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Getting Started for a Job is not always a cakewalk and you need to be aware of many things such as Offer Letter, Joining, or Appointment Letter. A Well Crafted Joining Letter can create a good impression on you to the employer. We have compiled all about What is a Joining Letter, Details to be included in the Joining Letter, How to Write Joining Letter Format, Samples.

A joining letter is a letter for the candidate, revealing his willingness to accept the job, offered by the company. The job hunt procedure ends with the joining letter of the selected applicant. After selecting the candidate, the company issues an employment letter mentioning the terms and conditions, job-profile of the designation. On getting the job guarantee from the company, a candidate can accept or reject the proposal.

Avail Letter Writing Topics for both formal and informal topics and learn about different writing styles and write letters on your own.

Joining Letter Format

Joining Letter begins with a signed letterhead to the person in charge. He Can be anyone approved by the HR Administrator who has the right to hire the candidate. To clear your concerns on how to Write a Joining Letter one must know the format. The Joining Letter Format includes the following details

  • Address to where the letter is being sent
  • Date of the issuing of the appointment letter
  • The main subject of the letter
  • Greetings
  • Body and conclusion

Joining Letter Format

How to write a Joining Letter? | What to include in Joining Letter?

Joining Letter is an authorized text issued by the company to the candidate who has been selected proportionally. You may find it difficult to draft an efficient and well-written joining letter. So to help you in this we have curated few tips on what to include in the Joining Letter.

Things to Include on a Joining Letter

  • Job title
  • Job description
  • Contact details
  • Terms and benefits

Job Title:  Include Employee’s Designation and Job Role for the Particular Position.

Commencement Date: Letter should include details like Starting Date the Applicant needs to join to avoid all possible miscommunications.

Salary: State the Salary of Selected Candidates in the Job Appointment Letter, Method of Payments, Frequency of Payments so that candidate can look into it and accept or open room for discussion.

Conditions: Let the Candidate know about rules he/she needs to abide by for the particular position like dress code if any, other kinds of restrictions for the position.

Other Compensation: Rewards that the company provides when certain objectives are reached.

Tips to Keep in mind while Writing a Joining Letter

One must follow certain guidelines before submitting a Joining Letter and we have curated them as under

  • Check whether your opinions are short-lived or not. Keep it relevant and brief.
  • Make sure to write your letter in Applicable and Intelligible Format.
  • Use a Formal and Communicative Tone in your writing.
  • Avoid using unsuitable language, practical expressions, and terminologies.
  • Poof read once before you submit whether there are any linguistic and portentous errors.

Joining Letter Samples | Appointment Letter Samples

If you are looking for quick help on how to write an Appointment Letter or Joining Letter then check out the Samples listed here. By checking the Joining Letter Samples you will have an idea of what to include in the letter and can write one on your own as per requirement.

Joining Letter Example

Sample Joining Letter

Sample Joining Letter

FAQs on Joining Letter

1. What details must be included in a Joining Letter?

The following details must be included in the Joining Letter. They are as under

  • Job title
  • Job description
  • Contact details
  • Terms and benefits

2. What is a Joining Letter?

Joining Letter is a Letter from the Selected Candidate revealing his willingness to accept the job offered by the Company.

3. What is the purpose of Joining Letter?

A Joining Letter is an official way of confirming to the application that he/she has gained a secured position in your organization.

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