ICSE Solutions for Class 9 Geography

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Download Latest ICSE Solutions for Class 9 Geography – PDF Chapter wise

Class 9 Geography ICSE Solutions

Unit – 1 Our World

1. Earth as a Planet
2. Geographic Grid: Latitudes and Longitudes
3. Rotation and Revolution

Unit – 2 Structure of the Earth

4. Earth’s Structure
5. Landforms of the Earth
6. Rocks
7. Volcanoes
8. Earthquakes
9. Weathering
10. Denudation

Unit – 3 Hydrosphere

11. Hydrosphere

Unite – 4 Atmosphere

12. Composition and Structure of the Atmosphere
13. Insolation
14. Atmospheric Pressure and Winds
15. Humidity

Unit – 5 Pollution

16. Pollution
17. Sources of Pollution
18. Effects of Pollution
19. Preventive Measures

Unit – 6 Natural Regions of the World

20. Natural Regions of the World

Similarly, like Science in class 9th Social science is also further divided into three major categories, i.e. History, Geography, and Civics. Among which Geography deals mainly with various land features, natural resources, soil type, climate type and numerous phenomena of the earth.

We get to know much about various places, lands, atmosphere, locations, the universe, etc. from this vast field of Geography. By studying the subject we can keep a constant check on various environmental factors like global warming, deforestation, and other problems too.

Also by studying about the surface of the earth and factors related to it, we can ensure sustainable development. Apart from this, it also provides information about various natural disasters studying which we can prepare ourselves well in case of any disaster like the earthquake, flood, landslides, etc.

If you are planning to becomes a geologist, conservation officer, cartographer, town planner, etc. Then you need to be good at this subject. This is a very interesting subject to study as we get to know about the various places on the earth. And also other specification related to the places like the temperature, annual rain, latitude, climate, vegetation, and other important factors too. If you have already decided to pursue your career in the wide field of Geography. Then it’s time to study hard and learn the specifications by heart.

Because you can pursue your career in Geography only after scoring good marks in 9th, then clearing your 10th ICSE board exams and finally opting for Humanities in your 11th. And to achieve all that you need to start preparing yourself for future.

Basically, in 9th we get exposure to various subjects to choose our career. To keep the good pace in your examination preparation it is suggested to go for the guide or solution. Many of them are available in the market but the student of this era mostly like to go digital. That is why we have a free digital solution for you.

All the chapter are important but lessons like Rotation and Revolution, Land forms of the Earth, Composition and Structure of Atmosphere, and lastly Pollution from the 6 units of the syllabus forms matter of concern from examination point of view. Focusing these chapters could make you score more good marks. Just practice the in-text questions with the solutions provided by our subject experts.

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ICSE Solutions For Class 8 History and Civics

Now preparing the subjects like History and Civics, so easy. You will get the proper guidance step by step just need to follow the PDF we are providing. A PDF, where your all search ends. We will never ask you any login id or registration for downloading this ICSE solution for Class 8 History and Civics.

ICSE Solutions for class 8 History and Civics – PDF Free Download Chapter wise

Class 8 History and Civics ICSE Solutions


  1. A Period of Transition
  2. The Growth of Nationalism
  3. The American Civil War
  4. India in the Eighteenth Century
  5. Traders to Rulers (I)
  6. Traders to Rulers (II)
  7. Impact of British Rule on India
  8. The Great Uprising of 1857
  9. Great Reformers and Reform Movements
  10. Struggle for Freedom (I)
  11. Struggle for Freedom (II)


  1. The Union Legislature
  2. The Union Executive
  3. The Judiciary
  4. The United Nations

Focus on the Subjects like History and Civics

History and Civics are the easy subjects, you just need to go through it like you are reading some stories. But these stories really play a great role in our life. As you are in class 8 so there are many chances to know our past stories from this book. Class 8 history means to know the Modern World closely, where you will get so many chapters related to our India and outside of India.

History and Civics are one subject but divided into two parts, in the History you will get 11 chapters, among them some important chapters are India in the Eighteenth Century, Impact British Rule in India, Great Reformers and Reform Movements. You need to go through these mentioned chapters, along with that you have to be a focus on the rest chapters too. Those are equally important as it belongs from the world history.

Next comes to the Civics part, here you will get four chapters, and these four chapters are equally important, you can’t neglect a single one. All of this information will help you in your future. So make sure that you have gone through the chapters.

Why should You Download this PDF?

We are not forcing you to download this PDF, but if you want to achieve a good grade then you need something extra with proper detailing and this PDF will fulfill your this requirement. Here you will get the exact pattern as ICSE board follows, so it can help you to stay one step ahead than others.

Along with the brief definition, you will get a proper and explained questions and answers which will help you to memorize the answers and recall that in your exam time.

The PDF strictly follow the Pattern of ICSE board. You can see the pattern on the website. As per the class 8 syllabus, the PDF is decorated like –

  • Fill in the blanks
  • Match the column A with column B
  • True or False Marking
  • Then the Question and Answer comes
  • Tick the right answers
  • Short questions based on Civics

Every chapter is explained beautifully along with some important questions and answers, suggested and described by the experts. Some basic questions are there too, just go through all of these and keep practicing with this. To check your progress, you will get some exercise in the PDF, just attempt that to complete within a period of time.

It will help you to check your progress and you will be enough confident for your coming exam. Everything is explained here in the ICSE Solution for Class 8 History and Civics, with easy and simple language so that you can understand each and everything

ICSE Solutions for Class 8 Geography Voyage

Geography is an interesting and high scoring subject. Most of the students confuse with geography as a subject which requires mugging. But friends, behind every phenomena there is some logic such as coming of rains, monsoon, formation of rivers etc. once you are familiar with the nature of soil, weather conditions of any place, you can easily gain good marks in geography.

The best way to learn geography is by following the school books.  But it may happen that you may not be able to find answers to all the problems of the practice exercise. So, to help you out, we have compiled the most authentic and latest ICSE solutions for class 8 Geography Voyage PDF.

Class 8 Voyage Geography ICSE Solutions – Free PDF Download Chapter wise

Class 8 Geography Voyage ICSE Solutions

Theme 1: Representation of Geographical Features

1. Interpreting Topographical Maps

Theme 2: Population Dynamics

2. Population

Theme 3: Migration

3. Migration

Theme 4: Urbanization

4. Urbanization

Theme 5: Natural and Man-Made Disasters

5. Natural and Man-made Disasters with Case Studies

Theme 6: Natural and Man-Made Disasters

6. Disaster Management
7. Asia: Location, Extent, Political and Physical Features
8. Asia: Climate and Natural Vegetation

Theme 7: India — Geographical Features

9. India: Location, Extent, Political and Physical Features
10. India: Climate, Natural Vegetation, Forests and Wildlife
11. Human Resources in India

  • Model Test Paper 1
  • Model Test Paper 2

Here I will be sharing few tips which will make learning geography as fun.

  1. Follow the ICSE solutions for class 8 for a better preparation.
  2. Try using mnemonics i.e. short forms for the things which you don’t remember.
  3. Try to visualize the geographical location of the place and then learn the concepts. Things will automatically fall into the place.
  4. Try to break the complete answer into small points or keywords. This will help in a better and effective learning. Also, this will ensure that you do not miss out on any information.
  5. Geography is more into connecting things. Associate the things which you learn with the previous version. For example, to know what type of vegetation is grown in a particular area, try to recall what type of soil is found in that area.
  6. Revise regularly what you learn. Keep an atlas handy which will help you to learn the geographical location as well as its physical attributes as well.

Don’t cram

You may be able to pass the exam by cramming just one day before the exam but the learning would be short term. Geography is something which is applied in real lives as well. Such as weather forecasting, rain prediction, low pressure and high pressure zones etc.

The best way to learn geography is to make notes and revise a lot. This will help you to retain the information for years to come and you won’t need to Google anything when your friend asks you where that country or something is like that.

Few examination tips for writing your exam

  1. While writing your maps don’t ever mess it up with unnecessary markings. Rather use some symbols or color coding to represent the map and list them below the map.
  2. Try to use uppercase letter while making any markings on exam.
  3. It is always to give the answer in point wise structure. This will create a good impression towards the examiner.
  4. Don’t forget to attach your map and write your name and roll number over it too.
  5. Try to underline the important keywords.
  6. Revise at least two times.

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ICSE Solutions for Class 7 History and Civics

Are you dealing with problems of solving History or Civics Class 7 textbooks questions? Then you do not need to worry more. Because we have come up the reliable ICSE Solutions for Class 7 History & Civics. The best thing about the solution is that you can easily access it in offline mode whenever you need it. Other websites may ask for subscriptions or charge. But we never do, even log in or sign up is not required for downloading solution PDFs of the required chapter.

Class 7 History and Civics ICSE Solutions – Free PDF Download Chapter wise

Class 7 History and Civics ICSE Solutions


1. Medieval Europe – Rise and Spread of Christianity
2. Rise and Spread of Islam
3. The Turkish Invaders
4. The Delhi Sultanate
5. Government, Society and Culture Under The Delhi Sultanate
6. The Vijayanagar and Bahmani Kingdoms
7. Foundation of Mughal Empire
8. Akbar the Great
9. Jahangir, Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb
10. Making of Composite Culture – Sufi and Bhakti Movements


1. The Constitution of India
2. Fundamental Rights and Duties
3. Directive Principles of State Policy

With the advent of technology numbers of things has become quite easy. Studying History or Civics is no more boring. With the help of digital media, all the important incidents in History are represented in a very interesting manner. Famous portions of History are even filmed and some from the incidents related to the nation is also well captured. As not everything could be represented, for better understanding and deep information.

That is why with the help of words, they are captured in a thing called book. Specific portions of History and Civics are introduced to students according to the different educational levels. However keen interested students can browse the Internet – “the treasure of knowledge” for deeper information on any topic.

Same is believed by Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) – a well-known private education board in India. They believe in detailed study and well known for its syllabus and certification. Its certification is valued in the most of the places in World.

On the other hand, if we talk about its syllabus it is well comprehensive which targets the overall developments of the child along with skills. History and Civics form the part of Social Science along with Geography; where history deals with the study of events took place in pasts and on the other hand Civics is all about the rights and duties of citizenship.

Class 7th forms one of the building blocks of future. That is why students are introduced to the fundamentals of various subjects. History and Civics together consist of the vast syllabus. History of class 7th contains 10 chapters. Introductory chapters like Chapter 1 – Medieval Europe: Rise and Spread of Christianity and Chapter 2 – Rise and Spread of Islam are quite interesting lessons, to begin with. Among all the lessons, Chapter 7- Foundation of Mughal Empire and Along with Chapter 8 and 9, which is about famous people of history like Akbar, Jahangir, Shah Jahan and Aurangzeb need to be focused from examination point of view? One good news for students about Civics is that you just need to study 3 chapters. In Civics you will be introduced to India’s constitution, people’s fundamental rights and duties and some state policies too; isn’t all that sound interesting?

Well, it is History or Civics you need to study hard in both of them to score good marks. Practicing all the textbooks questions is suggested always for good exam preparation. We at the ncertbooks.guru ensure that all the solutions are illustrated well point-wise for easy learning.

You need to just download the solutions and start preparing for the exams coming ahead; it’s that simple to excel in your class.


ICSE Solutions for Class 7 Geography Voyage

Here at ncertbooks.guru now you can download ICSE Solutions for Class 7 Geography Voyage for free. We provide all the solutions chapter wise of all textbook questions. Exam preparations now become better and easy with the provided free solutions on our website. All you need to do is study hard and practice with solutions provided here to excel in your subjects.

Class 7 Geography Voyage ICSE Solutions – Free PDF Download Chapter wise

Class 7 Geography Voyage ICSE Solutions

Theme 1 : Representation of Geographical Features

1. Topographical Sheets: Colours, Signs and Symbols
2. Scale and Distance

Theme 2 : Atmosphere

3. Composition and Structure of the Atmosphere
4. Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming

Theme 3 : Weather and Climate

5. Study of Weather
6. Recording of Weather

Theme 4 : Weathering And Soil Formation

7. Types of Rocks
8. Weathering and Soil

Theme 5 : Industries

9. Industries: Their Need, and Classification
10. Major Industries

Theme 6 : Energy and Power Resources

11. Renewable and Non-renewable resources

Theme 7 : Study of Continents : Europe, Africa, Australia and Antarctica

12. Europe: Location, Area, Political & Physical Features
13. Europe: Climate, Natural Vegetation, Wildlife; Forest, Minerals & Power Resources
14. Africa: Location, Area, Political & Physical Features
15. Africa: Climate, Natural Vegetation, Wildlife; Minerals
16. Australia:Location,Area, Political & Physical Features
17. Australia: Climate, Natural Vegetation, Wildlife; Forest and Minerals
18. Antarctica: Location, Physical Features, Climate, Natural Vegetation

The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) is a well-known private board of education in India. Most of the parents opt for it because its certification is valued worldwide. It is also known for its comprehensive syllabus which enhances their skills and creates interest amongst the students for studies.

However, their syllabus is vast but it just to make the student know deeper about the particular topics. In the classes like 5, 6 or 7th, the students are well prepared for their future studies making their backbone stronger. More the basics get clear or more we learn in our early stage of education, more helpful it proves to us in future.

If we talk about, Geography then it is the study of the physical features of the earth, atmosphere and also how it affects human living on it or how it is affected by them? In the Class 7 ICSE Geography syllabus, students are introduced to four major continents out of 7, i.e. Europe, Africa, Australia and Antarctica. Apart from these, they will get exposure to some important topics like Weather and Climate, Soil Formation and major environmental problems like global warming and greenhouse effect too.

No regrets that Class 7th ICSE exams are the building blocks for their future. That is why learning with great dedication is needed indeed. You need to create a schedule for your study and follow it for better results. Give your studies enough time to understand each topic. Make out the note from the chapters for quick revision; mark the questions where you find any kind of difficulties.

Keep on doing the revision as it will help you to retain everything that you study for a prolonged duration.  And remember that we are always there to help you out with the questions you find difficult. Our solutions are prepared by the team of experts in a step-by-step manner. Solutions are well discussed in details in the quite apprehended form of language. All these make it easy for a student to grasp the conceptual knowledge, rather than just mugging up the queries.

Basically, in 7th standard students are introduced to the fundamentals of basics topics. The vast syllabus Class 7 ICSE of the subject Social Science can be fraction into Geography, History, and Civics. Here we are going to talk about the Geography part, which consists of 7 units or say Themes, which in turn comprise of 18 lessons. If you want to score good marks simply in your class tests or exams.

You just need to go through all the topics and practice all the text-based questions. Each topic holds a specific value of its own.  But some lessons like Chapter 4 – Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming and Chapter 11- Renewable and Non Renewable Resources are the scoring ones. As many questions are asked directly from these chapters.

ICSE Solutions for Class 6 History and Civics

Moving on to class 6, it calls for more attention and more hard work. Here your social science subject gets split into civics, history and geography. History and Civics require more understanding. If you want to score good marks in your history and civics paper, then follow the solution book.

We have got the most latest and revised edition of solution PDF for ICSE solutions for class 6 History and Civics. Now you don’t have to wait for your teacher for the guidance. Say No to tuition’s by downloading the most apt ICSE solutions for class 6 History and Civics.

Class 6 History and Civics ICSE Solutions – Free PDF Download Chapter-wise

Class 6 History and Civics ICSE Solutions


  1. History – An Introduction
  2. Early Man
  3. The River Valley Civilisations: Indus Valley Civilisation
  4. The River Valley Civilisations: Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Chinese Civilisations
  5. The Vedic Civilisation
  6. Mahavira and Buddha – Great Preachers
  7. Rise of Kingdoms and Republics
  8. The Mauryan Empire
  9. The Golden Age: Gupta Empire


  1. Rural Local Self-Government
  2. Urban Local Self-Government

What is History?

History is the study of our past. Starting from the monolithic period, Stone Age to the current day we are living into. History is a field of research, exploring our growth, the freedom fights, the colonies, the stone age and the archaeological monuments etc. We study history to analyze the sequence of events and investigate all the consequences which are the after affect of any event that has occurred.

What is Civics?

Civics is the study of our citizenship i.e. all our rights, duties, constitution, formation of government etc and whatever things we should know as a citizen of a country.

Preparation Tips for history and civics

Although, both these subjects are theoretical but it is really important to know why that event happened and its implications into the society?  The student should know the importance of that event in the history.

Now you know why history answers are lengthy.

History books are heavy and lengthy but you should know how to cover the maximum in any answer. Follow the solution book to know how to write any answer and how to follow the pattern which is acceptable in ICSE.

When you read the lesson or the chapter, have a pencil handy and mark the lines or names and places which you feel are important. Make a chronological chart and note them down in order.

To make civics learning your cup of tea, try to read newspaper every day. You can also surf the internet to know Indian constitution and the legislative systems.

Don’t cram anything. Just learn it and try to write in your own language. This will boost your understanding. When you write in your own language make sure that you don’t alter the meaning what the book wants to convey.

How to Score well in examination

History exam does not means that you have to write an essay for each and every answer. Write your answer in point. This will enable the examiner to mark your answers properly and moreover this will leave an impact that you really know the answer.

Try to give illustrations or any pictorial representations wherever possible. This certainly enhances the visibility and cast a good impression. Take out five minutes and read the question paper first. Try to attempt the short answers first and then move to long answers.

Just refer to the solution book as it contains answers not only to all the   textbook questions but answers your queries as well.