Revision Notes for CBSE Class 6 to 12 PDF Download

While preparing for examinations it is very important to have good study notes for revision. To make your preparation ace up, we offer you the most refined and effective CBSE Notes for our esteemed users. CBSE notes from will provide you a summary of all the important and relevant topics as well as highlight the significant references.

Maintaining a habit of taking notes not only helps you in your school education but also in your professional career as well. After your school, when you enter the workplace, there are many scenarios where you would be taking notes for example taking minutes of meetings, conversations, summarizing the training or conferences etc.

CBSE notes are a great way which will help the school students to realize the importance of concepts which are covered in class. Even if you are a student who has a great memory, even then you won’t be able to retain everything taught in class.

But if you maintain a written notes or record, the retaining power increases multi folds. Moving on to higher classes such as from class 6 onward’s, teachers expect you to be grown up and avoid spoon feeding the students.

Students are expected to make their own notes of whatever is taught in the class. Ideally hand made notes are considered the best but still in case you didn’t have time to prepare your notes or are running out of time due to exam pressure then you can download the latest and most effective CBSE notes for all classes from the link given below.

CBSE Class 6 to 12 Revision Notes – Free PDF Download

CBSE Revision Notes – Class 12 

CBSE Revision Notes – Class 11

CBSE Notes – Class 10

CBSE Notes – Class 9

CBSE Notes – Class 8

CBSE Notes – Class 7

CBSE Notes – Class 6

You can use them for preparing in daily routine or a quick revision for exams. Studying from notes will help you skip reading those boring chapters again and again. Notes play a very important role in self study. You don’t need any coaching or tuition; just follow these CBSE notes which are designed by following the latest syllabus issued by Central Board of Secondary Education.

Also, studying from these notes will help you in having a better preparation level for your next exam. You can simply read the notes and directly jump to solving the questions.

The study notes prepared by have been derived from the latest NCERT books and as per the latest marking standards by CBSE. If a student is well equipped with these notes, then he/she can answer any question. This will definitely boost his/her confidence and will help him secure good marks in school or board examination.

Make sure that you go through them every day for a sound preparation for your exams. If in case you feel any problem, feel free to connect with us. We will contact you asap.

Some salient features of notes are

  1. The notes are very easy to understand and grasp.
  2. Studying from notes will save a lot of time.
  3. The notes contain all the important ideas and concepts which would have been taught in class and NCERT books.
  4. It will help in a proper and channelised preparation for your exam.
  5. The notes are prepared by collecting extracts from NCERT books as well as some standard books strictly based over CBSE pattern.
  6. All the diagrams and other reference illustrations are also provided.
  7. Studying from notes will help you write any answer in exam.
  8. The notes will make you confident and you will feel well acquainted with it.
  9. You can easily revise it again and again that too at any time and anywhere.

Save your notes

  1. We recommend taking printout of the notes and place them in a folder or file. This will keep them secure at one place and avoid the risk of misplacement.
  2. Make sure that you staple all the pages. You can misplace any study notes if they are kept loose.
  3. Another option is that you can save them on your laptop and can refer them anytime you want.
  4. You can also directly view them by just clicking on the link give below.
  5. Make spate folder (online and offline both) for separate subjects. If you are using a hard copy, place them safely in your cupboard or study table.
  6. If you are saving them on your computer make sure that they are properly saved in a directory and it should not be deleted by mistake.

We also recommend that, if you have spare time you can explore internet for online tutorials if you are unable to grasp any concepts. There are several videos available over YouTube which you can watch if any of your concepts is unclear. is the hub for the latest books pertaining to school education. Books such as NCERT books, ICSE books, Solutions for all the books, standard books, notes, previous year question papers, NCERT exemplars are absolutely free to download.

So, give an x-factor to your preparation by studying smartly with

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