CBSE Class 11 Accountancy Notes – PDF Free Download

Once finished with class 10, the students start thinking which stream has to choose from Arts, Commerce, and Science. The students have the interest to choose Engineering or medical services choose science. The students want to become a chartered accountant or thinking to run a business choose commerce.

The students want to enter into politics, journalists, writers, etc. choose the Arts stream. Among these, most of the students choose commerce as their next destination because it has a wide career. Moreover, among all the subjects, accountancy is the toughest as well as the most important one.

Accountancy is a domain in which students learn how to run a business flawlessly. It basically teaches students to learn the tactics used to manage the financial system of an organisation. Might be students consider it a tougher one. But the fact is that it is not as tough as you are considering. But it’s sure, it’s a significant subject of commerce stream.

The most importantly, while students are in class 11, they should have learned this stream thoroughly. It will help them to understand class 12 accountancy easily. One of the best ways to learn accountancy of class 11 is to take the help of notes.

The class 11 accountancy notes are designed by adding all the chapters commencing from Chapter 1-Introduction to Accounting to Chapter 15- Accounting system using Database Management System. In brief, taking the help of these notes only, the students of class 11 can attempt their exam.

Notes for CBSE Class 11 Accountancy – Free PDF Download

  • Introduction To Accounting
  • Theory Base Of Accounting
  • Recording Of Transactions – I
  • Recording Of Transactions – II
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement
  • Trial Balance And Rectification Of Errors
  • Depreciation, Provisions And Reserves
  • Bill Of Exchange
  • Financial Statements – I
  • Financial Statements – II
  • Accounts From Incomplete Records
  • Applications Of Computers In Accounting
  • Computerised Accounting System
  • Structuring Database For Accounting
  • Accounting System Using Database Management System

Why should you prepare your class 11 accountancy from notes?

The fact is that understanding as well as learning the class 11 accountancy is a somehow a daunting task. It is a new subject which needs thorough understanding as the students never know about this domain in their previous classes. For instance: To understand your class 11 maths is simple as you already have been studying this domain since childhood. However, accountancy is a new domain which is introduced in 11th class only.

When you get something new, it should be simple, precise, as well as well-defined. It will help you to grab it properly. In class 11th, the students do self-study rather than getting help from their parents as they got matured. Having class 11th accountancy notes help them to understand this domain easily as well as without taking the help of others.

By downloading these accountancy notes, the students able to learn its basics as they don’t need to call their parents or siblings. All 15 chapters are in PDF form covering all the syllabus that will help students to score good marks easily. Moreover, the students don’t need to spend extra time to prepare their accountancy subject from these notes.

They can take the help of these notes while preparing their accountancy chapters. It will be the best to use these accountancy notes on a daily basis as it will help you to prepare the entire syllabus throughout the year. Moreover, you can share these notes as well as prescribe your friends to download these accountancy notes also.

Well, it has recommended above that preparing your accountancy from notes will be the best tactic. Needless to say that it is a worthwhile task as all the data is managed into well-defined form. You need to commence from the simplest chapter before going to the toughest one. Moreover, you can mark the tough concepts that will remind you to revise it twice during your exams.

Hence, preparing class 11th accountancy is not a tough task now. You can take it easy by downloading notes.
In the nutshell, it has cleared that accountancy can’t be considered tough if you have notes. Moreover, you can download it anytime anywhere.

You don’t need to use a particular software or location to get it. You can download these in PDF form even if you are residing in remote locations.

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