Top Hair Styling Courses | Eligibility, Duration, Fee Structure, List of Colleges, Duration

Hair Styling Courses: There are many fun hairstyling courses available in different formats. You can choose a course that suits your needs. It’s one of the best vocational courses. You will learn hairstyling under the guidance of many talented hairstylists. If you want to build a great career in the hairstyle industry, it will help you a lot. It’s going to give you an idea about everything related to the hairstyling courses. The hairstyling courses are a part of the Beauty, grooming, and cosmetology industry. It’s an essential specialization in this industry.

Essential Types of Hair Styling Courses

Every course has a different duration and set of the syllabus to offer you. There are three main types of hairstyling courses that you can apply for and start your hairstyling career. Choose a course that’s suitable for your needs and preferences. Here are the three courses:

  1. Basic Hair Styling Courses Online
  2. Short Term Courses
  3. Advanced Courses

Given below is more information about all these courses.

Short Term Courses

In the short term course, you will learn a few skills. It’s a beginner’s course which will give you an idea of what hairstyling is and what is there to learn about it. You will choose these four things in this course: Basic Hair Styling Course, Texture Styling Course, Hair Coloring Course, and Hair Cutting Course.

You can choose one of the courses mentioned above and learn it from the institute. The format of the short term courses may differ from institute to institute. You can grow through whatever format you prefer best and take up the course. The duration for each of its courses varies from ten days to a month. Also, check a few Beautician Courses with less course duration.

List of Colleges Offering Hair Styling Courses in India

Here’s a list of colleges that offer Hair Styling courses online across India. You can choose one that you prefer and join a course.

  • Diva N Debonair, Jaipur.
  • Naturals Makeup Training Academy, Chennai.
  • Lakme Academy, Faridabad.
  • Lakme Academy Dilshad Garden, New Delhi.
  • Lakme Academy, New Delhi.
  • MAC Training Academy, Chennai.
  • 99 Institute of Make-up, Hair Institute and Salon, Ludhiana.
  • JCRE Skill Solutions, Imphal.
  • The Trendy Hair and Beauty School, Thygarayanagar.
  • Institute of Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Treatment, Mumbai.
  • Khazani Women’s Vocational Institute, New Delhi.

Get to Know More about other types of Course Details in Stream wise, and Category wise

Eligibility Criteria for Hair Styling Courses

There is a set of eligibility criteria for applying to each institute. The eligibility criteria for applying in excellent hairstyling courses is that the candidate must have passed the tenth standard or the twelfth standard. Check the website of the Institutions for a better idea about the eligibility criteria.

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Hair Styling Courses Fees

The fees are another factor that varies from college to college. However, the minimum fees would be from ₹5000 to ₹10000 High reputation institutions may have a higher fee.

Basic Hair Styling Courses

In a basic hair styling course, you will learn hair styling and setting hair. Cutting, hair spa and massage, hair coloring, and hair styling equipment. Here are the basic hair styling courses:

  • Diploma in Hair Styling
  • Foundation course in Hair Styling and Dressing
  • Diploma in Hair Designing
  • Diploma in Hair Dressings

Duration of Basic Hair Styling Courses

The basic hair styling course duration varies from college to college. However, the typical duration of these courses varies from three months to six months. For further details, you should check the website of the institute.

Fees of Basic Hair Styling Courses

Fees are another factor like the duration that varies from college to college. It depends on things like ratings, reputation, and ranking of the college. However, here’s the general bracket for the fees ₹25000 to ₹50000.

Advanced Hair Styling Courses

Advanced Courses will help you make a proper career out of hairstyling. You can choose what you want to pursue and go ahead and pursue that course. Here are the courses that you can choose from:

  • Advanced Diploma in Hair Styling
  • Advanced Diploma in Hair Styling and Dressing
  • Advanced Diploma in Hair Designing
  • Advanced Diploma in Hair Dressings

The courses mentioned above will help you learn all aspects of hairstyling. You will learn everything that there is to learn in the course. Here are the things you will learn- hair setting and cutting, hair spa and massage, hair styling equipment, hair coloring, and hair treatment. You will also learn to handle the various pieces of equipment that you will need while doing all these tasks. It’s one of the most critical aspects of learning how to handle the equipment.

Colleges And Institute for Advanced Hair Styling Courses

Many colleges across India offer Advanced Hair Styling. Many beauty brands have their Institutions which are present in major cities all across India. Here are some colleges :

  • Lakme Academy.
  • Bblunt Academy.
  • Zara’s International Academy
  • Jaweed Habib – A Professional Institute

Also, Refer:

Duration of Advanced Hair Styling Courses

The duration of the advanced courses varies between six months to a year. After selecting an institute where you want to pursue these courses, you will need to check the duration of these courses. The website or the brochure of the college will have this detail more specifically.

Fees for Advanced Hair Styling Courses

The fees for these courses differ from institute to institute. However, the general fee structure comes between ₹50000- ₹80000. The fees depend on the reputation and rating of the college. The type of training program adds to the fees that are charged in a college.

Hair Styling Courses

Career Prospects in Hair Styling Courses

There are various career options available for candidates who want to take up this course. The candidates can start their salons or join another salon. Here are a few career prospects for candidates who choose these courses:

  • Salons
  • Beauty parlors
  • Spas
  • Personal Hair Stylist for celebrities and media personalities.

Hair Styling Jobs

Candidates who are interested in the field of beauty can also pursue Cosmetology Courses along with this hair styling course online. The jobs for hair styling course finished aspirants are along the lines:

  • Hair Stylist
  • Cosmetologist
  • Hair Dresser

FAQ’s on Hair Styling Courses

Question 1.
What are the types of Hair Styling Courses available in India?

There are three types of hairstyling courses in India- advanced courses, first course, and short term course. Each course has a different structure.

Question 2.
What is the duration of a basic Hair Styling Course?

The duration of a basic hair styling course is three to six months. Check the institute website or brochure for proper and exact details about the duration.

Question 3.
What is the fee structure for advanced courses in Hair Styling?

The fee structure for advanced courses in Hair Styling varies from ₹50000 to ₹80000. Each college has a different fee structure that varies on the reputation and rating of the college.

Question 4.
What are the career prospects in the hairstyling courses?

The candidates can start their salons and spas or join another venture. Besides that, they can also become personal hairstylist for celebrities and media personalities.

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