Maths Notes for class 11 – Free PDF Download

Once finished with class 10th, most of the students get tensed as the upcoming year has tough subjects, especially maths. Maths is a subject which needs conceptual understanding rather than learning. The students passed out their class 10th by learning the theorems, concepts, or formulas will not qualify class 11th maths.

The fact is that maths of class 11th needs a lot of understanding of concepts. Most of its chapters will again be asked in class 12th. If the basics of class 11th maths are cleared, only then students can able to attend class 12th class. In brief, class 11 maths is the most significant as it is a beginning of your journey of complex maths.

Do you ever find out the reason why students scored fewer marks in maths class 11th? Why they joined tuition’s? Why they got depressed before exams? The solution is simple and accurate. The preparation of maths needs the thorough understanding of each concept which is possible only if you have maths notes.

Well, it has cleared that Maths notes for class 11th are the ultimate solution to get high scores. The students who skipped to take the help of these notes keep lacking their basics, hence scored fewer marks.

The fact is that everything has a solution. If you will try, only then, you will able to get it. The same criteria are used in maths subject. When you take the help of maths notes, only then you will able to understand the concepts. Without understanding the concepts, you will never able to attempt the maths questions.

Maths Notes for Class 11 – Free PDF Download Chapter wise

Do you know, in maths, many of the questions use the same formulas and equation, if you don’t understand the basics you always become unable to attempt the number of questions? In the other side, if you get a formula, you will able to solve numerous questions by using the same formula.

Maths is a subject which is different from others. It has the more practical part which is an advantage actually as students can able to score 100/100. But it is not possible in other subjects.

Why is the introduction of Maths notes for class 11th the best tactic?

When you get everything in well-defined, precise, and accurate form, you just need to follow it. It saves much of your time as well as other resources. The same thing relies upon when you get maths notes. These have all the chapters as per your syllabus commencing from chapter 1- Sets Revision Notes to Chapter 16- Probability Revision Notes.

It means you will not need to consider your maths notebooks as well as maths notes for preparing your maths, you just need to consider you maths notes only. It is enough to cover all the maths concepts of class 11th. Moreover, all the things are well-planned and designed over there. You never need to prepare another note. You just need to concentrate entirely on these maths notes.

The best time to downloading these notes of your class 11th maths as soon as possible as it will help you throughout the year. Once started preparing from it, you will start noticing the chance on yourself. You start getting the concepts as well as able to sort out most of the complex problems yourself. Even you don’t need to take tuition’s anymore.

You don’t need to call your parents or sibling for help. You will become a maths scholar within a few days of introducing these maths notes. It is glad to say that you can share these notes with your friends. Moreover, they can download these anytime like you as well.

Say goodbye to saying maths is a complex subject. It is rather an easy one if you download the maths notes which are specially designed for the students studying in class 11th. The procedure is very simple. If you will find any barrier while downloading, then you are free to comment.

Physics Notes for Class 12 PDF Free Download

There is no second way to succeed that opting for self study methods. No wonders, how much you rely on your coaching centers, if you do not take efforts, everything goes useless. The best person who can make you understand your strengths and weakness is yourself.

Opting for science stream in your senior secondary automatically makes you determined and focused towards your studies as you know that you have to compete with huge number of candidates for entering into professional colleges.

There are many colleges in India such as BITS Pilani who still take then merit of your PCM i.e. Phyiscs, chemistry and mathematics before enrolling you into your favorite engineering stream. Just for your convenience we have specially crafted class 12 physics notes which are helpful for both Medical as well as Non-medical streams.

The class 12 physics notes by PDF are totally free to download which will help you not in your revision but also help you secure good marks in senior secondary education. Physics is a very diverse and vast subject. The electromagnetism, optics, waves and the thumb rules often confuse a student.

Class 12 Physics Notes – Free PDF Download Chapter wise

So, all this have been aptly explained in the notes which are just like your best friends. All the methods are explained in a very interactive and bullet point approach. It is human tendency that we tend to remember the points much more easily than the paragraphs.

When we talk about class 12 physics, the cramming does not works. You have to be sound in your concepts and fundamentals. It may happen that you may have not understood any method in the class. Don’t worry, follow the notes. These will give you enough information to grasp the subject fast.

Also, we have given many tips and tricks which will certainly help you to increase your speed as well as accuracy. Regular revision of all the chapters in the notes will ensure a good revision and makes you capable of answering any question which comes in the examination.

The team of has done extensive research over the examination pattern, key points and the important concepts before compiling these notes. We are still working continuously to provide you the best of the best. The notes are not only designed to help you in scoring good marks in your board exams but also in your pre-medical and engineering entrance tests.

The notes are designed for quick retention and easy recalling by students. All the notes are available for free download from our website. Just click the links given below and feel the difference.

These notes are not only helpful for students but for teachers as well parents. Those parents who want to assist their students in their studies can download these notes and can use as reference. In fact the teachers can dictate these notes in class and can aim for a better class percentage in the board exams.

Physics does not only require hard work but it requires smart work as it is a combination of problem solving as well as theory. The notes will indeed make you a smart worker.

NCERT Solutions of Class 9 Hindi PDF | Download NCERT 9th Hindi Kritika, Kshitij, Sanchayan, Sparsh Textbook Solutions Free

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Hindi PDF Download

NCERT Solutions book includes a question-answer format that aids kids to write the answers effectively as per the CBSE and CCE marking scheme and score more marks. To provide a better grip on the subject, we have introduced NCERT class 9 Hindi solutions exclusively designed for the users of ncertbooks. guru. There are essentially four books for the Hindi language namely Kritika, Kshitij, Sanchayan, and Sparsh. NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Hindi covers every aspect of all four books.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Hindi Chapterwise – Free PDF Download

Complete NCERT Solutions PDF for class 9 Hindi Chapterwise of Kritika, Kshitij, Sanchayan, and Sparsh books are prevailing here in pdf formatted links. NCERT 9th Class Hindi Solutions Book acts as saviour for students to score good grades in the final exams. However, these pdf formatted detailed chapterwise NCERT textbook solutions of Class 9 Hindi is prepared as per the CBSE syllabus, and the questions are based on the latest exam pattern.

NCERT Class 9 Hindi Kritika Chapterwise Solutions

NCERT Class 9 Hindi Kshitij Chapter wise Solutions

गद्य – खंड

काव्य – खंड

NCERT Class 9 Hindi Sanchayan Chapter-wise Solutions

NCERT Class 9 Hindi Sparsh Chapter-wise Solutions

गद्य – खंड

काव्य – खंड

MCQ for Class 9 Hindi Kshitij with Answers

  1. दो बैलों की कथा Class 9 MCQ
  2. ल्हासा की ओर Class 9 MCQ
  3. उपभोक्तावाद की संस्कृति Class 9 MCQ
  4. साँवले सपनों की याद Class 9 MCQ
  5. नाना साहब की पुत्री देवी मैना को भस्म कर दिया गया Class 9 MCQ
  6. प्रेमचंद के फटे जूते Class 9 MCQ
  7. मेरे बचपन के दिन Class 9 MCQ
  8. एक कुत्ता और एक मैना Class 9 MCQ
  9. साखियाँ एवं सबद Class 9 MCQ
  10. वाख Class 9 MCQ
  11. सवैये Class 9 MCQ
  12. कैदी और कोकिला Class 9 MCQ
  13. ग्राम श्री Class 9 MCQ
  14. चंद्र गहना से लौटती बेर Class 9 MCQ
  15. मेघ आए Class 9 MCQ
  16. यमराज की दिशा Class 9 MCQ
  17. बच्चे काम पर जा रहे हैं Class 9 MCQ

MCQ for Class 9 Hindi Kritika with Answers

  1. इस जल प्रलय में Class 9 MCQ
  2. मेरे संग की औरतें Class 9 MCQ
  3. रीढ़ की हड्डी Class 9 MCQ
  4. माटी वाली Class 9 MCQ
  5. किस तरह आखिरकार मैं हिंदी में आया Class 9 MCQ

MCQ for Class 9 Hindi Sparsh with Answers

  1. धूल Class 9 MCQ
  2. दुःख का अधिकार Class 9 MCQ
  3. एवरेस्ट : मेरी शिखर यात्रा Class 9 MCQ
  4. तुम कब जाओगे, अतिथि Class 9 MCQ
  5. वैज्ञानिक चेतना के वाहक : चन्द्र शेखर वेंकट रामन Class 9 MCQ
  6. कीचड़ का काव्य Class 9 MCQ
  7. धर्म की आड़ Class 9 MCQ
  8. शक्र तारे के समान Class 9 MCQ
  9. रैदास के पद Class 9 MCQ
  10. रहीम के दोहे Class 9 MCQ
  11. आदमी नामा Class 9 MCQ
  12. एक फूल की चाह Class 9 MCQ
  13. गीत–अगीत Class 9 MCQ
  14. अग्नि पथ Class 9 MCQ
  15. नए इलाके में … खुशबू रचते हैं हाथ Class 9 MCQ

MCQ for Class 9 Hindi Sanchayan with Answers

  1. गिल्लू Class 9 MCQ
  2. स्मृति Class 9 MCQ
  3. कल्लू कुम्हार की उनाकोटी Class 9 MCQ
  4. मेरा छोटा-सा निजी पुस्तकालय Class 9 MCQ
  5. हामिद खाँ Class 9 MCQ
  6. दिये जल उठे Class 9 MCQ

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Hindi PDF Download

Download NCERT Books PDF for class 1st to 12th 

Features of NCERT Solutions for 9th Class Hindi Textbooks

Students who feel it’s not important to prepare with NCERT Solutions pdf should look at these benefits below and start revising the concepts thoroughly before exams:

  • Mainly, it is the best one-stop-shop study material for all your queries regarding the Hindi subject.
  • Try preparing from NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Hindi pdf and cover all chapters questions in all four books efficiently.
  • Also, it is used for self-assessment and self-study.
  • Moreover, students can easily finish all their homework and assignment tasks by using CBSE NCERT Hindi Textbook Solutions PDF.
  • Last but not least, these textbook solutions of class 9 Hindi Sparsh, Kshitij, Sanchayan, Kritika NCERT help kids to enhance their grammar, theoretical skills and strengthen their foundation on this particular subject.

FAQs on Class 9 Hindi NCERT Textbook Solutions PDF Download

1. Why should I download the Class 9 NCERT Hindi Solution Book?

Students feel Hindi is a complicated subject to read and write so they find it difficult in the exams. To overcome those feelings, they need to download the NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Hindi book and start learning the concepts thoroughly. Our subject experts prepared these questions and answers in a simple language for easy understanding to students.

2. How many books are there in CBSE class 9 Hindi? 

There are four books in CBSE Class 9 Hindi prescribed by NCERT as per the latest CBSE guidelines. They are as follows:

  1. Kritika
  2. Kshitij
  3. Sanchayan
  4. Sparsh

3. How can I download Class 9 Hindi Solutions in PDF?

Students can find chapterwise class 9 solutions for Hindi textbooks in various web portals but selecting the valid and trusted website is the best way to download the solutions in pdf format for free and start the exam preparation. Hence, NCERTBooks.Guru provides the free pdf formatted NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Hindi Kritika, Kshitij, Sanchayan, Sparsh books.

Final Words

If none of the links of NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Hindi & MCQ Questions for Class 9 Hindi with Answers PDF work properly, do comment in the comment box below or visit our site frequently.

Class 12 Maths Notes – PDF Free Download

Being in class 12 demands some extra seriousness towards your work. You cannot afford to waste even a second during your preparation. Class 12 not only is a board class but indeed a gateway towards your dreams. It is the first step which lays foundation towards your professional career.

For securing good marks in maths you not only need to memorise the formulas and practice but you require good revision too. Revision is only possible by having good and apt notes. Making notes done not means that making them too long. Notes itself means which covers the essence of the chapters in minimal possible words. brings you the much demanded Class 12 Maths Notes.

The word “board exam” is in itself very terrifying. As the board exams are set by the central authority i.e. Central Board of Secondary Education, students should be ready to answer every type of question and for any marks. The student should be able to gel in the flow of providing the answers. There are many students who do not understand from the book.

Maths Notes for Class 12 – PDF Download Chapter wise

There is a lot mentioned in the text book and revising from text book is not a done thing. As everything mentioned may not be relevant to you. The notes provided are prepared by our team from NCERT books as well from standard authors. This will help you not to refer any book at all. The notes contain everything which you require to secure cent percent marks in your CBSE Board exam.

Do you know how the rank is decided when two or more students secure same marks in an engineering entrance exam? The first criterion to break a tie is to check the marks secured by a stance in maths. Whosoever secures more marks in marks is awarded a high rank, followed by physics and chemistry for the subsequent tie breaker. So, you need to very particular about your maths marks.

Your one right answer in maths may give you preference over others. The team behind is working day and night in providing you the latest and most accurate study material for all subjects. We want our users to stand ahead off all their friends and competitors. All the notes are prepared considering zero previous knowledge by a student.

This means that even if a student does not have any prior knowledge of the topic or was unable to understand in the class lecture or textbooks, these notes are perfect for him for a good level of understanding. Revise these notes again and again for good marks in your board exam and good rank in your college entrance test.

We have taken every possible step to keep the notes as simple as possible. We have included all the terms, terminology, formulas, tips and tricks and alternate method of solving the problems. Make sure that you go through them every day. Self study is the best way to study and class 12 maths notes is a simple step from us to help in a better self study by our users.

Maths Notes for Class 9 Free PDF Download

Maths is a subject that is not only relevant to passing out a class. It plays a significant role in our life as well. In day to day activities, mathematics is used in a way that accuracy is required at every point. A single mistake can lead us to suffer a big loss.
Worthless to say that understanding the basics of mathematics is essential.

Until class 8, the students can understand mathematics easily. However, once entered in class 9, they got surprised by getting a long list of chapters designed with complex formulas, theories, and concepts. Even the students scored good marks in class 8th maths got puzzled once looked at the syllabus.

In fact, the class 9 maths have 15 chapters commencing from number systems to probability. All the chapters have new concepts which turn students to get tensed.

Free PDF Download for Maths Revision Notes for Class 9

The best way to grasp class 9 Maths in a straightforward and accurate manner is to start taking the help of class 9 Maths notes. These are specially designed for class 9 students as per the CBSE syllabus. All 15 chapters with all concepts have covered over there. Every concept has given in step by step, thereby, students can easily find the solution. Even the complex questions are split into smaller sections.

The students will able to understand the basics of maths in this manner. Moreover, these notes will let the students prepare to crack their maths exam accurately and quickly.

Grab the highest marks in class 9 Maths with this solution

As mentioned above, class 9 maths is not as tough as you are thinking. It has been designed for class 9 students only. But students feel a lack of confidence while sorting out math problems. This barrier has arisen only because the students don’t know about the basics of mathematics.

They have crammed the concepts of mathematics which lead them incompetent to crack the equation of mathematics accurately. Everything has a solution. This incompetency can eliminate with the help of class 9 mathematics notes. The class 9 students can take the help of these notes just by downloading them in their personal computers, Laptops, and even in android phones.

Once downloaded, they can start preparing their mathematics anytime anywhere. Hence, grabbing the highest marks in Mathematics is no more a dream.

Steps to follow while preparing class 9 with notes

Here the term notes mean everything is in a well-mannered form. All the irrelevant data is deleted. The students of class 9 should not need to arrange separate notes. They can depend on these notes only to prepare an entire syllabus of their mathematics. Let’s find out the way to prepare your class 9 maths with these notes:

  • Always start with a simple and short chapter.
  • Keep understanding the concept until you grabbed thoroughly.
  • Make sure to mark ticks on the concepts which seem complex to you.
  • Never try out to find the solution. Always follow step by step guide.
  • Never learn any formula, equation or theorem. Try to understand every time.
  • Make sure to do the practice of maths every day. This will help you to prepare for your maths exam simultaneously. You don’t need to give much of your time during the exams. You just need to revise only.
  • Confidently solve all the questions come in your exam as all the solutions given in these maths notes of class 9 are reliable.
  • Solve the questions asked in your exam step by step as shown in these math notes.
  • Never try to finish your Math exams soon. Try to take your time as a small mistake, in the beginning, will put the error in entire steps.

Hence, stop assuming class 9 maths as the toughest one. Start taking the help of these notes only to crack the highest marks in your next exams. Do refer to these class 9 maths notes to your friends as well.

CBSE Class 11 Economics Notes – Free PDF Download

Economic is not an easy subject until you have a clear idea regarding the chapters. To score well in your exam, completing the textbook is not enough. You need something extra, and that extra you will get from here, now you can easily download the PDF Economic Notes from here. It is highly designed and explained by the expert teacher. So just practice and score well in your exam.

Notes for CBSE Class 11 Indian Economic Development – Free PDF Download

Indian Economic Development Class 11 Notes

Indian Economic Development Class 11 Notes CBSE Chapter Wise

Statistics for Economics Class 11 Notes

Statistics for Economics Class 11 Notes CBSE Chapter Wise

Have a look of these Economic Notes

Now you can easily download the PDF of Economic for Class 11. This is one of the important subjects for the 11 standard students. You will get 16 vital chapters here, along with the easy explanations and examples. You can check any reference book but the important is to get a clear concept of the terms like Meaning of Statistics, Definition of Statistic, Producer, Consumer, Service Holder and Provider.

Now comes to the point you should remember, here in this PDF you will only get the proper points to remember rather than only the introductions. Everything is correctly and easily defined here, so that from a mediocre to the bright both can understand the fact. Do you know the difference between Secondary and Primary Data? Or what method or source needs to follow to collect the Primary Data? In this PDF your all queries get ends. Just have a look and get through the questions and its answers written by the expert teachers of this subject.

Are you facing problem in Statistical Series? Then forget your all worries because; this PDF will make you understand this thing very beautifully. With a beautiful diagram, like a flow chart, this thing is clearly shown here. So, you will never face any problem to get the clear idea. One of the important chapters of this Subject is the Important Term and Concepts which covers the portion of Average, the function of Average, Essentials of Good Average. Type of Average and the Arithmetic Calculation.

What is the Full form of WPI and its uses? Do you know these things? Don’t worry, now everything is easy to grab. Just focus on this study material and keep reading, you will get all the solution from here. Even, from here you can learn the Uses of Index Numbers, and you will get the idea of Sensex.

Chapter 9 is the vital lesson as it is asking to develop the projects in Economics. Here you will get the steps of Developing a Project. I am giving you the outline, rest details you will get in this PDF.

Steps of Developing a Project

  • Objective
  • Population
  • Collection of Data
  • Organisation and Presentation of Data
  • Analysis of Data
  • Interpretation and Conclusion
  • Consumer Awareness

Apart from that this PDF will discuss about the Indian Economy at the time of Independence, Poverty as well as the Human Capital Formation. Everything you will get in one place, even it is decorated beautifully, so that you never feel any worries of getting poor marks.