Enquiry Letter Format & Samples | How to Write an Enquiry Letter?

Enquiry Letter is a formal letter written to enquire details regarding something and want to gain further info. For the sake of your comfort, we have compiled the Standard Enquiry Letter Format, Sample Templates attached. The Aim of the Enquiry Letter is to make a Request to the Recipient. In Other Words, it is written to get a response from the recipient End regarding the Enquiry Made. At times, the action benefits both the Sender and Recipients.

The Inquiry Letter must have a scope and include enough information so that the recipient can provide a better response. Sender needs to mention what he is inquiring about and the type of favour he/she needs from the recipient. Go through the complete article to know about Enquiry Letter Sample Templates, Standard Format, in the coming modules.

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Enquiry Letter Format

The Basic Format that an Enquiry Letter needs to contain is simplified as such

Enquiry Letter Format

Tips for Enquiry Letter Writing

Before beginning to draft an Enquiry Letter go through the simple tips listed. They are as such

  • Remember to write it as a formal letter and include the sender’s contact details, address or email at the starting of the letter.
  • Mention all the Aspects of the Enquiring Item.
  • Do mention the date and address of the receiver.
  • Make a Note of the Subject of the Letter Precisely so that the recipient will have an idea on what is discussed in the letter.
  • Remember to add a salutation at the beginning and mention your signature, name and designation at the end of the letter.
  • Write down it concisely and clearly.
  • Note down the reason and enquiry details.

Enquiry Letter Samples to Download

If you are looking for help on How to Write an Enquiry Letter then you can check out the different Enquiry Letter Samples attached below for your reference. Have a glance at the Sample Enquiry Letters and use them whenever you need them. They are in the following fashion

Sample Enquiry Letter

Sample Enquiry Letter

Enquiry Letter for Exchange Scheme

Enquiry Letter about Exchange Scheme

FAQs on Enquiry Letter

1. What are the Types of Enquiry Letter?

There are two types of Enquiry Letter namely solicited and unsolicited.

2. How do you write an Enquiry Letter?

While writing an Enquiry Letter you need to follow all of these instructions

1. Sender’s address: Include an email and phone number, if required.
2. Date: Below address. Leave one space or line.
3. Receiver’s address
4. The subject of the letter
5. Salutation (Sir / respected sir / madam)
6. Body
Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself and the purpose of writing the letter
Paragraph 2: Detail of the inquiry
Paragraph 3: Conclude / end
7. Complimentary Closing
8. Sender’s name, signature, and designation (if any)

3. How many Paragraphs do an Enquiry Letter have?

Avoid writing lengthy paragraphs and bifurcate body into 3-4 paragraphs. In the First para write about yourself and the reason behind writing the letter. In the Second One, Mention the Enquiry and the 3rd Paragraph should be a closing one.

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