Vision India Fellowship 2020 | Eligibility Criteria, Benefits, Awards

Vision India Fellowship 2020: Vision India Fellowship is a unique 1- year residency program introduced by the Vision India Foundation (VIF). The fellowship is primarily meant to motivate the youths of today to become the change-makers of tomorrow. Furthermore, the organization offers a multitude of programs that are designed to align with real-world careers. The fellowship programs are also tailored to fit the needs of each participant.

Vision India Fellowship provides many benefits for the fellows – from a considerable amount of financial support to monthly stipend and performance-based incentives. Not to mention, the fellows will be provided with accommodation (VIF Residency) as well. The VIF Fellowship provides opportunities for individuals who are capable of making a change in society for the better.

The fellowship also provides customized training and curriculum for career-building. Fellows will also have easy access to mentors who can guide them round the clock. Furthermore, the fellows will also have access to an active network of academics, policymakers, public administrators, subject matter experts and philanthropists.

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Vision India Fellowship Eligibility Criteria

Interested candidates need to ensure that they fulfill the following criteria to ensure eligibility:

  • The candidate needs to be 18 years or older at the time of application
  • The candidate must be motivated enough to pursue a path towards nation-building
  • Candidates from all educational background are eligible
  • VIF, in very rare cases, accepts fellows with no work experience
  • Candidates must possess strong communication skills – written and oral
  • Candidates must also be willing to work is very challenging environments
  • Lastly, candidates must demonstrate skills which are essential for the project

Vision India Fellowship Application Process

Following is the application process for the VIF fellowship

  • Online Application: The application process involves two deadlines. Do ensure to apply on the official VIF website before the stated deadlines. Please note, candidates are selected on a rolling basis.
  • Interview: Candidates who are successfully shortlisted will have a telephonic interview within three weeks of application. Candidates who clear the telephonic interview will be called for an in-person interview soon after.
  • Finalization: List of candidates who clear the in-person interview will be announced on the official website. The same applies to candidates who are on the waiting list. `Candidates who are selected will be required to attend the orientation program, which will then be followed by training.

Note: the dates are tentative and are subject to change without prior notice.

Details Required for Application Process

Candidates will be required to furnish the following details as well as other specified requirements

  • Resume
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Photograph
  • Video
  • References

Resume: The candidate must submit an updated resume on the application portal. Please ensure that the resume is uploaded in PDF format.

Statement of Purpose: The SoP must be between 500-700 words and highlight the following points:

  • Past experiences that have motivated the candidate to choose this career path or domain
  • How the candidates’ interests align with the AIF programme.
  • In case the candidates are not selected, what are their plans for the next few years.

Photograph: Candidates must upload their most recent photographs.

Video: The candidate must upload a 1-minute video showcasing their vision. The video must focus on an area where the candidate wishes to bring about change or influence in the future. The area can be a specific community, a geographic area, a governing entity, a particular age group, their country or the world. The candidate is to mention this chosen area in the video and their vision for the same. The video can be recorded through a webcam or a smartphone. Reduce the size if possible and upload the same to an online repository – such as YouTube or Google Drive. Do ensure to provide the link of the repository in the application form.

References: Candidates are required to provide the name and the contact details of two references. These references should know the candidate from a professional perspective and comment on the applicant’s professional capacity. These references can either be mentors, professors, or peers.

Vision India Fellowship Benefits and Awards

Successful candidates are eligible for the following benefits:

  • Financial support worth INR 5,00,000 per year
  • Accommodation at Vision India Foundation Residency (VIF)
  • Food
  • Monthly sustenance stipend
  • Performance incentive rewards of up to INR 1,00,000 (end of the year)
  • Continued mentorship support
  • Career-specific curriculum and training

Vision India Fellowship Career Paths

The fellowship is segregated into various domains that are aligned with possible career paths. The following table summarizes the career paths and their respective domains.

Domains Intended Career Paths
Civilizational Studies Public Intellectual/ Academia
School Education Education-entrepreneur/ Educationist
Electoral Politics Active Politician
Community Development Community development leader/ Start a Non-profit organization,
Strategic and Foreign Relations Political Leader, Bureaucrat, Civil Society leader

FAQ’s On Vision India Fellowship

Question 1.
What is Vision India Foundation?

The VIF is founded by the faculties and alumni of various IIT to promote and bring about systemic reforms in India, and aligning the same with the nation’s aspiration and ethos.

Question 2.
What are the age criteria to apply for the VIF Fellowship?

Candidates must be 18 years or older at the time of application.

Question 3.
What is the minimum educational qualification required for this fellowship?

Candidates from all educational backgrounds are eligible to apply. However, they will have to demonstrate their skills in the chosen domains

Question 4.
What are the different domains offered under Vision India Fellowship?

VIF offers the following domains for the fellows to choose:

  • Civilizational Studies
  • Electoral Politics
  • Community Development
  • Strategic and Foreign Relations
  • School Education

Question 5.
What are the benefits of this fellowship?

Selected candidates will receive financial support worth INR 5,00,000 every year (for 3 years max.) Accommodation for the fellows is provided at the Vision India Foundation Residency along with food. Moreover, monthly sustenance stipend is also provided to the fellows (amount depends on the domain chosen). Furthermore, a performance incentive of up to INR 1,00,000 is awarded to the fellows at the end of the year for excellence. The fellows also receive continued mentorship support even after their fellowship duration.

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