Apologize as soon as possible.
  • Give no excuses.
  • Take responsibility.
  • Explain how you will fix the mistake.
  • Keep your word.
  • Consider the method.

tips for writing apology letter at work

Following is one of the most commonly used formats for an apology letter.

Apology Letter (format)

(Name of the Person Writing an Apology)

(Organisation/ Institution)


Date: _/_/_

(Name of the Recipient)

(Organisation/ Institution)


Dear (Mr./ Mrs./ Ms Name)

Body of Letter:

  • Start with an apology
  • Undertake responsibility for the event
  • Explain the situation if deemed necessary
  • Explain the course of action taken to fix the wrongdoings
  • Assure the recipient that such an event will not occur again


(Name of the Authority)



Guidelines for an Effective Apology Letter

The prescribed guidelines will help you make an effective apology letter. So, check it out and write a good apology letter:

  • The type of apology letter is a formal letter, so make sure to compose the letter by using formal language and words.
  • Take responsibility for what you did a mistake and Apologize sincerely.
  • Ensure or convince the person that the mistake will not repeat itself in the future
  • Describe the situation and explain the whole mistake you made and “say you’re apologizing for that mistake”.
  • Never say sorry for formality it should come from your heart and don’t try to justify it.
  • Present a plan or a course of action for the mistake
  • Proofreading for spelling and grammatical errors before sending it in.

Few Samples on How to Write A Apology Letter Effectively?

An apology letter can be addressed either personally or by a third party. Here you’ll found the different styles of writing apology letters like to a customer, to Boss, to a Teacher, etc. Check out these Apology Letter Samples & make use of them whenever you feel sorry about any situation.

Apology Letter to Boss (Personal Letter)

sample apology letter to boss

Apology Letter Sample for Customer

sample apology letter to customer

Sample of Apology Letter to a Teacher

apology letter sample to teacher

FAQs on A Letter of Apology

1. How to Write an Apology Letter?

To write an apology letter more effectively, first, you should know what are the elements require while writing a good apology letter. Here, we listed out some of the elements to write an apology letter:

  • Say you’re sorry. Not, “I’m sorry.
  • Own the mistake.
  • Describe what happened.
  • Have a plan.
  • Admit you were wrong.
  • Ask for forgiveness.

2. How to Close the Apology Letter?

After explaining & promising to make damages, you can close your apology by stating, “From now on, I’m going to (how you plan to change your behavior) so I don’t (your offense).”

3. How do you apologize professionally?

Make sure that your sorry feeling should be impactful when you did a mistake professionally. So, write one effective letter and express your remorse for the action. Moreover, apologize for your mistake don’t give any justification or state reasons.

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