Top Fellowship Programs in India 2020 for Graduate Students & Professionals

Fellowship Programs in India

Fellowship: A fellow is a part of a fellowship or institution or organization which works collectively in getting distributed knowledge or practice. There are numerous different types of fellowships that are given for various purposes in academia and the company. These normally assign a different kind of scholarship.

Best Research Fellowships in India

The fellowship is something distinctive than conventional careers, which candidates might want to persevere. It is an occasion to examine a course a candidate always wished to search but never got an opportunity to. A fellowship is a way for many pupils in India to get their desires. They grant you an atmosphere where you could study and work altogether.

Difference Between Scholarship and Fellowship

Scholarship: Scholarships perpetually indicate financial support. Every scholarship program comes piled with a financial assistance plan. The support might be whole or partial, but it is awarded although.Scholarship grantees are not granted with the complete facility of studies. They are only awarded monetary aid to complete their course of study. Scholarships are basically awarded for undergraduate programs.

Fellowship: Fellowships do include the term ‘financial assistance’, but it isn’t an inevitable outcome. Fellowships normally include a permanent residence for a candidate at the college or university. Financial support may be granted for analysis or studies, but it isn’t essential. Fellowships are normally granted as a situation to make sure applicants are surviving members of the university. Several alumni, teachers and notable alumni are granted, fellowships. Fellowships are normally awarded to research personnel and students, alumni and distinguished scientists.

What are the Benefits available in Fellowships?

Fellowships grant benefits, but it is not necessary that it will always be monetary. Money rewards are usual. Fellows often receive a living stipend of 10,000 up to 50,000 or sometimes more, including their travels costs. General secondary advantages of fellowships involve health insurance, incomplete or complete student loan remission, or free housing. Candidates also obtain the benefits that come with experiential education and continued analysis. Those with an intense examination or work part can give a learner a judgment of duty well ahead of entry-level employment in the field and can form relationships necessary for later job.

How to Find Fellowship Opportunities?

Getting a fellowship usually needs a little hard work. Scholars involved in fellowships should communicate with their staff advisors, teachers, or department head about these opportunities because not all the fellowships are advertised. A school’s monetary support office can seldom point pupils in the right way as well, either by visiting the office or by informational conferences focusing on fellowships. Students should also search for fellowship opportunities via online mode. Some co-operation proposes fellowship databases which students can classify by minimum eligibility guidelines. Schools and other companies will post their fellowship breaks in online advertisement as well.

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List of Fellowships in India

Top Fellowships International Wise

Let us give a brief of all the fellowships one by one. Candidates who want to learn more about these fellowships please click on the respective links available here.

Fetal Medicine Fellowship

Professor Kypros Nicolaides commenced the Fetal Medicine Foundation (FMF) to promote the health of pregnant women by encouraging research and education in Fetal Medicine. FMFIndia proposes to take this mission forward by examining the particular demands of the Indian population.

Swachh Bharat Fellowship

Swachh Bharat Mission is the world’s biggest sanitation program. The flagship program for the Trusts on neatness and hygiene, the reservoir of the ZSBP program dates back to 2016 when the Sanitation (MDWS) and Trusts & the Ministry of Drinking Water were connected in a scout check.

Dalai Lama Fellowship

Dalai Lama Fellowship grants developing leaders a definite, interdisciplinary course to make them become a different sort of leader. A leader that unites and cares for individuals, elongates genuine compassion to other members and works for humanity. Fellows practices to increase self-awareness, resilience and self-care for uniting with others and operating across diversity, and in fabricating solutions for ages to come.

Eisenhower Fellowship

Eisenhower Fellowships’ is a Women’s Leadership Program that explores talented women with a proven track record of accomplishment to meet its firm global network of over 1,600 active Fellows. We search for diverse, dynamic talents with the vision to build the world a better place and the potential to create and produce a concrete plan to make this idea a fact post-fellowship.

Sahapedia Fellowship

The Sahapedia Fellowship is a collaborative plan to excite fresh research on concrete and spiritual legacy across India and South Asia. The Fellowship is a source to both assist reports on the arts and cultural variety of India, and to help area practitioners and fresh scholars to notice from their views what demands to be documented. Granted annually, the Fellowship encourages people in their work with different communities and practices that normally do not get the attention they deserve.

Azim Premji Fellowship

Azim Premji Fellowship is granted by the Azim Premji Foundation. This is a non-profit organisation striving for delivering quality universal knowledge. Azim Premji Fellowship is an occasion for experts who are ready to serve for social development. It focuses on producing educational and social division experience to candidates from different backgrounds. This fellowship is an opportunity for young pioneers in India who have job experience of 4-10 years. By entering the Azim Premji Fellowship Programme the candidates can support educators, teach better and let the children in the government schools learn better.

Teach for India Fellowship

The Teach For India Fellowship is a chance for brilliant and most promising youth of India from the nation’s best universities and workplaces, to serve as full-time teachers to the present generation from low-income regions in some of the country’s various under-resourced foundations. With this teaching practice in classes and serving with key knowledge stakeholders like students, masters and parents, our Fellows get added to the basic certainties of India’s education system and commence to develop the education, skills, and mindsets needed to achieve states of leadership in learning and recognize their part in making a broader movement for enlightening equality in the country. Our Fellows grow the lifeways of children in their classes, and in return, form themselves towards authority in institutional equity.

University of Hyderabad Fellowship

The University of Hyderabad calls for the applications of Junior Research Fellow (JRF). It is declared by the Department of Animal Biology, School of Life Sciences. The applicants should have passed M.Sc. graduates in biological sciences who have JRF/NET qualification. Applicants who have analysis experience in cell structure and molecular biology will be provided with the opportunity to serve on the project titled “RUNX and AMPK in hematopoietic malignancies”. The elected nominee will get a monthly stipend of INR 25000.

UGC Fellowship

University Grants Commission (UGC) presents a plenty of fellowships for the pupils across the country to support them to continue with their learning at a higher level. UGC is a recognised body authorized under the Ministry of Human Resource Development by the Indian government. This fellowship centers on providing financial assistance for college and university level studies. Both reliable and quality students can avail scholarships.

Vedica Scholars

The Vedica Scholars plan for Women is a unique choice for the traditional MBA program. The Programme’s purpose is to equip women with the potential to deliver fulfilling professions and produce a cadre of strong women professionals in 21st century. The programme is a mixture of classroom training, hands-on work practice, and mentoring and teaching by some of the most inspirational academics and experts of our times. A trained certificate in Management Practice and Leadership is granted on the thriving completion of the program.

Young India Fellowship

The Young India Fellowship (YIF) is a multidisciplinary postgraduate diploma programme for one year in Liberal Studies. The fellowship draws together a collection of 300 bright young people who show outstanding intellectual capacity and leadership potential from across the nation and trains them to grow socially engaged agents of development.
The purpose is to support the fellows to become well-rounded people who are capable to think critically from varied perspectives, communicate efficiently and become masters with a dedication to public service.

India Fellow Leadership Programme

The India Fellow Leadership Program attempts to train and grant the next generation of rulers in India. Fellows serve with a basic organization brainstorming thoughts and improving the company to grow.

The fellowship plan involves 4 prime pieces, coaching, mentorship, reflections and hands-on work experience with a basic organization operating on social issues.

Naropa Fellowship

Naropa Fellowship is a complete residential, post-graduate, academic program provided for one year and established by His Eminence Drukpa Thuksey Rinpoche & Dr Pramath Raj Sinha, the establishing dean of the Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad.

The fellowship concentrates on building and nourishing agents of development who will serve towards producing a sustainable socio-economic situation in Ladakh and the greater Himalayas. It attempts to promote entrepreneurship, hire local expertise while maintaining the aesthetic heritage of the area.

Gandhi Fellowship Programme

The Gandhi Fellowship is an absolute rural domestic program that is encouraging young people for the past 11 years to strengthen the management skills required for bringing a difference in the society. They support the school faculty to make adjustments and develop the state of the school and learning. They also support them in turning their ideas into truth. Through the fellowship, every candidate has designated five schools each.

Legislative Assistant to members of parliament (LAMP)

The LAMP (Legislative assistant to members of parliament) fellowship programme is one of the most honored fellowships in India. It is for 11-month, where young people are trained by the members of parliament.

In the last nine years, the fellowship commences in the Monsoon Session until the budget assembly, which encourages the youngsters to get presented to various parliamentary activities and present the members with widespread research assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions on Fellowship

Question 1
What is Fellowship?

Fellowships include short-term professional or job opportunities at schools or colleges. The duration of scholarship could be from a few months to several years. It could be awarded to students by specific organizations to help them and complete their bachelor degree or conduct analysis about a distinct topic.

Question 2
Is a fellowship paid?

Although the maximum of the fellowship presents a living annuity or stipend, it could not be equivalent to the salary of full-time work. This financial benefit varies hugely.

Question 3
What is the difference between a fellowship and a scholarship?

The scholarship applies to a type of award granted to the students on their educational achievement, to support them for making better. Fellowship indicates the financial support awarded to the people willing to investigate further on a special subject after they pass the prescribed exam

Question 4
Is a fellowship considered employment?

Fellowship amounts are not deemed as wages and do not constitute an employer-employee bond. The Fellowship amount is designed to help living costs and does not need that employee assistance to be offered in exchange.