Swachh Bharat Fellowship 2023-24 | Eligibility, Application Process

Swachh Bharat Fellowship: The Tata Trusts’ Zila Swachh Bharat Prerak (ZSBP) program is a novel fellowship program that partners Swachh Bharat Mission, the world’s largest sanitation program. The flagship program for the Trusts on cleanliness and hygiene, the source of the ZSBP program dates back to 2016 when the Trusts and the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation (MDWS) were involved in a pilot interference.

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Tata Trusts had been serving with district administrations in 25 districts over three states to secure the regions open defecation-free. Understanding the successful outcomes of the work commenced by the Trusts, the MDWS addressed them to replicate the design in 26 states. This started with the incubation of the ZSBP program.

Swachh Bharat Fellowship Overview

Name of Organisation Tata Trusts
Nature of employment Short-term Consultancy Contract
Session for the fellowship will start from August 2023
Ends in May 2024
Duration 11 months
Location At district level (deputation with District Collector/ District Development Officer)
States All States (except Gujarat, Nagaland, Mizoram, Kerala, Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim)

Swachh Bharat Fellowship Eligibility

  • Candidate should hold a Graduation/ Post-graduation degree in Management/ Rural Development/ Social Sciences/ Liberal Studies/ Economics.
  • Candidate should have work experience of at least 2 years; before in handling any social/rural development and/ or government schemes. Fresh graduates from premier management institutes with determination to be a part of the nation-building campaign may also apply.
  • Candidate should hold demonstrated abilities of leadership and institutional development experience.
  • Candidate should possess the capacity to innovate future strategies and present, in a challenging situation.
  • Candidate should have a good grasp of spoken and written English and local languages.
  • Candidate should possess exceptional computer skills, interpersonal, sound and writing skills and can work as a member of a team

Swachh Bharat Fellowship Application Process

Swachh Bharat Mission and Tata Trusts are recruiting passionate young professionals, as Zila Swach Bharat Preraks, who are inspired and willing to contribute to nation-building. It is your opportunity to work directly with the Government of India in select districts to co-create and implement innovative models of Swachh Bharat (Gramin).

Candidates have to fill the application form to complete the application process. Click here to fill the application form and send the form to [email protected].

Swachh Bharat Fellowship Job Description

  • The applicant would be deputed to serve with the District Collector or District Development Officer (DDO), who is in immediate in-charge of the Swach Bharat Mission (Gramin) program. Principal responsibilities to be performed by ZSBP are:
  • Grant coordination, supervision and monitoring assistance to the district administration for efficient implementation of the Swach Bharat Mission (G).
  • Key responsibilities in this regard are:
  • (i) Develop District level Swachta Action, Finance, and Sustainability plan for SBM (G)
  • (ii) Support in setting in place monitoring mechanisms and feature supervision protocols
  • (iii) Monitor, analyze and assure updation of MIS data and help in producing a decision aid mechanism
  • Give support in monitoring, management, and broadcasting of funds flow situation in the district and develop need-based economic planning for various elements of SBM (G)
  • 3 Assure monitoring and implementation assistance for district-level sustainability actions about SBM (G)
  • 4 Implement support for the development and roll-out of the Social Behavioral Change Communication (SBCC) approach, with a focus on cleanliness and personal hygiene problems
  • Implement support for forming a training and capacity framework plan, with a focus on community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) access to multiple stakeholders and oversee implementation of the same TATA TRUSTS
  • Implement support for recognizing various technological alternatives suitable to geographic conditions for cleanliness and solid and liquid waste management
  • Support in data collection, management and examination and feed into the judgment support mechanism
  • Promoting linkages and networking with different stakeholders such as the Government departments, Civil Society Organisations, corporates, etc.
  • Assistance in the use of social media and many communication channels for building mass awareness drives for SBM (G)
  • Assistance in developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for quality control, engineering supervision, ODF protocols, etc.
  • Promote innovative methodologies and strategies for the promotion of social entrepreneurship expansion and join them with the SBM (G) value chain invasions

About Tata Trusts

Tata Trusts is India’s leading philanthropic organization and has performed a pioneering role in changing traditional ideas of charity to philanthropy that creates a sustainable difference to marginalized communities. Through grant-making, direct implementation and collaborative partnerships, Tata Trusts is the compelling influence in areas including arts, crafts and culture; natural resources management; education; healthcare and nutrition; and rural livings. Spread over 17 states and 170 districts across the country, programs supported by Tata Trusts spread out to millions of households through an effective network of 450 plus partner organizations.

To stimulate efforts towards attaining universal sanitation coverage and to concentrate on sanitation, the Prime Minister of India originated the Swach Bharat Mission on October 2, 2014. As Tata Trusts’ goals are aligned to national intentions and with a way to provide facilitation support to states/districts for efficient implementation of Swach Bharat Mission (Gramin), Tata Trusts has joined hands with the Government of India as a Development Support Partner (DSP).

In this regard, Tata Trusts intends to recruit motivated professionals as Zilla Swach Bharat Prerak (ZSBP) and depute them at the district level to work directly under the District Collector / District Development Officer (DDO) / Chief Executive Officer (Zilla Panchayat). The ZSBP is an initiative of the Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Government of India (GoI) and Tata Trusts; to be implemented in collaboration with State Governments. The core focus of the program is achieving the Open Defecation Free (ODF) status of all villages and improving the lives of people in rural India.

FAQ’s on Swachh Bharat Fellowship

Question 1.
Do I need to be an experienced professional in the social development sector to apply?

That is not necessary. We encourage young professionals from varied backgrounds to apply.

Question 2.
Will I be placed in any of the metro cities/tier 1 cities as desired?

This initiative is especially being undertaken for Swachh Bharat Mission Gramin [rural], and therefore requirements are for districts across India, focusing on rural India and not just the Tier 1 cities. However, we will keep your state preference in mind during the final placement.

Question 3.
Will I be given some training before deployment at the district level?

Yes, the Ministry of drinking water and sanitation in conjunction with the Tata Trusts will be conducting a 3-day training, which will be held in batches and convened at regular intervals.

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