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The Mega Fish Shooting game is becoming one of the most popular entertainment games on the market today. With the perfect combination of attractive elements such as vivid graphics, exciting sound and unique gaming mechanics, Mega Fish Shooting has attracted a large number of players, from game lovers to Play online for professional gamers. In this article, Ww88com will provide readers with detailed and comprehensive information about the Mega Fish Shooting game.

Types of fish and weapons in Mega Fish Shooting

Types of fish in Mega Fish Shooting

In the Mega Fish Shooting game, players will have the opportunity to hunt many different types of fish, each type of fish has its own characteristics and bonus points. Here are some popular fish types in the game:

Type of fish


Reward Points


Carp is one of the most popular and easy to catch fish in the game. They often swim around the central area of ​​the map.

50 – 100 points


Salmon is a larger fish and has a higher reward value than carp. They often swim back and forth in the back of the map.

100 – 300 points


Sharks are fish that have a very high reward point value, but are also very difficult to catch. They often appear in deep areas and move quickly.

500 – 1000 points


Goldfish is a rare fish and has a very high reward point value. They often appear for short periods of time and move very quickly.

1000 – 2000 points

Weapons in Mega Fish Shooting

To hunt fish, players can use many different types of weapons in Mega Fish Shooting. Here are some popular weapons:

  • Pistol: This is a basic weapon, with a fast rate of fire and average destructive power.

  • Rifle: This weapon has a slower rate of fire than a pistol, but has more destructive power.

  • Machine guns: Machine guns have a fast rate of fire and high destructive power, but consume more bullets.

  • Rocket gun: This is a weapon with very strong destructive power, but has a slow rate of fire and consumes a lot of bullets.

  • Special bullets: In addition to basic weapons, players can also use special bullets such as armor-piercing bullets, incendiary bullets, target-chasing bullets, etc. to increase strength and efficiency in hunting fish.

Each type of weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages, players need to choose and use them appropriately to achieve optimal efficiency during the hunting process.

Attractive events and rewards in Mega Fish Shooting

Events in Mega Fish Shooting

During the game bắn cá, players will participate in many exciting events, giving them the opportunity to hunt high-value fish and receive great rewards. Here are some common events in the game:

  • Event "Goldfish Hunting": In this event, goldfish – the fish with the highest reward point value in the game – will appear with higher frequency than usual, providing opportunities to hunt for big scores for players. player.

  • Event "Giant Fish Hunting": In this event, giant fish with outstanding size and bonus points will appear, challenging the player's hunting skills.

  • Event "Fish River": This is an event that increases the number of fish in the map, providing more hunting opportunities for players.

  • Event "Great Shark War": In this event, giant sharks will appear, requiring players to have skills and quick reactions to hunt them.

Rewards in Mega Fish Shooting

In addition to direct rewards from hunting fish species, Mega Fish Shooting players also have the opportunity to receive many other attractive rewards, including:

  • Bonus: As the main reward, players will receive an amount of money corresponding to the score they achieve during the hunting process.

  • Special weapons and bullets: Players can receive special weapons and bullets, which help increase their strength during hunting.

  • Bonus points: Players can receive bonus points for completing missions, increasing the total number of points they gain.

  • Jackpot: This is the biggest prize, often given to lucky players in special events.

These rewards not only bring direct benefits to players, but also create motivation for them to continuously participate and improve their hunting skills in the Mega Fish Shooting game.

Experience effective fish hunting in Mega Fish Shooting

Choose the right weapon

As mentioned, in Mega Fish Shooting, players can use many different types of weapons to hunt fish. Choosing the right weapon is an important factor affecting hunting efficiency. Here are some tips on weapon selection:

  • For small and easy-to-catch fish, such as carp, you should use a pistol or rifle for fast shooting speed and moderate destructive power.

  • For larger fish, such as salmon, machine guns or rocket guns should be used to increase destructive power.

  • When hunting sharks or goldfish, use special bullets such as armor-piercing bullets or target-chasing bullets to increase hunting efficiency.

In addition, players also need to pay attention to ammunition management, avoiding wasting bullets during the hunting process.

Observe and move strategically

In Mega Fish Shooting, observation and strategic moves are very important. Players need:

  • Observe carefully the locations of fish species, especially fish species with high bonus points value.

  • Move flexibly between areas on the map to increase your hunting opportunities.

  • Choose the right location to have a wide view and easily hunt fish species.

  • Use features like radar or binoculars to track fish movements.

By observing and moving strategically, players will be able to hunt more effectively, increasing the number of points earned.

Accurate shooting skills

Accurate shooting skills are one of the key factors to successfully hunt fish species in Mega Fish Shooting. Players need:

  • Focus and control the mouse precisely to aim and shoot at the fishes.

  • Understand the movement characteristics of each fish species to predict and hit the target.

  • Use features such as automatic or continuous fire mode to increase hunting efficiency.

  • Master the technique of shooting different types of weapons so you can adjust them to suit each situation.

With practice and improving accurate shooting skills, players will be able to successfully hunt fish species with high reward points and achieve impressive achievements.

Take advantage of special events

As mentioned, in Mega Fish Shooting there are many special events held, providing opportunities to hunt fish species with higher reward points than usual. Players need:

  • Follow and actively participate in these events.

  • Plan your hunting strategy for each event, like using special weapons or ammo.

  • Make the most of the chances of rare fish appearing like goldfish or giant fish.

  • Try to achieve the highest achievements in events to receive attractive rewards.

By effectively taking advantage of special events, players will be able to increase their scores and income in the Mega Fish Shooting game.


Mega Fish Shooting is a top entertainment game, attracting millions of players worldwide. With attractive elements such as vivid graphics, vibrant sounds and unique gameplay mechanics, this game has created a colorful and stimulating virtual world, bringing great entertainment experiences. for players.


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