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GK Questions for Class 5: General Knowledge is a subject where everyone learns about the world, India, current affairs happening around and many more other things. This information helps students or learners to excel in academics and to improve their general awareness knowledge about life. In the present situations, increasing one’s general knowledge can be possible in many ways from early ages to young ages.

Here, we have shared some of the important GK Questions for Class 5 Students in various subjects like Maths, Science, Current Affairs, World, India GK, etc. By taking help from this General Knowledge Quiz Questions for Class 5 in English, parents can relax about their kids learning & improving GK skills. Check out the links provided below and directly jump into the particular section of GK Questions and Answers for 5th grade students.

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Maths General Knowledge Quiz Questions for Class 5

The important aspect to improve your kid’s intellect is General Knowledge Questions for Class 5. Gathering the data and gripping knowledge from several sources makes your children get smarter and enhances their acedemic performance too. So, in this section, we have curated the list of some Mathematics related GK Quiz Questions with Answers in English. As a warm-up activity also students can prepare with these Maths GK Sample Questions and Answers and face all challenges regarding General Awareness & academics.

1. What is three-fifths of 50?

Answer: 30

2. 1024 kilobytes is equal to?

Answer: 1 Megabyte(MB)

3. A number is between 30 and 50. It is also a common multiple of 6 and 8. When it is added to 45, the result is?

Answer: 93

4. Priya is standing at point B, facing southwest. She turns 315º in the clockwise direction. Which direction will she be facing?

directions image

Answer: South

5. The greatest number of 4 digits which is divisible by 15, 25, 40, and 75 are:

Answer: 9600

6. The G.C.D. of 15, 6, and 436 is:

Answer: 1

7. Who is known as the Prince of Indian Mathematics?

Answer: Srinivasa Ramanujan

8. How many acute angles are made inside the given figure?

image to find the acute angles

Answer: 2

9. What is the most commonly known theory of triangles in geometry?

Answer: Pythagorean Theorem

10. How many zeros are there in one crore?

Answer: 7

Grade 5 General Science GK Questions & Answers in English

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1. How many layers are there in Earth’s atmosphere?

Answer: 5

2. Which is the biggest planet in our solar system?

Answer: Jupiter

3. What is the Diameter of Sun?

Answer:  14 Lakh Kms

4. Onion (Allium cepa) is a modified form of?

Answer: Stem

5. Who is considered the father of the Indian Space Program?

Amswer: Vikram Sarabhai

6. Who invented the Airplane?

Answer: Wright Brothers

7. Oxygen liberated during photosynthesis is coming from?

Answer: Water

8. Sound cannot travel through which?

Answer: Vacuum

9. Which structure of the eye is the most sensitive but contains no blood vessels?

Answer: Cornea

10. Name one heavy metal?

Answer: Gold

11. What is the scientific name of Mango?

Answer: Mangifera Indica

12. Which of the following is not a component of chlorophyll?
a) Magnesium
b) Calcium
c) Carbon
d) None of These

Answer: b) Calcium

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List of Current Affairs GK Questions with Answers for Class 5

Students who are pursuing Grade 5 should make it a hobby to learn all updated General Knowledge Questions on Current affairs and the world to boost up their inner confidence and to interact with other students very easily and smartly. This list of GK Questions for Class 5 Kids aids their personal level of knowledge and makes them stand at the top position in any examinations.

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1. Name the largest river in the world by volume?

Answer: Amazon

2. Who is the author of the book ‘Wings of Fire’?

Answer: APJ Abdul Kalam and Arun Tiwari.

3. Which is the largest plateau in the world?

Answer: Tibetan Plateau

4. Nokia is which type of company?

Answer:  Telecommunications company.

5. What is the Study of the Universe called?

Answer: Cosmology

6. Which state government observed November 1st as No Tobacco Day in 2016?

Answer: Punjab

7. Name one plant which grows in the Desert?

Answer: Cactus

8. How many Cricket world cups did India win?

Answer: Two

9. Which islands are part of India?

Answer: The Lakshadweep island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

10. What is the capital of Italy?

Answer: Rome

11. Name the coldest planet in our solar system?

Answer: Neptune

12. What is the full form of MBBS?

Answer: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

13. What is the name of the elephant which serves as the mount of Lord Indra?

Answer: Airavata

14. What grows quicker—hair or toenails?

Answer: Hair

15. Name the Union Territories of India?

Answer: National Capital Territory of Delhi, Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Chandigarh, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Dadra Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu, Lakshadweep, and Puducherry

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