CBSE Class 7 Science Notes Free PDF Download

Do you know information retention without notes is just 10%? If a student is regular in making notes, his performance can boost to about 80% i.e. he/she can retain up to 80% of the chapter in a single reading. Well, your teacher must have informed you regarding the importance of taking notes.

Even then if you have not prepared notes and then no need to panic. Don’t worry at all. brings to you a finest collection of class 7 science notes for the students. All the notes have been prepared by extensive research over the chapters, examination pattern and the answering mechanisms.

Writing notes on your own is indeed a best way if done alongside the class. But, the notes may be messy or you may not be able to recall what you have written due to bad handwriting. So, leave everything to us. We have got to you the typed notes which are not only easy to read but are effective too.

We have also provided diagrams and illustrations wherever necessary. Especially when we talk about biology almost every question is accompanied by a diagram. We have tried to cover as much information as we can. Each student has different style of reading and learning, our notes complements every reading style and easy to be retained by every student.

CBSE Class 7 Science Revision Notes – Free PDF Download

Just keep them by your side. Before starting to solve any chapter, just go through these notes once. You can also take a print out of the notes and keep them in a file/folder in your study rack. Refer to them whenever necessary. All the science notes prepared are aptly designed as per the latest syllabus and the latest marking scheme.

Once a student is well equipped with the notes, he/she can answer any question. It is not listed in the back exercise. The student can easily elaborate or cut it short as per the marks distribution.

Teachers should emphasize the importance of notes amongst the students and encourage them to make notes of their own. The teachers can also download these notes which will help them in class room teaching. A combination of class room teaching and reading notes will foster solid understanding, good retention and quick recalling power.

Some advantages of making notes in class

  • It will keep your mind alert and active. You won’t be having boredom in class as you will busy preparing notes of the lecture.
  • Making notes by listening to your teacher will help improving your listening skills.
  • While making notes, you understand what the teacher says and frame in your own words. This will help you to organise the information in a better way.
  • A set of well organised and concise study notes from each class lecture will essentially provide you good study material to study and score good in exams. is a well known educational startup which focuses on providing quality and affordable study material for all students. All the study materials are freely downloadable. Happy Studying!

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