Diploma in Human Resource Management from IGNOU: Eligibility, Admission, Skills Required, Colleges, Fee, Syllabus, Jobs, Salary, Top Recruiters

Diploma Course in Human Resource Management: Human resource management is a solution to management-related issues in any organization. Proper management of the workforce in an organization helps the business in gaining an advantage over other competitors. The management of employees helps the business to maximize the performance and output of the work and at the same time take care of the workforce.

Just refer to this article and get the complete diploma in human resource management course outline. Here, we will look at the eligibility criteria for the course, admission process, top colleges, fee structure, syllabus, job options, the salary of an individual after the course, top recruiters in 2022, skills required for the diploma course in human resource management distance learning course. So let’s begin!

What is a Diploma Course in HR Management?

A diploma course in human resource management is a one-year diploma course that provides training to students regarding the work of a human resource manager. The management of resources and workforce is the main focus area of this course.

The students who enrolled in a 1 year diploma course in human resource management are most likely interested in becoming managers and hence need some important skill set in order to manage a workforce which will be taught to them during this course.

Various theoretical and practical classes are held which turn the fresh candidates into highly skilled professionals. This course instills in the student, the basic skills and knowledge regarding management and problem-solving. The students will be able to solve real-world human resource management problems after completing the course.

This is a very domain-specific program that has the goal of creating a simple and firm understanding among the students regarding human resource management. Students who have a zeal for management and have good decision-making skills must go for this course.

Students can also go for higher studies after completing this course, hence students who want to explore the field of management can definitely choose this course as the starting point in their career.

Skills Required to Become an HR Diploma Professional

From communication to problem-solving, there are multiple skills required by human resource professionals. Following is a list of top skills that an HR manager must have in order to be able to fulfill the duties of that post in a proper manner:

  1. Communication skills: This one was pretty obvious wasn’t it? Communication skill is a must-have for all professionals but for human resource professionals, it is extremely important. Human resources are all about dealing with humans and using them as a resource. So, managers must be able to communicate with the workforce properly in order to get things done.
  2. Organizational skills: When working with a workforce in an organization the human resource professional must be aware of the rules and regulations of that organization and must abide by them. They are also responsible for making other people abide by the rules of the organization and they must be able to work in a systematic way and keep everything organized since they will be dealing with multiple tasks.
  3. Leadership: A human resource manager is the leader of the workforce. Hence they must have good leadership skills in order to make other people work and they must be able to create a healthy work environment for themselves and other people. they must also make sure that there is no discontent in the work environment.
  4. Budgeting skills: In dealing with the finances of the company, the human resource manager must have appropriate budgeting skills in order to be able to manage the financial resources of the company in a proper manner.

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Diploma in human resource management eligibility

To enter into a human resource diploma courses candidates must fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria for the course. The eligibility criteria for a human resource management diploma course is that the candidate must have completed their class 12 examinations from a recognized Board of Education. The marks requirement for students is that they must have at least 50% marks in their board examinations. For reserved category students, however, this requirement is 45%.

How Can I Get Diploma in HR Management (Admission)?

The admission to a diploma in HR course is mostly done on the basis of the merit of the student. Some colleges and universities also conduct entrance examinations for admission to the scores. Let’s look at the detailed description of the admission process for the human resource management diploma:

  • The students who have past the eligibility criteria which is completing class 12th with a minimum of 50% marks (45% for reserved category students) must go further with the application process for the course.
  • If the college that the student wants to get admitted to does the admissions on the basis of merit the student must visit the official website of the college to fill out the application form. The student must submit the necessary documentation along with the application form. There might also be a fee for submitting the application form which the student must fill in order for completing the application process.
  • After that, the students should visit the campus of the college and submit the first installment of the fee in order to reserve their seat for the course in the college.
  • In the college that the student wants to get admitted to conducting an examination for entrance, the student must register for that examination. After that, the student must download the admit card because without that they won’t be allowed to take the test. After taking the test and the release of the shortlisted candidates the student must check if they have cleared the examination.
  • For the students who have cleared the examination they will be called in for counseling and at that time they must submit an installment of the fee in order to resolve their seat in that particular college.

Diploma in human resource management colleges | Top Diploma in HRM Colleges

There are multiple institutes all across the country that are famous for their education in human resource management courses. Following is a list of top colleges for HRM diploma:

  • Sai Nath University, Ranchi
  • Madras Christian College, Chennai
  • Avagmah Business School, Bangalore
  • Apex Institute of Management, Nagpur
  • Indian School of Business Management and Administration, New Delhi
  • NMIMS Global Access School for Continuing Education, Mumbai
  • Jaipur National University, Jaipur
  • J.S. University shikohabad
  • Indian Institute of Commerce and Trade, Lucknow

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Diploma in HR Management Syllabus | Diploma in human resource management subjects

The entire duration of the human resource management diploma is divided into 2 semesters. Let’s look at the syllabus of the course semester wise:

Semester 1:

  • Business communication
  • Marketing and management
  • Effective human resource training and development strategy
  • Principles of management
  • Industrial relations and labor law
  • Practical

Semester 2:

  • Wages and salary administration
  • Organizational behavior
  • Information technology for management
  • Human resource management
  • Financial accounting
  • Major Project

HR Diploma Course Fees

The fees for a human resource management diploma course are somewhere between INR 5,000 to INR 50,000 for the entire course. The exact fee depends upon the type of college that the student is admitted to.

Job Options After Human Resource Management (HRM) Diploma Course

Multiple doors are opened for individuals after completing a diploma course in HRM. Following are some of the most sort after job profiles by the candidates after they have completed their diploma in human resource management:

  • Human resource management trainee
  • Human resource executive
  • Salary in charge
  • Performance analyst
  • Accountant
  • Domain expert
  • Performance analyst
  • Recruitment in charge
  • Human relations in charge
  • Human Resource (HR) Manager

Diploma in human resource management salary

After completing a diploma in human resource management an individual can expect a starting salary of somewhere between INR 2,00,000 per annum to INR 5,00,000 per annum. As experience is gained by the individual, they will see an increase in their salary and promotions in their job.

Top Recruiters That Hire HRM Diploma Holders

Since human resource management is a must for all organizations there is a high demand for highly skilled human resource professionals. All the companies hire human resource managers in order to manage the workforce and the resources of their companies in the most efficient manner possible. Following is a list of the top recruiters for human resource management diploma degree holders:

  • Samsung
  • Honeywell
  • Jubilant FoodWorks,
  • HCL
  • TCS
  • Wipro, and many more.

FAQs on Diploma Course in Human Resource Management in India

1. What jobs can I land with a human resource management diploma degree?

Following is a list of jobs that you can do after you have a diploma degree in human resource management:

  • Payroll specialist
  • Human resource assistant
  • Office manager
  • Training coordinator
  • Recruitment in charge
  • Human resource specialist
  • Human resource manager
  • Employee relations manager
  • Labour relations specialist
  • Benefits manager
  • Compensation manager

2. Is it worth it to go for a diploma in HR?

The students who have strong decision-making skills and wish to explore the field of management can definitely go for this course. This can prove to be a good starting point for students who wish to dig deeper into the field of management and go for higher studies as well. So it completely depends upon the student and what they want from the scores if they must pursue this course or not.

 3. What is the duration of the human resource management diploma course?

The duration of the human resource management diploma course is one year. The entire course is divided into 2 semesters which include multiple subjects related to management.


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