AAUW International Fellowships 2020 | Eligibility Criteria, Application Process, Awards

AAUW International Fellowships 2020: The American Association of University Women (AAUW) awards full-time study/ research in the United States for women who are not permanent residents nor US Citizens. The fellowship supports both graduate and undergraduate studies at accredited institutions in the United States. Moreover, special preference is given to women who have a strong commitment towards the empowerment of women through professional work, community or even through civic activities.

AAUW is an organisation that focuses on the advancement of women’s education and career. Their history dates back to the late 18th century. The organisation is also accredited with supporting the research of many women pioneers in the field of science and technology. Some members include Marie Curie – the first woman to win the Nobel Prize to Judith Resnik, the second woman to ever venture to space. Furthermore, the organization has also actively campaigned for the legalization of many laws and acts – such as the Equal Pay Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act.

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AAUW International Fellowships Overview

Following is an overview of the AAUW International Fellowships. Note, the timeline is tentative and is subject to change as per the convenience of the board.

Event/ Subject Details
Application Availability 1st August 2020
Deadline 15th November 2020
Host Institution All Accredited U.S institutions
Field of Study Postgraduate/ graduate
Target Women who are neither United States citizens nor permanent residents
Official website https://www.aauw.org/
Stipend Between 18,000 USD to 30,000 USD (specific to course)
Fellowship Year To be announced (tentative)

AAUW International Fellowships Eligibility

Interested candidates have to ensure that they fulfill the following criteria to ensure eligibility.

  • Candidates must have citizenship in a country other than the US.
  • Or, the candidates must be in possession of a non-immigrant visa if residing in the United States. Note: U.S citizens, U.S citizens with dual citizenship, U.S permanent residents are not eligible for the fellowship
  • Interested candidates must hold an academic degree completed by November 15, 2019, or earlier
  • The said degree can be either earned from the U.S or other countries
  • The candidate must also intend to return to their home country after the duration of the fellowship
  • Candidate must be very proficient in English.
  • The candidate’s native language must be English, or has received a secondary diploma/ undergraduate degree from an English speaking institution or should have completed one semester of full-time study in their discipline at an English-speaking college. IF the candidate has not fulfilled the above conditions, they are required to upload a recent ETS TOEFL score. The minimum acceptable score is 550 for the paper-based test; 79 for the Internet-based test; 60 for revised TOEFL-delivered test. Note: institutional TOEFL scores and other language proficiency tests of English are not accepted.
  • The above stated TOEFL test must be no older than November 2017.
  • Candidates who were unsuccessful in their last application for the fellowship are also eligible to reapply.
  • Candidates must conduct a full-year of study or research. The fellowship is not applicable for candidates who do not follow the same.

AAUW International Fellowship Additional Requirements

Candidates must ensure that the following documents or requirements are fulfilled for

  • Candidates must pass the eligibility quiz
  • Candidates must also provide three recommendations from professional colleagues or professors they have worked with
  • Academic details
  • Budget details
  • Proof of current enrollment (if enrolled)
  • Educational transcripts and certifications
  • If the institution does not provide transcripts, the candidate will have to furnish an official letter from the institution. Please mention the date of acquiring the degree.
  • Please ensure the transcripts include the candidate’s full name as well as their institution’s name, courses, grades and other relevant information.
  • Candidates must also furnish a resume/ CV in English. If translated from another language the translated CV/ resume must bear an official signature or a seal stating that the translation is true and complete.

AAUW International Fellowships Selection Criteria

The selection board makes their decision on many factors. These factors include:

  • Position on return to the candidate’s home country
  • Candidates that reside in their home country during the time of application will be given special consideration
  • The board also focuses on the applicant’s academic and/ or professional qualifications
  • The time schedule proposed by the candidate
  • The feasibility of the research or plan of study
  • The candidate’s commitment towards the empowerment of women and girls in her home country
  • Experience
  • Financial need
  • The candidate’s home county’s need for specialized skill or knowledge
  •  Reason/ motivation for research or study
  • The candidate is from an underrepresented area of their country
  • The candidate’s university is not a top-level research institution

AAUW International Fellowships Award Amount

Candidates are eligible for the following

Fellowship Type Stipend
Master’s Degree/ First professional degree 18,000 USD
Doctoral Degree 20,000 USD
Postdoctoral Degree 30,000 USD

The International Fellowship funds are available for the purpose of

  • Educational expenses
  • Living expenses
  • Travel for educational purposes (professional meetings, seminars, conferences). Please note, the ceiling for the same is 10% of the total fellowship amount.

Fellowship funds are NOT available for

  • Equipment costs
  • Research assistants
  • Repayment of loans
  • Deficits, old expenditure
  • Publication costs
  • Tuition for dependent’s education
  • Travel to or from the candidate’s home country as well as the research location, if abroad.

FAQ’s On AAUW International Fellowships

Question 1.
What is the AAUW?

AAUW (American Association of University Women) is an organisation that focuses on the advancement of women’s education and career.

Question 2.
When is the AAUW releasing the application for the International Fellowship?

For the year 2020, the application is scheduled to be released on 1st August 2020. However, the dates are tentative and are subject to change

Question 3.
When is the last date to apply?

The deadline is on 15th November 2020 (tentative).

Question 4.
What is the stipend awarded to the Fellows?

A Doctoral Degree’s stipend award amounts to 20,000 USD, while a Postdoctoral Degree award amounts to 30,000 USD.

Question 5.
What are the host institutions for AAUW International Fellowship?

Selected fellows will be placed in accredited institutions in the United States.

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