M.Tech Course Details – Eligibility, Admission, Fee, Duration, Colleges, Career Options, Salary

M.Tech Course Details: Pursuing a higher degree in engineering science, commerce, or arts, students will be provided with opportunities and platforms that will expose them to the applications of the textbook theories in day-to-day life and act as guiding light for them to discover and innovate principles which makes this society a better place to live.

A degree in M.Tech will also help you get into companies in a far more well-paid job which is quite hard based on your B.tech degree, given the competitive atmosphere in today’s world. Irrespective of whether it is a private company or government organization, a candidate with a higher degree is always considered more competent and fit for the job. High preference in the job market and improved knowledge for the students in the stream of his/her desire are some of the basic perks for which people do M.Tech.

M.Tech Full Form – “Master of Technology”

You have come to the right place to know the ins and outs of what a degree in M.Tech means and what it constitutes. Have insight into M.Tech Course details like Fee Structure, Career Options, Colleges offering the course, Salary, etc.

What is M.Tech?

A master of technology is a 2 years full-time post engineering degree. It is university-level education that acts as a gateway for students to jump into their professional careers after having successfully completed their degree in bachelor of technology. Once you have completed B.tech Course, M.Tech can be done in the specialization of your choice and desires. A degree from reputed colleges like IITs and NITs can pave a long way ahead in the field and provide you with a strong career.

What is M.Tech?

The career growth in an M.Tech course is highly robust and dynamic in nature because here you will be studying the subject of your choice and the ones that will actually help in your profession in the later stages of your career.

  • Starting salary depends on the stream opted for and the college that is chosen.
  • Fees vary according to affiliations and the management of the institutions.
  • A degree in masters in engineering can hone entrepreneurial skills of the students. Every year 5% to 10% of students graduating from IITs opt-out of the placements in order to start their own firm. Many students pursue their Ph.D. in their stream of specialization. Since research and development in science and engineering are given priority by different governments across the world, a Ph.D. will also help you make a dent in the world.

Why should you study M.Tech?

Here are the reasons a degree in M.tech is important for your career:

Why should you study M.Tech

M.Tech Entrance Exams | How to get to M.Tech?

The only thing you need, in order to get into an engineering college, is hard work and passion. Everything else, including training, books, study materials, entrance exams, etc., are all just too to get where you want to. The various exams across India to pursue M.Tech are, which are popular and of significance to students:

  1. Gate – Graduate aptitude test in engineering
  2. IIIT Hyderabad PGEE( Postgraduate engineering Examinations)
  3. KCET- Karnataka Common Entrance Test
  4. APCET- Andra Pradesh Common Entrance Test
  5. CUCET- Central University Common Entrance Test
  6. VITMEE- Vellore Institute of Technology Masters Entrance Examination

There are many examinations one can give, but the most popular ones are GATE and CUCET because of its scale of acceptance and the difficulty of passing the examination.

But how do you get into a good engineering college?

How to get to M.Tech

From choosing the right college to opting for the stream of your interest and preparing well for the exams, all the help you need is available right here, right now.

M.Tech Admission Process

Candidates can get Admission into the M.Tech Program both through Entrance Exam and Merit-Based.  Some of the universities provide admission to the candidates through the Entrance Exam and some give direct admissions. You can check for the Admissions Applications of the University website or by visiting the Admissions Office.

The simple techniques to get admissions in M.Tech Courses at IITS and NITS without GATE Score are provided for the convenience of students.

Course Fee for M.Tech

M.Tech Course fee varies from college to college and also depending on the standards of the college. Average Course Fee ranges somewhere between 20,000 – 3 LPA depending on the Institute.

M.Tech Course Duration

M.Tech Course Duration is for a span of 2 Years. Colleges follow a semester-based system during the entire course.

Where to study M.Tech?

Every year, more than 5 lakh students sit for various engineering entrance exams across the country. There are enough engineering seats for most of them. But doing M.Tech is different from doing M.Tech from the right college. We will help you choose the right college, but before that let us break some myths about engineering colleges, shall we?

  • If you don’t do M.Tech from IITs or NITs, then it is not worth it– Not necessarily. IITs might be the most sought after institute in India, but it’s in no way a tool to measure your career success. It all depends on you and only which institutes just can open the gate for your career. But then again, it does not mean you shouldn’t aim for these institutes, they are at the top because they deserve to be there.
  • Cracking entrance exams is next to impossible- It is impossible only if you believe it is impossible. An M.Tech course is a postgraduate program. It’s not ungodly to crack IIT. With proper guidance and efforts, anybody can crack the exam.
  • A job is guaranteed if I Do M.Tech- Nothing is guaranteed unless your competencies are honed. Even IITs does not guarantee any job for anybody. Again, it all depends on you.

Colleges list offering M.Tech Course in India

Some of the most sought after engineering colleges in India for M.Tech is

IISc Bangalore is considered to be the topmost prestigious institute to study science and technology in the country. There are various IITs like IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, and IIT Madras which is the most sought after IITs. Many private run institutes like Manipal Institute of Technology and Birla Institute of technology are the frontrunners when it comes to student choices.

S.No. Institute Name
1 IIT Kanpur
2 IIT Kharagpur
3 IIT Bombay
4 IIT Madras
5 IIT Delhi
6 BITS Pilani
7 IIT Roorkee
8 IIT-Bhubaneswar
9 IIT Guwahati

M.Tech Course Details| Some of the most sought after courses are

Some of the most sought after courses are

Have a look at Best Engineering Courses in India. Some of the popular and sought after M.Tech courses in


  1. Programming and software development
  2. Information systems operation and management
  3. Telecommunications and networking
  4. Computer science research
  5. Web and internet
  6. Image processing, graphics, and multimedia
  7. Training and support
  8. Data mining specialists
  9. Computer industry specialists

Electronics engineering

  1. Communication systems
  2. Control and instrumentation
  3. Power systems
  4. Digital VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) design
  5. Microwave and optical communication
  6. Digital communication
  7. Multimedia

Electrical engineering

  1. Photonics
  2. Control and instrumentation
  3. Power grid systems
  4. System control engineering
  5. Signal processing
  6. Telecommunications

Aeronautical engineering

  1. Ground vehicle systems
  2. Aircraft structure engineering
  3. Aerospace propulsion
  4. Structural design and engineering
  5. Transportation systems
  6. Instrumentation and communication
  7. Navigational guidance and control systems

Civil engineering

  1. Environmental Engineering.
  2. Geoinformatics.
  3. Geotechnical Engineering.
  4. Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering.
  5. Infrastructure Engineering and Management.
  6. Structural Engineering.
  7. Transportation Engineering.

Mechanical engineering

  1. Mechanical design
  2. Design engineering
  3. Fluid mechanics
  4. Thermal engineering
  5. Welding engineering
  6. Production and industrial systems engineering
  7. CAD (Computer-Aided Design), CAM (Computer-aided Manufacturing) and robotics

Also, Check:

Specialization Courses to go for in M.Tech

  • Aerodynamics
  • Dynamics & Control
  • Aerospace Propulsion
  • Aerospace Structures
  • Systems Design and Engineering
  • Aerospace Propulsion
  • Structural Analysis
  • Electronic Systems
  • Ground Vehicle Systems
  • Transportation Systems
  • Aerodynamics and Fluid Dynamics
  • Aircraft Structures and Materials
  • Structural Design and Engineering
  • Instrumentation And Communication
  • Navigational Guidance and Control Systems

M.Tech Subjects as in curriculum

Aspirants can get to know the M.Tech Subjects and the topics they need to follow as per the Latest Syllabus. Syllabus remains the same in most of the colleges and at times there can be a slight change depending on the college.

  • Applied Operations Research
  • Astronautics
  • Bioinstrumentation/ diagnostics
  • Biomedical Materials and Mechanics
  • Complex System Development
  • Data Mining and Analytical Marketing
  • Drug Delivery and Cellular/Tissue Engineering
  • Dynamics, Controls, and Robotics
  • Energy and Sustainable Development
  • Energy Economics and Engineering
  • Engineering Mathematics and Modeling
  • Environmental Geophysics
  • Environmental and Water Resources Systems Engineering
  • Financial Engineering
  • Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology
  • Geohydrology
  • Environmental Processes
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Mechanics of Materials
  • Micro and Nanoscale Engineering
  • Nanosystems
  • Semester in Strategic Operations
  • Structural Engineering
  • Technology Management for ECE
  • Thermal-fluidic Sciences
  • Transportation Systems Engineering

Along with the M.Tech Syllabus, M.Tech Books are helpful for students for getting qualified marks in the examinations.

M.Tech Course Details

Scope of M.Tech

An M.tech degree or M.E is a highly approved and favored degree in many parts of the world for a secure and stable future. Good job opportunities, a bright career, and a good pay scale across industries are the reason behind this trend. And this trend is a blessing that is done right so by students and institutions, given the timely inventions and innovations happening around the world, thanks to engineers, organizations, and the institutes that nurture them.

Job Profiles to Candidates after M.Tech Course

Aspirants after pursuing their M.Tech can go with any of the following career options. You will have greater scope and plenty of opportunities once you finish your M.Tech Course.

  • Computer Science Engineer
  • Chief Engineer
  • Assistant Engineer
  • Lecturer
  • Executive Engineer
  • Researcher
  • Software Engineer
  • Ceramic Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Mining Engineer
  • Production Engineer
  • Electronics and Communication Engineer
  • Automobile Engineer

Future after M.Tech Course

Once you complete your M.Tech course, there will plenty of job opportunities awaiting your skills.

Some of the most prestigious organizations to work for after completing your degree are:

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Boeing
  • L&T
  • BMW
  • Ford
  • Mahindra
  • Indian Oil

If you aspire to give it back to the society and work for government organizations, you need to give IES (Indian Engineering Services) examination to work various Public Sector Units like

  • Bharat Petroleum
  • Coal India Limited
  • GAIL
  • BSNL etc,

An M.tech degree will forever be an evergreen degree because countries like India are heavily investing in infrastructure development, science and technology, and research and developments. More and more engineers are required in the future, both in public and private sectors to run the country and its economy. Moreover, on an individual level, it provides you with strong job opportunities and robust financial independence.

Salary offered to M.Tech Candidates

Aspirants can have salary packages in between 6 -24 Lakhs Per Annum based on the stature of the firm and the sector in which they are working. Once, you gain enough experience and skillset, the salary will not be the constraint and you can demand more.

FAQ’s on M.Tech Course Details

1. How many years is M.Tech Course?

M.Tech is a 2 Year course that follows the semester-based system.

2. What is the Salary after M.Tech?

Aspirants will get an average salary of around 6 Lakhs – 24 Lakhs based on the firm.

3. Is GATE Compulsory for M.Tech?

No, GATE isn’t mandatory to pursue M.Tech in India and you can pursue your M.Tech in certain universities without qualifying GATE too.

4. What is eligibility for M.Tech?

Aspirants need to finish their Bachelor’s Degree in Technology in related field with a minimum aggregate.


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