General Knowledge Questions & Answers for Class 1 Students | List of Grade 1 GK Quiz Questions for Maths, Science, General Subjects

GK Questions for Class 1: Easy General Knowledge Questions for Kids at an early age help in improving grades and getting smarter. The most important aspect for everyone is General Knowledge and General Awareness. Finding all important & repeatedly asked Class 1 GK Quiz Questions and Answers for all subjects is the best part during your preparation for exams and improving intelligence. To provide good general knowledge inputs to the children of years 0-6 especially for class 1 kids is the most crucial part in preparing them to live with ease in society.

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One of the most attention-grabbing sections for Class 1 students is General Knowledge GK Questions. It uncovers an entirely new world for students which aids in their growth. If you are excited to practice some of the GK Quiz Questions with answers related to Maths, Science, and General topics then this is the correct destination for you all. Here our team presents several General Knowledge Questions & Answers for Class 1 Students so go through the below sections and boost up your knowledge with general matters.

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Maths GK Questions for Grade 1 Kids

The list of Maths GK Questions and Answers in English for Class 1 Kids is provided below to aid their higher education. Now, parents & teachers can relax after getting used to our given GK Sample Questions for Class 1 Maths. As a quick reference to class 1 maths topics also you can utilize these GK Quiz Questions for Grade 1 Lists.

Challenge your kids to solve the Class 1 Maths General Knowledge Questions & offer goodies of their favourite to make them engage with learnings. Following GK Math Class 1 Questions test your kid’s knowledge of shapes, size, increase/ decrease, and direction. Go to the list of Mathematics General Knowledge Questions for Class 1 below:

1. What Shape is this?

rectangle shape

Answer: Rectangle

2. Which number comes after 10?

Answer: 11

3. In which direction is the arrow pointing?

upward arrow

Answer: Upward

4. If this ——— is a straight line, what kind of line is this:

diagonal line

Answer: A Diagonal Line

5. What is the shape of the Moon?

Answer: Sphere

6. How many sides does a pentagon have?

Answer: Five

7. What is 12+3?

Answer: 15

8. How many Alphabets are there?

Answer: 26

9. How many hours are there in a day?

  1. 48 hours
  2. 24 hours
  3. 72 hours
  4. 12 hours

Answer: 2 (24 hours)

10. What is the shape of Hexagon?

Answer: hexagon shape

General Knowledge Quiz Questions for Class 1 Science

Science topics in the world consist of various elements like nature, animals, birds, planets, plant life, etc. Moreover, the child believes and is impact by water bodies, several land surfaces, and celestial bodies. This list of GK Science Quiz Questions for Class 1 will aid students to learn about the natural world.

1. Which gas do humans release?

Answer: Carbon-dioxide

2. How many sense organs do we have?

Answer: 5

3. Which planet is closest to Mercury?

Answer: Venus

4. A goat has ——— legs?

Answer: Four

5. What is Earth’s only natural satellite?

  1. Sun
  2. Moon
  3. Mars
  4. Venus

Answer: 2 (Moon)

6. Which shape is Round?

  1. Square
  2. Rectangle
  3. Triangle
  4. Circle

Answer: 4 (Circle)

7. What is the color of an Apple?

Answer: Red

8. How many planets revolve around the sun?

Answer: Eight

9. Which animal is recognized as the fastest animal on the earth?

Answer: Cheetah

10. What is your mouth for?

Answer: Eating & Speaking

1st Class General Subjects GK Questions and Answers

You can see that some of the General Knowledge questions seem easy to answer but for class 1 students it can be difficult as they start learning & knowing new things about the world. A vast subject among all is GK as it covers all current and static world or country information to improve kids’ basic knowledge. This section covered general awareness-related GK Questions and Answers for Class 1 students.

1. How many days are there in a year?

Answer: 365 days

2. How many months are there in a year?

Answer: 12 months

3. How many colors are there in a rainbow?

Answer: 7

4. How many fingers are there for a single hand in a human body?

Answer: 5 (Five)

5. Who fits the Air conditioner(AC) in houses or offices?

Answer: Electrician

6. How many days in a Week?

Answer: Seven days

7. Which day comes after Thursday?

Answer: Friday

8. Which is the longest animal on earth?

Answer: Giraffe

9. Which animal is known as the king of the jungle?

Answer: Lion

10. Which is known as the largest planet?

Answer: Jupiter

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Final Words

We hope the shed GK Questions for Class 1 will help students, parents, as well as teachers to make them learn and gain more knowledge about the world at an early age only. If you want to check for the other grades General Knowledge Questions for Kids then visit our site Ncertbooks.Guru and start practicing more.

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