Free Online Sports Science Courses List | Eligibility, Colleges, Salary, Fee Structure, Career Options, and More 

Sports Science Courses: In India, the students are not only enthusiasts of cricket but the day sports are gaining importance, the children are getting aware of various sports. Since the day India has started winning medals in Olympics, commonwealth, and other games the students want to know the detailed structure of sports.

Here, comes the role of sports science. This course is now gaining importance in India. Nowadays, Students want to gain a degree in sports science. Thus, in this blog, we will talk about the latest information related to the sports science field courses and how you can pursue them easily.

What are Sports Science Courses?

Sports science courses mainly talk about Physiology, Biomechanics, nutrition, and Psychology. If you are pursuing a bachelor’s in Sports science then the course has a duration of 3 to 4 years. Throughout the curriculum, you will get to know more scientific ways related to the principles and mechanics of sports science.

Not only this you will learn about sports performance, recovery after injury, wellbeing, fitness, and a lot more about the health of the human body. Playing sports in a well-developed manner is more important which students need to understand. Thus, sports science will help you a lot in sports-related fields.

List of Sports Science Courses in India

Sports science is gaining immense importance in India. Thus, you will find various courses at the bachelor, diploma, and postgraduate levels. A bachelor’s degree takes around 3 to 4 years to complete while a master’s can be completed in just 2 years. You can find the detailed list of courses here for the sports science degree.

UG Courses 
  • B.Sc in Sport and Recreation Management
  • B.Sc (Honors) in Sports Science
  • BA Sports Management
  • B.Sc in Exercise and Sport Science
  • BBA Sports Management
PG Courses 
  • Master of Science in Sports Science
  • Master of Science in Exercise Science
  • M. Phil in Sports Science
  • Ma BA Sports Management
  • MSc Sports Coaching
Diploma Courses
  • Diploma in Sports Science and Nutrition
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Sports Psychology
  • PG Diploma in Sports Science and Nutrition

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Sports Science Courses Eligibility Criteria

Studying sports science courses is a golden opportunity for the students. However, they need to focus on the eligibility criteria before getting admission into any college. Here are the few points on which you should focus.

  • Students must have cleared class 10+2 with a minimum of 50% marks.
  • Few institutes may ask you to study physical education in class XII
  • Some entrance exams need to be clear and some colleges may admit you on a merit basis.

Entrance Exams for Exercise and Sports Science Courses

The few entrance exams which are conducted by various institutes for the sports and science courses are

  • Guru Nanak College Entrance Exam
  • St. Bede’s College Entrance Exam
  • Shanti Devi Arya Mahila College Entrance Exam
  • DAV College Entrance Exam
  • Dev Samaj College for Women Entrance Exam
  • Tara Vivek College Entrance Exam
  • ITM University Entrance Exam

Skills Gained after Sports Science Courses Online

As sports is more related to the on filed degree. After the completion, you need to work at ground level. Thus, with the course, you will learn a lot more about the sports sciences and gain tremendous skills related to that. Here, are the few skills mentioned:

  • General laboratory skills
  • Team Work
  • Motivation Skills
  • Good Communication
  • Analyzing the human body data
  • Human body behavior knowledge
  • Fair assurance of results
  • Unbiased toward the student’s
  • Administrative skills

Sports Science Requirements Subjects

The subjects which are available in sports science are mostly related to fitness and wellness. The course curriculum varies according to the college. Thus, you can find the latest topics which you will find in the syllabus of sports science courses.

Human Physiology Research in SHES Biomechanics Psychological Skills
Issues in Sport, Exercise, and Outdoor Activities Environmental Physiology – High Altitude Environmental Physiology – Extremes Physiological Assessment of Skills
Perception and Action Applied Sport Psychology Stress and Performance Exercise Psychology
Physiology of Elite Performance Exercise for Clinical Populations Personality and Individual Differences Expedition (academic and practical)
Sport and Exercise Physiology Psychomotor Behaviour Motor Control and Learning Psychology of Sports Performance
Sport Nutrition Group Dynamics Skill Acquisition Healthy Aging

Top Government Sports Science Courses Colleges

There are several private and government colleges that offer a degree in sports science. Also, these colleges are available all over India so you can choose the relevant college according to your choice. Some of these top government colleges for the B.Sc Sports Sciences are available here:

  • Bharathiar University
  • Amity University, Noida
  • Vinayaka Missions University
  • Netaji Subhash National Institute of Sports
  • Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education, Thiruvananthapuram
  • Indira Gandhi Institute Sports Sciences and Exercise.
  • University of Calcutta
  • University of Madras
  • Osmania University
  • University of Mysore
  • College of Physical Education Pune

Best Private Colleges in India That Offer Sports and Exercise Courses

Here, you can also look for the various private colleges which offer sports science courses:

  • SGSU, Gujarat
  • Indira Gandhi Institute of Sports Sciences.
  • IISM, Mumbai
  • Amity School of Physical Education And Sports
  • BPCA’s College Of Physical Education, Mumbai
  • Lakshmibai National College of Physical Education
  • SCEPE, Meerut
  • LPU
  • Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar
  • National Institute of Sports Patiala
  • DAV College

Career in Sports Science

The careers in sports science are way more than we imagine. There are a lot of opportunities for the students who wish to build their careers in sports. Even students get tremendous chances to become coaches of famous sportspersons who won at the Olympics and other sports events at the national, state, or international levels.

Earlier people thought that sports is a great time pass but now there is career-building scope in it too. You can work in India and also abroad at a sound salary. If you are further interested in studying about the course then various M.Sc and M, Phil domains degree in sports are available to the students. You can for these careers:

  • Outdoor activities manager
  • Sports development officer
  • Sports coach
  • Nutritionist
  • Sports therapist
  • Event manager
  • Exercise physiologist
  • Fitness center manager
  • Performance analyst
  • Personal trainer

Sports Science Courses

Employment Opportunities for Sports Science Degree Courses

There are golden opportunities available to the students who did their graduation in sports science. But due to some other reason, they are not able to play as an athlete. Then they can look for opportunities in a non-athletic career too.

There are various sports-related companies and institutes which hire sports science degree holders. You can look for these jobs which offer demanded salaries by the employees too.

Job Profiles After Pursuing Sports Science Courses

The job profiles which are available after the completion of the sports science degree are mentioned here:

Umpire/ Referee Personal Trainer
Sportscaster Sports News Reporter
Sports Writer Physical Therapy Assistant
Sports Physician Sports Psychologist
Marketing Coordinator Sports and Fitness Nutritionist
Sports Marketing Manager Fitness Director
Medical Assistant Sports Photographer
Sports Massage Therapist Physical Therapist
Franchise Operator Sports Consultant
Sports Event Manager Recreation Worker
Athletic Trainer Coach
Athletic Program Development Director Sports Information Director
Athletic Director Physical Education Instructor

Salary for Sports Science Aspirants in India

The salary for sports science students depends on their job profile. It also depends on which type of sport you rea choosing. The experience matters in this field but not too much. Your skills and knowledge about sports and their mechanics matter more.

On this basis of knowledge, you will be paid. Thus, the average income that a sports degree offers to the students after the completion of the degree is around 3.5 lakhs to Rs 5 lakhs.

Even when you become famous and people want you to perform or train students then even you can easily earn in crores per annum. The people who are working in the field of badminton they can earn around Rs 2 lakhs.

Sports Science Courses

FAQs on Bachelor of Sports Science Online Courses in India

1. What are the skills required for the sports science courses? 

You need to pursue these skills for the sports science degree Passion for sports, Management skills, Sporting spirit, Determination, Physical fitness, Time management skills, Patience, Enthusiasm, Stamina, High energy, and more.

2. What are the important subjects taught in the sports science courses? 

The core subjects which you will find in the sports science curriculum are Sports and Human anatomy and physiology, Sports training, Physical education, Nutrition, and Human Performance, Social science, Yoga, Track and field events, and more.

3. In which domains I can pursue a degree in sports science? 

Right from bachelor’s till Ph.D. you can pursue several courses in sports science degree. There are courses available in diploma, certificate B.Sc, B.A, MBA, M.Phil, and P.Hd domains. To know more about the specializations you can read the above article.

4. What are the ways through which I can become a sports scientist in India? 

After the completion of your bachelor’s degree, you can easily look for various career opportunities to become a sports scientist. You can pursue a master’s in any specialization related to sports sciences and boom you can become a sports scientist.

Final Words

Earlier parents also believe that there is no such good career in sports but now things are changing. There are opportunities created around the world that students can pursue. The specialization in sports science will help students to build their careers in the field.

We hope that we have helped you in the best possible way related to the sports science courses. You can choose the best specialization in the same and know more about sports course details by visiting You can also ping your doubts in the comment section so that we can solve them ASAP.

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