Best Collection of General Knowledge Questions for Class 2 Students | List of Maths, Science & GA Class 2 GK Quiz Questions & Answers

GK Questions for Class 2:  Grade 2 is a crucial year in primary schooling where you stepped into proper subject knowledge. Along with subject knowledge, the most important aspect that kids should aware of is General Knowledge. The ideal way to create awareness in all grade 2 kids’ minds is by practicing the General Knowledge Questions for Class 2 list. At an early age, kids hold an efficient grasping power so learning new things every day makes them stronger to attempt any kind of exams in the future.

So, to boost up the class 2nd students’ confidence and improve their knowledge about current affairs and everyday events, we have updated the new list of General Knowledge Quiz Questions for Grade 2 in Maths, Science, and General Awareness topics. Access the links given below and check out the required subject-related Class 2 GK Quiz Questions with Answers in English. Moreover, you can know more topics related to General Awareness from the GK General Knowledge Article linked right here.

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Science GK Questions for Grade 2 Kids

One of the most important subjects in primary schooling is Science. Having more knowledge on Science topics helps students in understanding real-life situations and you all can relate to them in daily life. Kids’ who think practically & passionately about anything at an early age can learn science subject easily and plays a vital role in your children learning process. Class 2 students can avail the list of amazing GK quiz questions with answers for science from below.

1. What does the cow gives us?

Answer: Milk

2. Which is the largest bone in the human body?

Answer: Femur

3. Which type of plant is a money plant?

Answers: Climbers

4. What is the sound made by a frog?

Answer: Croak croak

5. What is the name of the shortest bone in the human body?

Answer: Stapes

6. How many layers are there in the atmosphere?

Answer: 5

7. Who is the Father of Medicine?

Answer: Acharya Charak

8. What does the heart pump?

Answer: Blood

9. Which part of the human skeleton protects our brain?

Answer: Skull

10. Which planet has the most moons?

Answer: Saturn

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2nd Class Mathematics General Knowledge Questions & Answers

Kids who are good at basic maths can learn all higher classes with ease. Primary school mathematics concepts are the pillar of your math knowledge. If your strong at the early stages then no one can stop your growth in maths learnings. Also, it benefits in other subjects so maths is very crucial for all kids who are pursuing class 2.

Here is the list of maths GK Questions for Class 2 with answers in English that aid your preparation for exams and in the future. By these GK sample questions for grade 2, your kids can get a chance to gain more subject knowledge along with awareness. As an warm-up activity kids can learn these General Knowledge maths quiz questions and answers at any time.

1. 1000 grams equal to how many kilograms?

Answer: 1 Kilogram

2. Which is the longest side of a right-angled triangle?

Answer: Hypotenuse

3. How much time that Sunlight takes to reach Earth?

Answer: 8 Min 16.6 Sec

4. How many minutes in one hour?

Answer: 60 minute

5. What are the odd number between 0 to 10?

Answer: 0,2,4,6,8

6. What is the final result of 44 + 21?

Answer: 65

7. Which number is the highest two-digit number?

Answer: 99

8. 5 times 10 equals to

Answer: 50

9. A figure with three equal sides is called?

Answer: An Equilateral Triangle

10. What is the smallest natural number?

Answer: 1

General Awareness GK Quiz Questions with Answers for Class 2

Parents and teachers can test kids’ general knowledge by using the list of GK questions provided here related to general awareness. If your kid is lacking in the GA section then you can easily improve her/his intelligence by practicing with the provided list of General Awareness 2nd class GK Questions and Answers. The ultimate key to success is gaining both bookish knowledge and general knowledge related to the world & the country’s current and static affairs.

1. How many states are there in India?

Answer: There are 28 states in India.

2. How many Union Territories are there in India?

Answer: 7 Union Territories

3. Which place is also known as the “Land of Rising Sun” in India?

Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

4. Which city is also known as ‘Pink City’?

Answer: Jaipur

5. What are the colors in the Indian Flag?

Answer: Saffron, White, Green

6. Who designed the national flag of India?

Answer: Pingali Venkayya

7. What is the capital city of India?

Answer: New Delhi

8. Who is the Prime Minister of India?

Answer: Narendra Modi Ji

9. Which fruit is also known as ‘Indian Gooseberry’?

Answer: Amla

10. Who is the first person to climb Mount Everest?

Answer: Edmund Hillary, Tenzing Norgay

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For the child’s development and great knowledge, it is important to keep on practicing both subjects and general skills as well. Kids will be tested at many levels, particularly at competitive exams. Thus, to make GK an important subject during preparation kids should keep on doing practice with these provided GK Questions for Class 2 and take general knowledge quizzes annually.

Go through this class 2 quiz questions and answers and memorize them for a long run to excel in academics and to crack in various exams. However, avail more GK Questions for Kids from the links given here and also share them with your friends to spread awareness on current affairs and world GK from primary stages.

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