Best Online Certification Courses for Law Students in India By Government | Free Online Law Programs in India with Cerificates

Free Online Law Courses with Certificates in India by Government: There are many websites available in this computer era to pursue an online law course. They are certified by the government of India. You can complete your dream of studying law through online law courses.

There are even many government-aided websites that are providing free online law courses with certificates by Govt. In this article, we share the details regarding free online law courses with free certificates by the government like course list, eligibility, institution name, and related stuff. Also, find more information on law courses on our course details main page.

List of Free Online Law Courses In India with Government Certificates

There are many online websites that are associated with and certified by the government of India for free law courses. The duration of these law courses is short and affordable. You can join them according to your time and they are a time saver and definitely going to skill up you. Some free online law courses list is mentioned below:

  • Certificate Course on Liabilities under Torts.
  • Certificate Course on Validity of Contracts in India
  • Certificate Course on Enforcement of Fundamental Rights
  • Certificate Course on Legal Provisions for the Protection of Women.
  • Certificate Course on Schools of Jurisprudence.
  • Certificate Course on Principles of Natural Justice.
  • Certificate Course on Indian Partnership Act
  • Certificate Course on Hindu Marriage Act.
  • Certificate Course on Negotiable Instruments Act
  • Certificate Course on Introduction to Corporate Governance.
  • Certificate on Introduction to Confidential Information and Remedies
  • Certification in Introduction to Maritime Watchkeeping and Rules of the Road
  • Certificate in Legal Office Administration
  • Diploma in International Convention and Maritime Law
  • Certificate Government Economic Policy- Introduction
  • Certificate in Introduction to Legal Concepts
  • Certificate in Introduction to ILO conventions and Maritime Law
  • Certificate in US citizenShip and American Ethics
  • Certificate Managing Intellectual Property in Entertainment Industries
  • Diploma in Intellectual Property
  • Certificate in Introduction to Intellectual Property and Intangible Economy
  • Certificate Introduction to IMP conventions and Codes
  • Certificate in Copyright in Media
  • Certificate in Introduction to trademarks and Copyrights
  • Diploma in Bioreactor Design: Scale and Transfer operations
  • Certificate in Corporate Law
  • Certificate in Corporate and Commercial Law Contracts & Employment Law
  • Certificate in Corporate & Commercial law, business forms, Financing & Governmental Regulation
  • A career in Law: Bar and Beyond.
  • GDPR and Its Impact on Indian Companies.
  • Certificate in Contract Drafting
  • Certificate Course on Corporate Governance
  • Certificate course in Intellectual Property Rights
  • Certificate Course in Investment Law
  • Certificate Course in Cyber Law
  • PG/ Certificate in Access to Justice
  • PG Advance Constitutional Law I
  • UG/ PG/ Diploma in Criminal Justice Administration.
  • Diploma/ Certificate in Environmental Law
  • UG Information and Communication Technology.
  • UG/ PG Intellectual Property Rights
  • Substantive Criminal Law
  • Diploma and advanced program in Cyber Law
  • Program in Future Law
  • Certificate in Fundamental Mediation
  • Fintech Law, e-commerce, Crypto 101
  • Social Media Law
  • Digital evidence Master class

Free Online Law Course with Free Certificates – Eligibility Details

There is no specific eligibility to enroll in a free online law course in India by the Government, all needed is your interest and laptop. These courses are also for law professionals or Law graduates who want to up their skills.

The Eligibility may vary from institute to institute. These online diploma and certificate courses are designed to upgrade the skills of a law professional, CA, Police officer, a Lawyer or Advocate, and legal and corporate lawyers.

Best Certificate Courses for Law Students Fee Structure

The Online courses mentioned above are totally free of cost. All certification and diploma in law courses mentioned above are government-certified free online law courses. You can choose any of these courses according to your interest.

Coaching Institutes or Universities Provide Certificate Courses for Law Students in India

There are many institutes that are approved by the government of India to conduct free online Law Courses in India. Here is the list of institutions:

  • National Law University MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course and e-Pathshala )
  • Swayam, MOOCS @ NLU, Delhi.
  • Asian Law School of Cyber Law.
  • Geeta Institute of Law (Affiliated with Kurukshetra University) approved by the Bar Council of India.
  • Law Skill, Manupatra Edutech Pvt. Ltd. Approved by DIPP, Ministry of Commerce and Industry (GOI)
  • The Law Learners, recognized by StartupIndia DIPP, Ministry of Commerce and Industry (GOI)
  • Alison’s Programmes

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Free Online for Law Students in India – Syllabus

The candidates who enroll in certificate and diploma courses in any law course will study Corporate law, Criminal law, Cyberlaw, media law, constitutional law, judicial system, corporate governance, etc. The syllabus will vary according to the course you choose, here is a list of some topics you are going to read during government-certified free online law courses in India.

  • Business Accounting
  • Principles of Taxation
  • Corporate governance
  • Securities and Financial Markets
  • Law and Finance
  • Public Law
  • Bankruptcy and Insolvency law
  • Legal Method and reasoning
  • Law and Justice in the world
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Company Law
  • Law of Contracts
  • Consumer Protection Act
  • Laws of Banking and Insurance
  • Business and Commercial Law
  • Intellectual Property Rights Law
  • Investment Law
  • Comparative Corporate Law
  • International Trade Law
  • Labor Law

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Free Online Law Courses in India by Government Job Profiles

If you are a law professional you can definitely improve your job profile and skill by pursuing these online law courses. After completing the free online law courses you can be appointed as a legal adviser, legal counselor, assistant advocate, civil lawyer, contract drafting manager, etc.

  • Corporate Lawyer
  • Legal Adviser
  • Legal Counselor
  • Professor
  • Corporate Event Associate
  • Law Administrator, etc.

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FAQs on Online courses for law students in India

Q1: What are the eligibility criteria for enrollment in Free online Law courses in India by the Government?

There is no specific eligibility for enrollment in free online law courses, but it may vary from institute to institute. These courses are also designed for law graduates, professionals, CA, and businessmen who want to up-skill themselves in legal knowledge.

Q2: From which online website can I pursue a free online law course with a Government certificate?

There are many online websites that are conducting free online law courses like Swayam moocs @ NLU, Delhi, e-pathshala by NLU, Delhi, Alison, Asian School of Cyber Law, Geeta Law School, Law skill, and Law learner.

Q3: Are these Free Online Law Courses in India by Government valid as equal to regular law Courses?

Yes, all these online law courses are certified and approved by the Ministry of Commerce and Law, Government of India.

Q4: Can I Pursue a 3-year law course online in India by the government?

No, you can not pursue any three or five-year law course in online mode as the Bar Council of India does not allow you to pursue LLB or any graduate course in law in online mode.

Q5: Where can I join after the free online LLB course in India?

After these courses, you can be part of the judiciary system of India. You can join as an assistant legal adviser or counselor etc.

Final Words

We hope from the above stuff you found the information of free online law courses in India by government certification in enough amount. Need to get the knowledge of the type of law course certification available free of cost by various institutions and Universities just use this guide. Hope this article helps you get the right information for more such things keep visiting our website Ncertbook.Guru

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