List of Medical Courses After 10th | Admission Process, Fees, Colleges, Future Scope, Salary

Medical Courses After 10th: Medicine being one of the most popular career choices in our country medical courses see a huge number of admissions right after class 10th. What makes these courses so popular? What can the candidate expect upon enrolling in the course? If you are looking for these answers you are at the right place. This article describes the details of medical courses that the students can pursue after class 10th. Information regarding various subjects such as About the courses, Course Options, Admission process, Fees, Best Colleges, Future Scope, Salary, Top Recruiters in 2022.

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Details of Medical Courses After Class 10

After completing class 10th, students can enrol in paramedical courses that are at the certification and diploma level. The students who want to dig deeper into the field of medicine and build a career in it can use this as a starting point in their career. After completing medical courses after class 10th, students can directly go for jobs.

This will give the students an early start in their career and will give them more time to really dig deeper into the research field of medicine if they want to. Paramedical courses do not require clearing the NEET examination. Upon choosing the right course after class 10th candidates can earn good stipends and expand their work and learning area. Medical courses will provide the students with all the necessary skills that will help them achieve anything that they wish to in the medical field.

List of After class 10 in Medicine Courses

There are multiple certification and diploma courses that are available for students after class 10th. Following is a list of all those paramedical courses that the students can do right after class 10th:

Certification Courses:

  • Certificate in medical laboratory technology
  • Certificate in lab technician
  • Certificate in lab assistant
  • Certificate in physiotherapy
  • Certificate in CT scan technician
  • Certificate in ECG scan technician
  • Certificate in dialysis technician
  • Certificate in home-based healthcare
  • Certificate in a nursing care assistant
  • Certificate in HIV and family education
  • Certificate in dental assistant

Diploma Courses:

  • Diploma in optometry
  • Diploma in orthopedics
  • Diploma in gynecology and obstetrics
  • Diploma in child health
  • Diploma in dermatology, venereology, leprosy
  • Diploma in clinical research
  • Diploma in OT technician
  • Diploma in medical field
  • diploma in rural healthcare
  • Diploma in medical record technology
  • Diploma in a nursing care assistant course

Other Courses:

Admission Process After class 10 in the Medical Field

After completing class 10th students can apply for various medical courses according to their interests. Following is the proper procedure for application to courses after class 10th in the medical field:

  • The admission to these courses is generally done on the basis of the merit of the student that they have obtained in class 10th.
  • After thoroughly checking out the website of the college that the students to get admitted to, the next step to follow is filling out the application form in submitting it along with all the necessary documents in a scanned format.
  • After successful completion of the above procedures, the colleges will contact the selected students via the contact information provided by them at the time of application.
  • After this, the students are required to visit the college in order to pay the admission fee and reserve a seat for the course. After all these processes the student is finally admitted to a medical course after class 10th.

Medical Courses After 10 Fee Structure

The fees for a medical course after class 10th can range from somewhere between INR 10,000 to INR 4,00,000. The exact fees of the course depend upon the particular course that the student is admitted to and the type of college that the student is enrolled in.

Medical Courses After 10th Top Colleges

There are various institutions all across the country that are famous for their education in medical courses. Following is a list of top colleges for medical courses after class 10th:

  • Christian Medical College
  • King George’s Medical University
  • St Xavier’s College
  • KLE University
  • CMJ University
  • Singhania university
  • Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute
  • Thiruvalluvar University

Future Scope After Medicine Courses After class 10

After completing medical courses after class 10th, the students can either go for research work, higher studies by giving various competitive examinations or, they can also go for a job. Following are the top job profiles for students who have completed medical courses after class 10th:

  • medical coder
  • Emergency nurse
  • Medical office manager
  • Medical receptionist
  • Health information technician
  • Billing and coding technician
  • Community health nurse
  • Infection control nurse

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Salary of Medical Courses After class 10

The average salary of an individual after completing a medical course after class 10th is somewhere between INR 2,00,000 per annum to INR 4,00,000 per annum. If the student goes on to complete higher degree courses along with their job vacancy a hike in their salary and their salary can go up to INR 10,00,000 per annum.

Top Recruiters and Recruitment Areas for Medical Students

Government and private hospitals are the biggest recruiters of students who have medical degrees after class 10th. Following is a list of top recruitment areas for the students who complete medical courses after class 10th:

  • Medical writing
  • Medical colleges
  • Community health centers
  • Doctors offices
  • Laboratory technician
  • Assistant technician
  • Private clinics
  • NGOs
  • Nursing homes
  • Dialysis technicians
  • Healthcare systems clinics
  • Homoeopathic centers
  • Health care homes

Medical Courses After 10th

FAQ’s on Medical Courses After 10th

1. Can I study your medical lab technician course after class 10th?

Yes, you can definitely study a medical lab technician course after class 10th. You can either go for a certified medical lab technician course or for a diploma medical lab technician course after you have completed your class 10th.

2. Is it worth doing medical courses after class 10?

The worth of a course is decided by the student pursuing the course. If you are interested in going for research work, higher studies, or you looking for a job in the medical field as soon as possible, doing a medical course after class 10th is the right option for you.

3. Can I study radiology after class 10th?

Yes, you can definitely study radiology courses after completing your class 10th. There is a diploma course which is diploma in medical radiography (X-ray and ECG), a certificate in ECG and CT scan technician, and some other related courses that will help you to learn more about radiology.

4. Are medical courses after class 10th easy?

The ease of a course depends upon the interest of the student learning the course. Since the medical courses after class 12th are the starting level of the medical courses, they are comparatively easy as compared to the courses that the students pursue after class 12th. However, they require sheer will, patience, and interest of the students in order to be fruitful to the students.


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