Best Online Courses In India | Advantages, List of Online Courses, Duration, Eligibility Criteria

Best Online Courses In India: Online courses are available for everyone to enroll for and start attending those classes. You can sit at home and attend classes from various universities all across the country. If you are interested in joining online courses, this article is going to help you. It has the details of the courses which are available and are the best. Along with that, it has details about the eligibility criteria, duration, and fees of these courses.

The addition of online courses to the education system in the country is helping students learning new courses. They can sit at home, or while at work, attend these classes. These courses have a structure that every who’s applying should know about. These courses are divided into three sections- classes, assignments, and tests. Candidates need to fulfill all these three divisions to be eligible for the course completion certificate. Given below are the details related to online courses.

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Advantages of Online Courses

Online courses are an excellent way of learning new things and joining courses beyond your standard college education. You can be an art student and apply for a science course in online courses. Here are some of the advantages of online classes:

  1. It helps to increase and expand your skills and knowledge.
  2. Online classes are easily accessible for everyone with an internet connection.
  3. The learning hours are flexible, according to when you are free and want to learn.
  4. After you complete an online course, you will get a course completion certificate.
  5. It helps you get better jobs.
  6. This will be an addition to your resume.
  7. Online courses are an efficient way to upgrade your skills.
  8. There is a wide variety of universities and colleges that are offering online courses.
  9. You can easily apply and attend online courses on your phone.

Here’s the list of the best online courses which are available in India.

  • Graphic Designing: Graphic Designing is one of the best online courses that are available for you to take up. You can easily enroll any online graphic designing class.: If you are interested in things like painting, drawing, or art in general, you should take up graphic design. It’s one of the most creative and innovative courses that you can choose. Through this course, you will learn many new things. Along with that, you also have the opportunity to explore the kind of designs you are most comfortable with and learn it. This field is vast, and you can find many different things in this field. You can learn different kinds of designs, explore different available software, and learn photoshop. Some many colleges and institutions offer graphic designing courses. You can quickly go to the website of these colleges and apply for the graphic designing course.
  • Big Data Analysis: The next online course that you can apply for is big data analysis. It’s one of the courses that will help you when you join the working sector. The aim of this course to teach the candidates the importance of analyzing transactional data. You have to track the data that’s not trackable by the conventional business intelligence programs. Some several colleges and universities offer Big Data and Business Analytics courses. You will learn to enroll in their courses and start attending the online classes. It’s a practical course, and your knowledge in the business sector will immensely increase because of this course.
  • Online MBA: MBA is a course that you usually finish after your BBA or BCOM. However, there are times when you are unable to finish this course as you start working. However, now completing this course has become easy and straightforward. You can easily enroll in a college that offers an MBA and start attending the classes. You will complete your MBA in no time with the help of the online classes. It’s going to be an efficient and effective way to finish your MBA. Many prestigious institutions in the country offer this course. So, you will be able to learn from an excellent college of your choice. The course offers the students the same syllabus and study material. Therefore, the student is learning MBA as he or she would if they were attending classes regularly in a college.
  • Social Media Marketing: Social media has become an essential platform for most of us. Along with sharing posts and life details. Now, people have started selling their products of various varieties on social media. It is essential to find ways of finding an audience for showcasing what you want to show the world. It’s one of the courses that you can easily apply for if you want to learn social media marketing. It’s going to help you gather an audience for your products.
  • Film Making: There are many times when you are unable to pursue things you like because of many barriers. If you are interested in film making, taking up an online course will one of the best decisions you would make. An online course on film making is going to help you understand the entire process of film making. You may not learn in detail. However, you will learn enough for you to make a short film by yourself.

Duration of Online Courses

The duration of an online course differs from college to college. The usual amount of time that it takes to complete an online course is one month. However, an online course can take up three months too. You should check the college website for more details about the duration of the course.

Best Online Courses In India

Eligibility Criteria for Online Courses

There are no eligibility criteria as such for a student to enroll in online classes. Anyone can apply for these online classes- students, working professionals, or anyone in general.

FAQ’s on Best Online Courses in India

Question 1.
What are the three divisions of online courses?

Online courses are divided into three sections: classes, assignments, and tests. You have to fulfill all these three divisions to be eligible for the course completion certificate.

Question 2.
What are the advantages of online courses?

Here are some of the advantages of online courses:

  • It increases your skills and knowledge.
  • You can easily apply for online courses in college all across the country.
  • You care about updating your skills.

Question 3.
What are the eligibility criteria for applying for online courses?

There are no eligibility criteria for these online courses. Anyone can apply for these courses- students, working professionals, and anyone in general.

Question 4.
What is the duration of the online courses?

Every college that offers these online courses has a different duration period. However, most online courses are for a month or three months. You should check the website of the college for the definite duration of an online course.

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